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  • Use many tags in your blog posts

    # T A G S

    When you tag, it becomes more visible to otherusers in wordpress - it is likely that there arepeople who follow certain tags hence your postmay pop up in their feed

    Hence more tags = more visibility

  • Make sure the things you write about are true,relevant and appropriate

    C O N T E N T

    The content you write about should be concise,waffling can annoy people

    Try to diversify your content - don't write thesame things, mix it up

  • It may not work for everyone but for me, when Ifollow back a follower I get follower loyalty henceit is important to create a good friendlyrelationship with your follower because a loyalfollower can do many loyal things to you

    F O L L O W E R S

    Before you follow someone, check out their blog,give them some likes and comments, people lovethat - be true to what you are doing though

  • In your blog post, choose a cover photo carefully.See what it looks on a follower's feed, will they beable to see the photo, the words? My advice is tocentre the words in the middle of the photo sothat people can see the words well

    L A Y O U T

    Make sure your blog post and overall yourblog is nicely laid out, not too big or small -easier to read and see

  • Be polite - do not post insulting, discriminative,inappropriate content - not only is it not morallyupright but people can report you and alsopeople may be negatively affected by your post

    G E N E R A L

    Don't use swear words, it will draw awaypeople - use polite phrasing

    Include links to the images/content you haveused from a different website/blog

  • Be aware of copyright and privacy issues - youdo not want to attend a lawsuit!

    G E N E R A L

    Have a blog schedule - decide a time-frame which you will post. Make sure youbalance life and blogging!

    Post what you like as long as it is morallyupright

  • Do not reveal personal information, there areplenty of hackers and bad people ready to stealother peoples' information and identity

    G E N E R A L

    Put your blog URL in every image you create sothat people cannot steal your work

  • I hope you find these tips helpful!All the best for your website journey!

    E N D

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