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In this personal training tips for beginners presentation I offer 5 tips to help new personal trainers succeed. I am tired of seeing so many new personal trainers quit. The tips I put out on this presentation will help people have success as new personal trainers. The tips I offer in here will help you to gather more clients, get more referrals, and make more money. The tips I share explain how to help your clients have great results in their first 90 days. From losing weight, gaining lean muscle or reaching a fitness goal. Please leave me a comment and feel free to call me directly at 850-508-1522 with any questions you may have. Helping people become Game Changers In Their Marketing, Sean Wyman "Dont Be Scared" Pick Up The Phone

Transcript of Personal Training Tips | Personal Training Tips For Beginners

  • Personal Training Tips Personal Training Tips For Beginners By Sean Wyman 850-508-1522
  • Personal Training Tips That Work In this presentation I am going to share with you 5 training tips that will help you as you get started in the personal training industry. These tips will focus on helping you succeed by getting more clients because they get great results from you personal training program.
  • Why Do Personal Trainers Fail The truth is a large majority of business owners never get their business off the ground. The same goes in the physical fitness industry. As a new trainer you may have already made some of these mistakes.
  • Personal Training Tip #1 Understand your role: There are a lot of us that want to save everyone. Sadly people have to want to help themselves before you can help them. You will get a lot of people that say what they want to do but words and actions are two different things.
  • Personal Training Tip #2 Connect with other personal trainers that have more experience than you do. Dont try to do it all on your own. The reason people become successful is because they follow people that are successful. Find a mentor who has been in business a while. Learn from others mistakes and failures when you can.
  • Personal Training Tip #3 Identify the problem the client has. Why is the client coming to you are they struggling with their weight, having issues reaching new goals they set, or just need that extra push to drive them? No matter what the reason identify the problem so you can offer the right solution!
  • Personal Training Tip #4 Deliver results to your clients. Lets face it as personal trainers your considered the fitness experts! Dont promise what you cant deliver and have a plan in place to help your client see results. They dont have to be huge just a few inches here or pounds their and you will have their buy in!
  • Personal Training Tip #5 Here is where I see most trainers fall short. Now if you have been to any true fitness school you are taught about nutrition right?
  • Personal Training Tip #5 In your school did they teach you to network with dieticians and nutrition experts to send your clients too. You do realize 80% of the results are going to come from what your clients eat and dont eat right?
  • Personal Training Tips If you just answered no then let me ask you this question. How are you going to control what your clients consume when they get those cravings and late night eating urges?
  • Personal Training Tips If you have a great work out plan and that is only 15-20% of the results factor then why would you not focus on the 75-80% nutrition where most people fail.
  • Personal Training Tips My advice to you is to establish a great nutrition option for your clients. If you dont they are going to go to the Mall and buy products that are not going to give them results. They are going to blame you when they dont get results. So what do you do?
  • What if I told you: You can offer your clients a product that is an all in one. It can help people lose weight, help people build lean muscle, or help people reach their fitness goals. What if the said product is affordable for your clients especially since they can get it for free. When they get it free it will bring you more clients Curious Yet .. Read On
  • There is a way To offer a high end product at a very reasonable price that you can offer on the back end of your personal training business. Guarantees you 90 days of residual income and offers clients amazing results that will fit right into your work out program.
  • Introducing BODY BY VI
  • The Benefits To You As a personal trainer you can allow them to select the kit that best fits their needs. You can implement it right into your fitness plan for your client. You make residual income and you line up to have your client at least 90 days. They Have a 90 Day Money Back Results Guarantee
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