Brochure Designing Tips for Beginners

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The slide show contains brochure designing guidelines for beginners. This PPT is presented by

Transcript of Brochure Designing Tips for Beginners

  • 1. Brochure Designing Tips for BeginnersBy Brochure Design India

2. A brief description about brochurefor beginnersBrochure is a type of leaflet which reveals organization details to their target audience. Client can get complete details of your product andservices by a brochure.Before creating a brochure you need to think of your audience and you have to understand their need. There are number ofbrochure design company but to stand uniquely you have to createsomething extraordinary .Your brochure must be eye-catching.In other words brochure is a simple combination of paper, text andpictures which give valuable service for your organization. 3. Different Brochure Design Types :Tri-fold Brochure: It is one of the most common brochuredesign type which contain enough space to hold completeinformation of your organization and also to spread yourbusiness worldwide. 4. Bi-fold brochure: Bi-fold brochure is anotherpopular way to represent your business details. 5. Pamphlet: It is one of the most popular form ofbrochure used to deliver your business details toyour potential customer at an affordable cost. 6. Leaflet: Leaflet is built to deliver yourcompany details to your client and italso target a large number of audience at an affordable cost. 7. Tips for brochure designing Brochure design should deliver complete details of your company services and products. So that your potential customer would know more about your company. Brochure should also contain contact information of your company like email, website address, and telephone number etc. Being a brochure designer you should also remain aware about the catch line on front page and also the close line because these two lines would make the customer feel that your service can fulfill their requirement and your service is also reliable. Your brochure will deliver your artistic and creative nature. Before doing a brochure you need to clear up from your client whether it is going to be informative or advertising. Text can be written using bullets points. Use relevant pictures for your brochure. Before designing a brochure you need be careful about the shape, color, and front. Revisions need to be done before print out, because a single mistake can cause serious damage to your brochure. 8. Importance Of Brochure Building a company is not enough, until or unless you are using marketing strategies to promote your business. Brochure is one type of marketing tools which deliver your organization details .Many people who dont know about your company can get a good idea about your company if your brochure is done professionally. By the help of a brochure you can spread your business worldwide. 9. Career option for brochure designers Brochure is needed by all companies starting from automobiles to pharmaceutical as their marketing tools .So there are vast career options for beginners who want to build their career as a brochure designer. What they need is to build their artistic nature and passion. Contact details :Brochure Design India Y8, Block - EP, Sector V Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700091, INDIA Ph: +91 33 4020 0838 Fax: +91 33 4020 0856 Email: info@brochure- Web: www.brochure-design-india