Le Chevalier - Chevalier July 2018-A.pdf St. Paulinus of Nola, ora pro nobis! Volume 4 Issue 1 Le...

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Transcript of Le Chevalier - Chevalier July 2018-A.pdf St. Paulinus of Nola, ora pro nobis! Volume 4 Issue 1 Le...

  • Volume 4 Issue 1 Le Chevalier July 2018 p.1

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Grand Knight’s Message WGK Richard Welp

    My Dear


    Brother Knights:

    I am blessed and

    honored to be the Grand Knight

    for Council 12164 of the St

    Bernadette Knights of Columbus

    for 2108-2019.

    Thank you for a Great Year 2017

    -2018, as Catholic Men serving

    God and our Parish.

    To assist in our success for the

    coming year, I request and

    welcome your continued input

    and participation.

    We are all blessed with many

    talents. Raise your hand. Offer

    your special talents. We have

    many opportunities.

    “Faith in Action” is our new

    rallying program for the coming

    year. We will identify programs

    that will further the development

    and participation in our parish

    family. By working with Fr. Scott,

    we will supplement his goals with

    ours and the parish ministries.

    I welcome your input for

    activities that would promote

    unity in our council. I ask, what

    activities could we have for you,

    our brothers and our families? Be they social or faith


    What could we do to energize you as Brother


    Take some time! Review and become familiar and

    util ize our St. Bernadette Knights of Columbus

    Council website at www.kofc12164.org. We

    continually look to improve and inform with this tool

    that includes:

     A calendar – forward looking and a record

    of past events. The calendar provides

    Knights the ability to plan and sign up,

    making our activities successful. We will

    share this ongoing calendar with the parish

    identifying requests for approval of space as

    needed and used as the basis for bulletin

    “hold the dates’ for activities in the future,

    allowing all parishioners to plan ahead.

     A site to record your volunteer hours that

    are collected and reported to Supreme at

    year end.

     You will find minutes of our monthly council


     Copies of our monthly Newsletter – Le


     You have the ability to pay your annual

    Knights dues on-line

     Photos, announcements and much more




    God Bless You All

    Vivat Jesus

    SK Dick Welp

    Grand Knight

    St. Bernadette

    Council 12164


    Scottsdale, AZ

    Inside this issue:

    Grand Knights’ Report 1

    Knight of the Month 2

    Family of the Month 2

    Birthdays 2

    2018-19 Officers 2

    Saint of the Month 3

    “With Mind and Heart

    Riv eted” 4

    Food for the Poor 5

    Pictures 7-8

    Calendars 9

    Good of the Order

    Prayer List 10

    Contacts 10

    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


    We’re on the WEB:


    Le Chevalier


  • Volume 4 Issue 1 Le Chevalier July 2018 p.2

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221


    July 2018

    Bruce Anderson

    Larry Bramanti

    Dan Conway

    Angelo De Nitto

    Oscar Gerardo

    Ted Hinderman

    Thomas Horst

    August Locallo

    Peter Milota Jr.

    Timothy Pizzitola

    J. Richard Stravolo

    Timothy White

    Gene Arvizu

    Bob Bolin

    Christopher Butcher

    Dale Lewis

    SK Daniel Conway

    Knight of the Month

    June 2018

    SK Gene & Karla Arvizu

    Family of the Month,

    June 2018

  • Volume 4 Issue 1 Le Chevalier July 2018 p.3

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Saint of the Month Saint Paulinus of Nola

    (354 – June 22, 431)

    Saint Paulinus of Nola’s Story

    Anyone who is praised in the letters of six or

    seven saints undoubtedly must be of extraordinary character. Such a person was Paulinus of Nola, correspondent and friend of Saints Augustine, Jerome, Melania, Martin, Gregory the Great, and Ambrose.

    Born near Bordeaux, he was the son of the Roman prefect of Gaul, who had extensive property in both Gaul and Italy. Paulinus became a distinguished lawyer, holding several public offices in the Roman Empire. With his Spanish wife, Therasia, he retired at an early age to a life of cultured leisure.

    The two were baptized by the saintly bishop of Bordeaux and moved to Therasia’s estate in Spain. After many childless years, they had a son who died a week after birth. This occasioned their beginning a life of great austerity and charity, giving away most of their Spanish property. Possibly as a result of this great example, Paulinus was rather unexpectedly ordained a priest at Christmas by the bishop of Barcelona.

    He and his wife then moved to Nola, near Naples. He had a great love for Saint Felix

    of Nola, and spent much effort in promoting devotion to this saint. Paulinus gave away most of his remaining property—to the consternation of his relatives—and continued his work for the poor. Supporting a host of debtors, the homeless and other needy people, he lived a monastic life in another part of his home. By popular demand he was made bishop of Nola and guided that diocese for 21 years.

    Paulinus’ last years were saddened by the invasion of the Huns. Among his few writings is the earliest extant Christian wedding song. His Liturgical Feast Day is June 22.


    Many of us are tempted to “retire” early in life, after an initial burst of energy. Devotion to Christ and his work is waiting to be done all around us. Paulinus’ life had scarcely begun when he thought it was over, as he took his ease on that estate in Spain. “Man proposes, but God disposes.”

    St. Paulinus of Nola, ora pro nobis!

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