Katalog North Kiteboarding 2013

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Katalog North Kiteboarding 2013

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  • 3team N K B C ATA L O G U E 2 0 1 3

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    S u S t a i n a b i l i t y 6 / 7

    + 6 W a R R a n t y 10 / 11

    P R o g R e S S i o n Q 12 / 17

    t e c h n o f o R c e d 2 18 / 19

    5 t h e l e m e n t 20 / 21

    K i t e S 22 / 61

    b a R S 62 / 77

    b o a R d S t W i n t i P S 78 / 99

    f o o t P a d S / b i n d i n g S 100 / 111

    b o a R d S d i R e c t i o n a l S 112 / 131

    h a R n e S S e S 132 / 139

    P a c K S & b a g S 140 / 145

    a P P a R e l 146 / 159

    o u t R o 160 / 161

    P R o d u c t o v e R v i e W 162 / 163

    content 5 N K B C ATA L O G U E 2 0 1 3 4 N O r T h K i T E B O A r d i N G

  • Dont leave a trace!


    These days everybody is talking about sustain-

    ability, yet there is often a lot of talk, but not a

    great deal of action behind it. Apart from the fact

    that life in general depends on an intact environ-

    ment, the practice of our sport in particular is only

    possible in cooperation with nature and we can all

    do our bit to help, not to leave any tracks and to

    behave in an environmental friendly way.

    in 2008 we became increasingly concerned with

    concepts for sustainability regarding material, pro-

    duction and marketing. We were considering how

    we could contribute to improving the environment

    and which options we had to make production

    methods and products more sustainable.

    The most obvious idea was to produce kites from

    recycled polyester, similar to the outdoor sports

    industry. Our Japanese cloth supplier Tejin, the

    leading producer of textile polyester fabrics, deve-

    loped a perfectly functional recycled material for

    North Kiteboarding. There was just one catch; the

    technical requirements for kite material are so high

    that they can only be achieved with pure polyes-

    ter. due to the elaborate process that is needed

    to produce such pure polyester from recycled

    materials, the energy balance is worse than that of

    polyester made from new raw materials. Therefore,

    we are still waiting for technical advances that will

    allow us to produce the recycled pure polyester

    material in a more sustainable manner. At present

    recycled is not an option.

    The second large product group is kiteboards.

    These were, and still are, made predominantly of

    PVC or PVC-EPS cores that are laminated with

    glass fiber and PU or Epoxy. The most critical pro-

    duct involved in this process is PVC, which causes

    serious ecological problems throughout the entire

    product life cycle. it begins with its production

    from carcinogenic chloride compounds with heavy

    metals and finishes with the unsolved problem of

    its proper disposal. The typical form of disposal

    is combustion, which releases dioxins and furans.

    Therefore, we have been replacing the PVC in our

    boards with wood and bamboo from managed

    and controlled artificial plantations. These new

    cores are not only much safer to dispose of; they

    also produce better boards with more vivid riding

    characteristics for our customers. The boards are

    then UV-coated, which completely eliminates the

    use of solvents. Our production site in Austria,

    close to our main markets, offers the advantage of

    short routes of transportation, which significantly

    reduces our carbon footprint.

    When talking about sustainability we must also

    consider the human factor. Our main production

    sites are located in Sri Lanka and Austria. There is

    no need to say much about working conditions in

    Austria, as the standards in Western Europe are,

    in general, very high. in the free trade zones of Sri

    Lanka, working hours, minimum age and wages

    are clearly regulated and monitored in contrast

    to conditions in india or China. in addition, there

    is no child labor within our Sri Lankan plants and

    we offer above standard rates of pay and provide

    additional social benefits.

    Unfortunately, we are not yet able to claim that we

    are a thoroughly green business, because at the

    present time, there are simply no entirely ecolo-

    gically sound materials or production processes

    available for many of our products. however, we

    continually try to optimize individual steps and

    chains of production with great care in order to

    find the best compromise for durability, quality, the

    ecosystem and our workforce, even if that makes

    our products a little bit more expensive. in that

    respect, we hope that the concept of sustainabi-

    lity will itself be recycled and not lose its current

    vogue, like many other trends have done in the

    past. Ultimately, a lot of small steps will ensure

    progress, always being aware of our natural envi-

    ronment and trying to improve every stage of the


    Last but not least, to our consumers; please try not

    to leave a trace wherever, whatever youre doing!

    7SuStainability N K B C ATA L O G U E 2 0 1 3 6 N O r T h K i T E B O A r d i N G

  • 9 N K B C ATA L O G U E 2 0 1 3 8 N O r T h K i T E B O A r d i N G


    +6 WaRRanty

    North Kiteboarding offers an extended warranty

    of 6 months on all North Kiteboarding kites,

    boards and bars up from the 2011 range! All our

    customers can register their North products* on

    our website using our unique product registration


    Customers who register their North product*

    within 60 days of purchase receive an extended

    warranty of six months beyond the legal warranty

    period of their country. (The extended warranty

    begins with the expiration of the legal warranty

    period of their country and includes the same

    scope of protection.)

    *The following products can be registered: kites,

    boards and bars from the 2012 range or later.

    (Older products cannot be registered)

    How doeS tHe extended warranty

    proceSS work?

    After successful registration of a North product,

    you receive a confirmation mail. if the product has

    been registered within 60 days of purchase, this

    confirmation mail and a valid receipt entitles you

    to a six months extended warranty.

    Warranty claims can only be made with the dealer

    who sold the registered North Kiteboarding pro-

    duct to you.

    warranty proceSS /

    neceSSary requirementS:

    > Valid receipt

    > Confirmation mail

    > registration of the North product on the web

    site (kite, board and / or bar up from 2011)

    within 60 days of purchase

    if these requirements are met, the usual comp-

    laints process can be applied, i.e. the damage is

    documented and all necessary documents (receipt,

    confirmation mail, documentation) are sent / given

    to the shop where the product has been bought.

    The shop is sending the information to the warran-

    ty department.

    regiSter now!>

    N o r t h K i t e B o a r d i N g 1110 N K B C ATA L O G U E 2 0 1 3 +6 warranty

  • PRoGReSSion Q

    progreSSion q 13 N K B C ATA L O G U E 2 0 1 3 12 N O r T h K i T E B O A r d i N G

  • 1. materialS and Hardware

    We choose partners to supply our basic materials

    who we trust and we build longstanding relation-

    ships with them to benefit from their own develop-

    ment and improvements.

    > dacron and Technoforce d2 by Teijin:

    Teijin is the worlds leading supplier for polyester

    fabrics and sail materials for all kinds of mari-

    ne sports. We use the remarkably durable Teijin

    dacron for our leading edge, struts, wingtips and

    the trailing edge and wherever high tension or an

    applied load is found.

    Technoforce d2 is used for our canopy. Techno-

    force d2 is an exclusive development for North

    Kiteboarding. it has proven its superiority in dura-

    bility and dynamics over the past 3 years.

    > Lines by Teufelberger:

    Teufelberger is a leading supplier for ropes, ran-

    ging from climbing, sailing and paragliding to spe-

    cialized ropes for kitesurfing. North Kiteboarding

    uses Teufelberger products for lines and bridles.

    > Abrasion reinforcements

    All areas exposed to scuffing are reinforced,

    renowned for its durability against abrasion.

    > Bladders of Polyurethane

    All bladders are produced of high quality Polyure-

    thane. This material is known for its high elasti city

    in different temperatures and resistance to pressu-

    re. The modern welding technique ensures durable

    seams and binds the material together perfectly.

    Specialized Hardware for kite construction:

    > Smart Valve

    The valves unique construction with an integrated

    closing mechanism and deflator pin prevents the

    rotating or sliding of the bladder inside the strut.

    > Lazy Pump

    The North Lazy Pump system enables the inflation

    of the kite from just one valve. Clips close off

    struts from leading edge to prevent unwanted

    airflow in case of damage or simply to only deflate

    the leading edge.

    2. employeeS and production tecHniqueS

    > People

    We expect a lot from the people who manufacture

    our kites. This is why we wo