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Transcript of NKB North KiteBoarding Workbook 2015

  • n o r t hk i t e b o a r d i n gs a l e s b o o k 2 0 1 5

    T R U e k i T e b o a R d i n ge n g L i S H

  • T R U E K I T E B O A R D I N GT R U E K I T E B O A R D I N G

    n o r t h k i t e b o a r d i n g

    t r U e k i t e b o a r d i n g


  • c o n t e n t

    t h e t e a m 004 - 005

    wa r r a n t y + 6 006 - 007

    p r o g r e s s i o n q 008 - 013

    t e c h n o f o r c e d 2 014 - 015

    k i t e s 016 - 045

    b a r s 046 - 065

    b o a r d s t w i n t i p s 066 - 087

    b i n d i n g s 088 - 099

    b o a r d s d i r e c t i o n a L s 100 - 1 17

    h a r n e s s e s 1 18 - 123

    b a g s 124 - 129

    a p p a r e L 130 - 135

    s p a r e p a r t s 136 - 164


  • W e A R e n o R t hK I t e B o A R D I n G2 0 1 5

    r e n o r o m e U

    c r a i g c U n n i n g h a m c o L L e e n c a r r o L L

    J r m y e L o y n i n J a b i c h L e r

    g a b i s t e i n d L c e s a r p o r t a s

    s t e f a n s p i e s s b e r g e r

    J a i m e h e r r a i Z m a t c h U L o p e s

    g i a n n i a r a g n o

    m a r i o r o d w a L d

    a a r o n h a d L o w

    a i r t o n c o Z Z o L i n o t o m c o U r t

    t o m b r i d g e b L a Z e J o Z o g

    k i r s t y J o n e s

    s t e p h b r i d g e

    t o m h e b e r t m a X i m e n o c h e r

    p a t r i m c L a U g h L i n o L L y b r i d g e

    d i r k h a n e L s k y s o L b a c h J e r o m e c L o e t e n s p a U L a n o V o t n a

    a n g e L a p e r a L


    t h e t e a m

  • register now!

    a d Va n ta g e s f o r t h e s h o p

    Strengthen customer loyalty (to shop)

    Prevent cross-selling (country of purchase country

    of residence)

    Selective customer approach (via Newsletter)

    a d Va n ta g e s f o r t h e c U s t o m e r

    6 months more warranty

    First-hand product information

    Proof of ownership (theft)

    Peace of mind

    Since 2012 North Kiteboarding offers an extended warran-

    ty of six months on all North Kiteboarding kites, boards

    and bars of the 2012 range or later!

    Customers can register their North Kiteboarding pro-

    ducts on the website using the unique product registration


    Customers who register their North Kiteboarding product*

    within 60 days of purchase receive an extended warranty

    of six months beyond the legal warranty period of their


    (The extended warranty begins with the expiration of

    the legal warranty period of their country and includes the

    same scope of protection.)

    h o w d o e s t h e e X t e n d e d wa r r a n t y

    p r o c e s s w o r k ?

    After successful registration of a North Kiteboarding

    product, the customer receives a confirmation mail. If the

    product has been registered within 60 days of purchase,

    this confirmation mail and a valid receipt entitle the custo-

    mer to six months extended warranty. Warranty claims can

    only be claimed with the dealer who sold the registered

    North Kiteboarding product.

    wa r r a n t y p r o c e s s /

    n e c e s s a r y r e q U i r e m e n t s

    Valid receipt

    Confirmation mail

    Registration of the North Kiteboarding product on

    the website

    If these requirements are met, the usual complaints

    process can be applied, i.e. the damage is documented

    and all necessary documents (receipt, confirmation mail,

    documentation) are sent/given to the shop where the pro-

    duct has been bought. The shop is sending the information

    to the warranty department.

    * The following products can be registered: kites, boards and bars of the 2012 range or later (older products cannot be registered).

    LegaL warranty period (of yoUr coUntry) get 6 months eXtended warranty

    e x t e n D e D W A R R A n t y 76INTRO

    w a r r a n t y + 6w a r r a n t y + 6

  • a b r a s i o n r e i n f o r c e m e n t s

    All areas exposed to scuffing strengthened with STPU Rein-

    forcements, renowned for its durability against abrasion.

    b L a d d e r s o f p o Ly U r e t h a n e

    All bladders are produced of high quality Polyurethane.

    This material is known for its high elasticity in different

    temperatures and resistance to pressure. The modern

    welding technique ensures durable seams and binds

    the material together perfectly.

    a i r p o r t Va LV e

    For 2015 all kites are equipped with the Air Port Valve. To

    ensure user friendliness the non-return valve has been

    reworked and Velcro has been added, this connects the

    valve to the kite and prevents twisting.

    The valves unique construction has several advantages,

    but first and foremost it saves time rigging. The valve

    works with any conventional pump or compressor as

    it can be connected directly to the bayonet insert of

    the hose. The valve is suitable for both, inflation and

    deflation. The deflation option is integrated, which means

    no external deflation pin is required. Deflation is simply

    activated by turning the blue wheel on the inside of the

    valve completely to the right.

    pLease note:

    Always deflate via the inflation valve (Air Port Valve)

    first, before opening the dump valve. This procedure will

    prevent unwanted twisting of the valve.

    L a Z y p U m p

    The Lazy Pump system enables the inflation of the kite

    from just one valve. Clips close off struts from leading

    edge to prevent unwanted airflow in case of damage or

    simply to only deflate the leading edge.

    Attention to detail is the key to the overall quality of

    any product. Kites are complex technical products,

    and the key to progression and evolution is to keep

    analysing and optimizing all aspects of the construc-

    tion and production methods continuously. Industrial

    production utilises a Total Quality Control approach

    this is the method of choice to improve efficiency in

    production and material consumption to achieve a

    product that is both superior and economic at the

    same time we have applied these principals to our

    manufacturing process.

    After several years of installing this attitude in our R&D

    team and production facility, the concept has proven

    successful: our kites are a superior quality product

    down to every last detail, and you can feel this when

    you fly them. The result: The best Kites, Boards and

    Accessories for your True Kiteboarding experience.

    There are 3 aspects to this approach that complement

    each other and have to work together seamlessly:

    1. Materials and Hardware

    2. Employees and Production Techniques

    3. Construction Details and Design

    p R o G R e s s I o n qA p A s s I o n f o R K I t e B o A R D I n G l I n K e D W I t h e n G I n e e R I n G K n o W h o W

    1 . m at e r i a L s a n d h a r d wa r e

    We choose partners to supply our basic materials that we trust and we build longstanding relationships with them to

    benefit from their own development and improvements.

    t e c h n o f o r c e d 2 b y t e i J i n

    Teijin is the worlds leading supplier for polyester fabrics

    and sail materials for all kinds of marine sports. We use

    the remarkably durable Teijin Dacron for our leading

    edge, struts, wingtips and the trailing edge and where-

    ver high tension or an applied load is found. Techno-

    force D2 is used for our canopy. Technoforce D2 was an

    exclusive development for North Kiteboarding, which

    has proven its superiority in durability and dynamics

    since we started using it.

    L i n e s b y t e U f e L b e r g e r

    Teufelberger is a leading supplier for ropes, ranging

    from climbing, sailing and paragliding to specialized ro-

    pes for kitesurfing. North Kiteboarding uses Teufelber-

    ger products for lines and bridles.

    A short sizzling noise, which is a very small amount of

    air escaping from the interspace of the valve, when ta-

    king off the bayonet fitting is normal. The valve enables

    fatigue-proof inflation due to the bigger air passage.

    Even bigger kites will be inflated within seconds!


    p r o g r e s s i o n qp r o g r e s s i o n q

  • L o a d - d i s t r i b U t i o n - p a n e L s

    As kite geometry improves, the canopy must continue

    to resist increasing forces. To spread these forces,

    Load-Distribution Panels are used, holding the kites

    shape even under the most extreme loads. In practice

    this gives a smoother and more consistent perfor-

    mance from the kite in any riding situation.

    f U s i o n s t r U t

    This construction allows for a controlled distribution

    of forces between strut and leading edge. Struts are

    100% connected to the leading edge with a flexible

    Dyneema line, which promotes higher canopy tension

    and a clean profile.

    Z i p p e r L e s s s t r U t

    A strut without zippers means less weight, and results

    in smoother flying characteristics and increased

    durability. These advantages outweigh the slightly

    more tedious process required when changing a strut


    3 . c o n s t r U c t i o n d e ta i L s a n d d e s i g n