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The first issue of JMR's Green-Light e-magazine featuring the launch of the team for the 2012 V8SuperTourers championship season.

Transcript of JMR Green-Light #1


    21st December 2011 - Issue No,1

  • Welcome to the first edition of GREEN-LIGHT. Like the rest of JMR, our regular newsletter has been rebuilt, re-developed and is now packed full of technology to take us into the future.

    Since winning our third NZ V8 Championship in April this year, JMR has undergone significant change. We have entered into a new championship, V8SuperTourers and moved our base to a purpose-built facility at the Taupo Motorsport Park.

    I am a director of V8SuperTourers Ltd, the company behind the series. With the other key people involved, we have worked tirelessly all year to set up the new series we call the V8 Series of Champions. To date we have sold 16 brand-new, latest technology V8SuperTourers that will be ready to race at Round One over the weekend of 17-19 February at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. Among other milestones, we have signed a television deal with TV3 that will see only V8SuperTourers shown in each three hour programme aired on the Sunday of the feature race. This means more exclusive free-to-air coverage for sponsors and fans. It is very rewarding being part of a series that will take New Zealand domestic racing to a completely new level. The cars are fast, they are packed with technology and will be driven by a stellar cast of some of Australasias best drivers.

    To future-proof JMR, as a business and a race-team, I made the decision to move into the V8SuperTourers Series and base JMR at a racetrack. JMR have always strived to run two competi-tive cars but the NZV8 model made this difficult. With every racecar being identical (except for the Falcon/Commodore parts) the V8SuperTourers provide JMR with a platform to run two cars much more easily. By running two cars we will gain twice the data, twice the driver feedback and twice the chance to win. The driver for our second car will be announced in mid-January ... and they will need little introduction.

    The JMR race-shop, situated just inside the main gates of Taupo Motorsport Park, allows JMR to effectively test our racecars without having to load up the transporter and spend a night away. We will be able to host sponsors for functions which include race-shop tours, boardroom meetings and much more. The majority of our hot-lap events will be staged in Taupo, allowing us to spend more time with our sponsors and their guests.

    I would like to extend my thanks to everyone from the team who worked day and night to have the #47 racecar, transporter, building and one FG Falcon promo Car ready for our livery launch last Friday. And the guys arent resting easy just yet - as Christmas approach-es more preparation is being done on both cars. But then we all have a break over the Christmas/New Year period before starting back in early January. We now have approx 98% of the parts required to have the cars ready for testing in January, so it wont be long now until we all get the thrill of seeing the cars test for the first time at Taupo.

    Thanks to everyone for all of your support in 2011. The year ahead features an exciting new chapter in JMRs history and we look forward to seeing as many of you at the track as possible.

    Finally, have a very safe and merry Christmas and New Year holiday.

    21st December 2011 - Issue No,1

  • Johnny Mac revealed the dynamic new colour scheme for his #47 FG Falcon V8SuperTourer on last Friday (16 December), two months ahead of commencing competition in the brand-new era of V8 racing in New Zealand.

    Fans, sponsors and team-mates gathered at the new home of John McIntyre Racing at Taupo Motorsport Park to check out the striking green, white and black livery for #47 which also boldly sports the fresh, new branding of one of JMRs key sponsors Blackwoods Protector, formerly Blackwoods Paykels Protector Safety.

    The JMR crew, led by top engineer Jason Liefting, has been working day and night to assemble #47 into the nearly-complete race-car that everyone was excited to see.

    One of New Zealands most successful owner-driver race teams, JMR will field cars number 46 and 47 when the V8SuperTourers commence battle in February next year. The driver for #46 will be announced mid-January and in the meantime, the team has plenty to finish to get #47 ready for testing.

    John has also been overseeing the completion of the new Taupo race-shop which is going to be used for more than just the two V8SuperTourers its going to be a dedicated motorsport retail shop with further news is pending in coming weeks. At present, the workshop houses a stunning two-car transporter and the two race-cars. From time to time the three FG Falcon show cars also come together at the shop which makes for an exciting line-up of JMR vehicles!

    John is understandably excited about racing the new #47 for the first time in February.

    We are set for a massive season, of that theres no doubt! says the Nelson-based 34-year-old.

    Striking livery for Johnny Macs #47 FG Falcon V8SuperTourer20 | 12 | 2011

    21st December 2011 - Issue No,1

  • 21st December 2011 - Issue No,1

    Im delighted to be able to show Kiwi motorsport fans the results of months of hard work now that John McIntyre Racing is working from our new race-shop at Taupo Motorsport Park. We are the only V8SuperTourer team with our own dedicated race-shop at a racing circuit, which I think is going to be important for the future prospects of the team.

    The teams engineering headquarters were previously in McIntyres original home region, Hawkes Bay.

    With the move to V8SuperTourers, I felt the time was right to establish a dedicated base for John McIntyre Racing, and the Taupo Motorsport Park ticked all the right boxes, says John. Here we have the ability to prepare up to four racecars and store all of our equipment, including the transporter, in the building. In the New Year we will open a dedicated motorsport retail shop to service the needs of local motorsport participants and teams and drivers who are competing at the track just 80 metres from our race-shop.

    Heading the JMR V8SuperTourer programme is Jason Liefting, of Mercer, has recent experience as a race engineer with V8 Supercar, Toyota Racing Series and Formula Ford teams and is regarded as one of the most talented engineers in the country. Jason is managing the build project for the two JMR FG Falcon V8SuperTourers and then changes roles to be the engineer for Johnny Mac and #47 on race weekends for each of the seven V8SuperTourer rounds in 2012.

    John adds: This is truly a season of firsts. Not only will we be racing in a brand-new series from a new base with a largely new team, weve invested in leasing a two-car transporter. As soon as the V8Super-Tourer series was announced last February, I made the commitment that JMR would run two cars. We are progressing well with plans to secure a high profile driver for the second car and will announce who this is in mid January.

    Striking livery for Johnny Macs #47 FG Falcon V8SuperTourer cont...

  • 21st December 2011 - Issue No,1

    Blackwoods Paykels Protector Safety has been a key JMR sponsor for the past three seasons.

    This year, #47 becomes the first, highly-visible and very quick billboard for the companys new name and brand - Blackwoods Protector.

    Blackwoods Protector advertising and promotions manager Stephen Holden explains: Our previous name, Blackwoods Paykels Protector Safety, resulted from the merger of Blackwoods Paykels and Protector Safety 18 months ago. We have now changed the company name to Blackwoods Protector which maintains the strength of the two brands for industrial and safety products while reducing the name to a more manageable size.

    With the change to Blackwoods Protector, we have utilised a new green in our logo which is reflected in the striking green, white and black livery we can now see the new #47 JMR race car. Over the next 12 to 18 months, our 26-strong nationwide branch network will receive the new, more modern branding. Everyone at Blackwoods Protector is proud to sponsor John McIntyre in the new V8SuperTourer series.

    One very fast billboard for Blackwoods Protector

  • 21st December 2011 - Issue No,1

    The 7-litre small block all aluminium, fuel injected V8ST control spec engine is not a product of a standard mass-production assembly line, but rather, hand built at PBC, [Performance Build Centre] based in MI, USA. Each engine is hand-assembled by a specialist technician, who personally signs off each engine he is responsible for completing. This State of the art facility is dedicated to crafting engines for speciality applications, such as our V8 Supertourers Series, in an environment akin to custom race-engine assembly. Each engine is treated as an individual unit, and each is seen through the assembly process as the responsibility of a dedicated engine builder, whose name is affixed to the engine plate. The engines are subject to rigourous inspection and hot-tested in a 20-minute run cycle upon completion. In the development of the engine, a number of test engines had to survive 300 hours running on an engine dyno with a wide open throttle.

    The engines racing roots are also evident in the cylinder block and reciprocating assembly, where an extremely rigid aluminium block casting accommodates large, 104.8-mm-diameter (4.125-inch) cylinder bores, fitted with Hyper-eutectic alloy flat-top pistons. Lightweight titanium connecting rods link the pistons to a precision-balanced forged steel crankshaft with a 101.6-mm (4-inch) stroke. The Titanium con-rods weigh just 480 grams apiece - some 30 percent less than comparable steel rods. The wet liner, high nickel content cast iron cylinder lin-ers, are torque plate-honed to exacting standards to ensure optimum piston ring seal.

    The engine also