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  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


    This is a whole new and interesting subjectfor me which Im somewhat fearful of inmy desire to get it right. Obviously thewhole idea of the uncanny is something

    that is out of our comfort zone but it has a

    strong logic and psychology behind itwhich Im using as my driving force. Ivefallen behind my usual standard (due to

    what can only be described as Sammy-plague) butit shall not remain so.

  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


    Im stuck between a two ideas. Worriedabout taking one further in case itsnot right. This is my thinking behind


    Childs Bedroom: Sound quiteconventional maybe but I wouldntstick to the obvious (which would be

    like lurking, giant clowns and dolls in aclaustrophobic environment). My ideais that of stillness, time being pausedby a grieving parent. I like the idea ofplacing the camera outside of theroom looking in as the room its is outof bounds and out of reach. I wantthe room to look like a perfect,beautiful room but yet everything is

    covered in a thick dust. I introducedthe idea of having a puppet figure asthe focus object. Hed represent theabsent child and so wouldnt be ofnightmarish design but how he is inthe thumbnails, quite sweet, but in aposition that suggests hes morehuman than he is.

  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


    Train Station: This, if I could

    do it really well, could bequite powerful perhapsbut if it falls short its quiteboring. The idea is for abeautiful, amazinglyarchitectural train station,Id use shadow to suggestits busyness but in the

    centre or the focus of theimage would be a singlepiece of unattendedbaggage. I thought thatrather than have theluggage red, which wouldbe a bit LOOK HERE, Idcompose it so the mise en

    scene drew the eyesubconsciously to theluggage and have a redor brilliant white label thatwas face on.

  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


    Studying the performing arts Ive seen, performed and studied different types of theatresome of which are going to be really useful for context in this unit. Just thought Id do aquick post so you can see the sort of thing already flavouring my Unit 3 work.

    The Theatre Workshop

    A theatre company that formed post war that is now a fancy training company but myfocus is on their work with Joan Littlewood from 1945 onwards. They performed mostly ina Brechtian style but also know as political theatre... and the politicians didnt likethem... at all. How they relate to this unit is because of how they worked. When theywere creating a new production mostly they established an idea for a scene thenimprovised around the idea. But a one of their methods was to take an image they hada certain look or feel to it (like a Tableaux Vivant) then theyd position themselves intothat tableau then improvise a scene from that. In all Brechtian theatre the tableau isoften used. Sometimes half the stage may have performers in tableau while the otherhalf performs or they begin or end with it. Its a way to implant an image into the eye ofthe audience. Movement may be hard to remember but a powerful image can implantitself in the mind. (Its a powerful tool and so much more complicated then I make it

    sound). But for this units focus on mise-en-scene to evoke a deep emotional/pensiveresponse this past study should aid me.

    Similarly Ive done a lot of physical theatre which, like the tableau, requires the ability toconvey meaning through shape, position but also movement. Ill use my study in how tovisualise meaning to an audience for Unit 3 but it will be interesting to explore the use ofabsence side of tableau.

  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


    Melanie PullenHigh fashion crime scenes

    If I went with my train station Id use her style to influence me.Her theme is crime scene so the environments arent out ofthe ordinary or particularly elaborate because then the shot

    focus, the top fashion victims, are more out of place. In a fewshe has a suggestion of movement so the unwavering stillnessof the corpses is more chilling. She focuses on one colour orone panel of colours for the environment then the corpse is

    sometimes the exception. (an example is in her image stairsthe spiralling stairs are an oddly glowing yellow but in the

    centre is a body in a red dress.)

    Bernard Faucon

    This time looking further into his work that doesnt focus onpeople or dummies but on environments and objects that

    feel like they have a connection but also look out of place orwrong in some way or just odd. It has the effect of puttingstrange ideas in the viewers mind. Id look to Faucon if I

    chose the childs bedroom scene. A lot of his photos havethis paused effect of something having just happened, like

    post event. One shot in particular is very relevant to my idea.The projector is something that can be related to showing oldhome made videos, so the projected image of a young boy

    in an abandoned room is quite telling and upon closerviewing, the classic height measurements marked on the


  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


    In my experiment with takingmy own tableau vivant stylephotos I found that having justone significant colour can bereally effect. Desaturatedimages, because the colouringis surreal, I feel draws it

    audience in as they cantdecipher the image at firstglance. Gregory Crewdsonseems to use a limited colourpallet; though the colours arenaturalistic any great contrast iswashed down. This is the kind ofstyle I want to go for or maybeplay with being as close to

    greyscale as possible whilekeeping just a few pastelcolours like in this image...

  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


    Puppetsfocusing mainlyon marionettes andwooden puppets butresearching across theboard into animatronic

    puppets and also whysome puppets areacceptable. Id use theuncanny valley theory toassess how they can visuallyfall into the valley andFreuds theories to assess

    their mental connection tothe uncanny within thehuman mind.

  • 8/3/2019 Green Light Review


    Otis to Sammyon life drawingHey Sammy =] I'm Otis, one of your creative partners. there are some very nice pieces of work in this blog, well done. if

    there is anything you need help with, I'm always here giving a helping hand =P see you round! Otis to Sammyon thumbnails 1-16Hey Sammy :) nice thumbnail sketches, i think figure 1, 6 and 12 have a lot of potential and i think they would look

    great as final pieces. I have to finish unit 1 before i can start properly on unit 3, so there will be work up soon x

    Chrissie to Sammyon Tableaux Vivant photos by me

    2nd from bottom...I love teddies but this is just freaky!

    Tom Beg to Sammyon Tableaux Vivant photos by meGreat idea! This feels the strongest of the lot to me:


    Otis to Sammyon Maya: TexturingThis is looking nice! try using different angles, this makes coins shine more and become more focused, check out mine

    :) keep it up!

    Sammy to Otison Inspiration: The Chernobyl Disaster 1986:o these pictures are amazing. I wonder if the photographer moved the items around to get the shot because theirperfection in how their organised amongst the devastation is what effects me the most. really interesting :)

    Sammy to Ilmion SECONDARY RESEARCHHowdy Creative Partner :) This pictures really nice because when I look at it I just assume the colour of the liquid is red.

    Could be any dark colour really... red puddles on the floor are a bit direct perhaps? but what you can also seeare the footprints. That could be something to explore maybe?