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JMR Green Light #11 Edition #12 and a wrap of JMR at the recent third round of the 2013 BNT V8 SuperTourers. Action filled and drama packed read John's recount of the Pukekohe weekend 25-26 May.

Transcript of JMR Green Light #12


    14 June 2013 - Issue No,12

  • The third round of the V8 SuperTourers second season was something we were looking forward to as a team. All season we have had excellent race pace but have not converted this into qualifying speed and or points. My drive at the ITM400 in our championship winning NZV8 Falcon prepared me well for the weekend so I could attack the new sections of the circuit.

    We knew that racing in late May anywhere in NZ, the chance of wet weather was high. With the whole team setting up on Friday night in dry conditions we looked forward to the prac-tice and qualifying on Saturday. Our car set-up was very much the same as we had at Ruapuna with just a few minor tweaks. Interestingly we are still using the original LS7 engine in its original form. We have serviced the engine by checking bearings, changing filters and always running Castrol Edge 10-60. The engine has done over 7,000 racing kms since January 2012.

    The first practice was held in the dry, on used tyres. Unlike other series, our used Hankook tyres are actually very good even with 100kms or more of racing on them. Near the end of the session were fifth but about 1 second off the leading pace by Scott McLaughlin. We de-cided to just focus on driving improvements rather than tweaking the car more. I finished strongly over the last 5 minutes of the session to post the third fastest time just 0.3sec behind Scott and just behind Shane van Gisbergen.

    This was a great start but we could see the rain coming on our radar. It was wet for the rest of the day and all of the teams had to learn their cars again on the wet weather tyre. The Hankook wet is the softest wet tyre I have ever driven on, so it gives a lot of confidence in all conditions. I was comfortable and with minimal running time we were again third in the session behind the same duo at the front.

    It looked as though qualifying was going to be cancelled at one stage with water puddling on the track in some areas. But the rain just held off at the right time and we all went onto the track with new wets to try and get the best possible grid for race one on Sunday. I had a massive moment coming up to Ford Mountain and had to compose myself and get ready for another run. Each lap the order changed until with five minutes to go we were firmly again in third place behind Shane and Scott. A red flag came out right at the end of the session and the qualifying was cut short.

    14 June 2013 - Issue No,12

    Pukekohe report - Round three of the 2013 BNT V8 SuperTourers, 25-26 May

  • 14 June 2013 - Issue No,12

    Pukekohe report cont...The team was very pleased to record our best qualifying of the season in third. We had survived a few scares on the track and had little work to do to get the car ready for the next day. Sunday dawned overcast but by the time we went out for the first race we were on slick tyres.

    The only problem with the Hankook tyre is that when it is cold it has almost zero grip! As we left the pits to come around to the grid three or four cars had spun off the circuit on cold tyres, including Scott McLaughlin who had spun and hit the fence, damaging his front splitter. With wet areas on the side of the circuit the first few laps of the 15 lap race were tricky to say the least. I had a good start although just behind me three cars were taken out of the race as cars broke into wheel spin and contacted each other, sending some in to the concrete walls. We re-started the race and I stayed in third until Murphy passed me at the new corner off the back straight. As the race wore on we were settled in fourth behind McLaughlin who had used the re-start to replace his front splitter. With two laps to go I was closing on Scott until I made an error putting the right front wheel on the slippery painted curb. This caused me to run wide at Castrol (turn four) and the car just keep slipping on the grass. The impact to the left hand side (been there before!) felt quite big in the car but luckily this was one of the only corners on the track that has tyres to stop the cars rather than concrete

    I was really disappointed to let the fourth place go. I managed to carry on finishing 13th, due to so many other cars having incidents in the race.

    The weather would stay overcast with small showers all day and we gridded up for race two on greens (new tyres) in 13th, looking for improvement. It nearly came undone on lap one! Several cars spun in front of me at turn 2-3, I slowed and pulled to the left to go around everyone. A car had a wheel stripped off it and the driver had no control when he backed into my right hand side. It sent me into the gravel trap but I managed to get out. I drove the car straight to the pits as it was a red-flag situation. The right rear tyre was cut on the guard and a few other parts needed taping on. The JMR team swung into action, pulling the rear guard out so that it cleared the tyre.

    Looking a little worse for wear we went out and gridded up in 13th. Due to the cars in front going off at the start we inherited 2-3 positions straight away. I had the bit between my teeth and we made really good progress to be in sixth by lap 10. From there I was closing in on Daniel Gaunt but unlikely to catch him in the 20 lap race. A late safety car with four laps to go closed me right up on Daniel and with three laps to go I tried passing at the hairpin. I hit the back of Daniel and then passed him round the outside all the way up to the Ford Mountain. I thought it was a fair pass but after the race I was relegated back behind Daniel to finish sixth. Still it was a good fight back from 13th and we would start race three, of 32 laps, from fifth.

  • 14 June 2013 - Issue No,12

    Slip sliding away...

    Photos from the race one crash.

  • 14 June 2013 - Issue No,12

    Pukekohe report cont...

    With changeable weather and crashes in nearly every support category race during the day, the timetable was behind by an hour. Our race started with the sun going down over Ford Mountain, and caused everyone vision problems. The start for me was great, initially getting Shane for second before he immediately re-passed me. We didnt have the pace of the front three, but certainly the front five. The race settled into a pattern and by this stage I was fifth after being passed by McLaughlin and Ant Pedersen. During the stint I settled into a good rhythm and gave the tyres a rest for about eight laps midway through. The idea is to have something more to fight with at the end.

    With 12 to go I decided to step the pace up and so closed in on Ant Pedersen in fourth. I had noticed an increase in oversteer (the rear of the car sliding) particularly at the fastest corner on the track, turn one (200km/h).With Pedersen nearly in reach the last lap board came out. I went into turn one and lost the rear of the car completely. It was a wild ride and I am really lucky that circuit upgrade included a comprehensive high speed gravel trap. I went into the gravel trap at about 175km/h and stopped deep in gravel, but safe and without damage. I was heartbroken to give away another top position and couldnt fathom spinning at turn one? It took some time to work out that the seal had failed on the left rear hub and the oil had covered the left rear wheel and tyre. That is some consolation but we all felt disappointed.

    Although we did not get the results that we wanted, we really do have front-five running pace and now are very confident with the car set-up and the team. I am looking at the next four rounds with a lot of confidence, starting at our home track Taupo. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible, as the series takes a break between now and the end of August.

    See you at Taupo!

  • 14 June 2013 - Issue No,12

    Saturday 25 MayQualifying:

    pos competitor laps diff best time best lap best speed1 97 Shane Van Gisbergen 11 01:11.467 9 146.5852 1 Scott McLaughlin 12 00.160 01:11.627 10 146.2583 47 John McIntyre 12 00.734 01:12.201 9 145.0954 51 Greg Murphy 9 01.162 01:12.629 7 144.245 96 Ant Pedersen 10 01.179 01:12.646 8 144.2066 9 Dominic Storey 10 01.527 01:12.994 9 143.5197 3 Angus Fogg 10 01.595 01:13.062 7 143.3858 12 Ashley Walsh 10 01.662 01:13.129 8 143.2549 10 Richard Moore 11 01.669 01:13.136 9 143.2410 23 Andy Booth 11 01.738 01:13.205 9 143.10511 22 Andre Heimgartner 10 02.058 01:13.525 8 142.48212 32 Mitchell Cunningham 8 02.222 01:13.689 5 142.16513 8 Tim Edgell 11 02.307 01:13.774 9 142.00114 11 Simon Evans 10 02.404 01:13.871 8 141.81515 27 Kayne Scott 10 02.545 01:14.012 9 141.54516 69 Eddie Bell 11 02.561 01:14.028 8 141.51417 31 Daniel Gaunt 11 02.561 01:14.028 9 141.51418 15 Paul Manuell 10 03.058 01:14.525 6 140.5719 26 Simon McLennan 11 03.111 01:14.578 6 140.47

    Race results: Round 3Brother 350 - Pukekohe

  • 14 June 2013 - Issue No,12

    Sunday 26 MayRace one: 15 laps

    pos competitor laps total time diff best time best lap best speed1 97 Shane Van Gisbergen 15 24:25.205 01:04.929 12 161.3452 51 Greg Murphy 15 24:25.716 00.511 01:05.006 14 161.1543 1 Scott McLaughlin 15 24:30.251 05.046 01:05.422 10 160.134 96 Ant Pedersen 15 24:32.076 06.871 01:05.763 11 159.2995 8 Tim Edgell 15 24:32.497 07.292 01:05.773 13 159.2756 22 Andre Heimgartner 15 24:32.765 07.560 01:05.613 15 159.6637 10 Richard Moore 15 24:34.574 09.369 01:06.042 14 158.6268 69 Eddie Bell 15 24:35.613 10.408 01:06.045 14 158.6199 31 Daniel Gaunt 15 24:36.123 10.918 01:06.196 11 158.25710 15 Paul Manu