Goal Digger / Volume 2 / 2009

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The Goal Digger is the bi-monthly publication serving the SERVPRO of Pen-Del, SERVPRO of Southern New Jersey, SERVPRO of the Carolinas family of Trainerships and Associates.

Transcript of Goal Digger / Volume 2 / 2009



P E N N - D E L ,




C A R O L I N A S ,






The Goal DiggerVolume 2 SPECIAL AWARDS EDITION 2009

How is your 2020 Vision?Can you see the future clearly? SERVPROs vision is to be $5 Billion company by the year 2020. What will it take to get there? Each of us having a 15% growth in our businesses this year, next year and for the next 10 years. How is that going to be accomplished? One, hiring marketing reps. Our goal this year is one per license, next year for 2 per license. Many of you have already achieved that. Two, utilizing Roles and Responsibilities to grow your business with structure, job descriptions, employment agreements, weekly reports and ability to hold your team accountable for the results that you need. Finally, the Large Loss division. At the awards banquets this year we focused on the direction of Large Loss and the Storm team. Dave Hughes did an outstanding job in presenting the vision and Don Turner shared the mechanics and the work that is available out there. Dont be afraid to talk to your neighbor meet with them, talk and plan and put ideas in place on how you are going to react when the call comes in. Remember the BHAG...the Big Hairy Audacious Goal...be a part of it.

Franchises of the YearSERVPRO of Florence and Darlington John and Phyllis Hoover & John Jr. Sponsored by Textile Restorations SERVPRO of West Erie County Kevin and Sue Patterson Sponsored by Morantz Ultrasonics

The Carolinas Award Winners

Rookie of the YearCraig Williams SERVPRO of West Mecklenburg County

Per Capita WinnerJohn and Susan Bowles SERVPRO of Nantahala Sponsored by Phoenix Restorations

Penn Del and SNJ Award Winners

Per Capita WinnerAlex and Rita Fiato SERVPRO of Greensburg Sponsored by Phoenix Restorations

Rookie of the YearReggie and Christina Alston SERVPRO of Spring Garden/Fairmont

2008 Millionaires ClubHarold and Lynn Katofsky Justin and Karen Neumann John and Susan Bowles Britt and Stacy Holcomb Rick and Kristina Lutz John and Linda Kuder David,Sandra,Mike &Kristen Hughes Glenn Herrmann Mike McGrory and Sean McCabe Wesley Jennings Marco and Hattie Fiato Brad and Jennifer Armstrong Rich and Michelle Massey Scott and Susan ODonnell Alex and Rita Fiato Bill and LouAnn Roehl Dave and Pat Lyman Steve and Dawn Davis William and Nancy Hinson Craig deBlois South Hills, Metro Pittsburgh and Monroeville Beaufort County Nantahala Greensboro North, Winston Salem SE & Burlington Warminster and Lansdale Asheville East and Asheville West Kennett Square/Oxford and Salem County Newtown/Yardley and Blue Bell Germantown, Pennypack/Bustleton and Upper Bucks SE and SW Raleigh Reading, Pottstown and Pottsville South Durham and Orange County Bear/New Castle and Upper Darby Woodbury/Deptford Greensburg Horry and Georgetown Central Chester County and The Main Line Easton, Whitehall and Bethlehem Richland County Hickory $2,863,018 $2,768,248 $2,569,853 $2,174,274 $2,157,710 $2,089,922 $2,016,386 $2,010,179 $1,991,863 $1,904,564 $1,800,889 $1,794,309 $1,739,917 $1,734,736 $1,689,340 $1,600,943 $1,598,152 $1,517,478 $1,503,848 $1,480,682

SERVPRO of Penn Del and Southern New Jersey Millionaires

2008 Millionaires ClubMike and Pat Logue Scott and Dan Ayers Ed and Joan Rementer Kevin and Sue Patterson Drew and Linda Mehan Carlton and Patricia Robertson Bill Bardo Rick and Blake Quinn Chris and Monica Cromer Barron and Lisa Burch Chip Nunan Janice Pritts, Ralph and Holly Grimm John & Phyllis Hoover Allen Alewine Ray and Charlotte Redd Joe and Donna Barrett Ken and Colleen Lucas Chuck Doyle Marty and Angie Williams Haddon Heights/Voorhees New Cumberland/Carlisle and Lower Halifax Manayunk West Erie County Hockessin/Elsmere, Brandywine/Wilmington & Newark Raleigh NE and North Durham Williamsport/Montoursville West Chester The Dutch Fork Greenwood, Abbeville and McCormick Dover/Middletown Fayette County Florence and Darlington Elizabeth City/Outer Banks Rocky Mount Southern Lancaster Aiken Society Hill Cayce/West Columbia and Lexington $1,346,982 $1,334,203 $1,328,006 $1,299,940 $1,283,429 $1,244,422 $1,236,216 $1,220,871 $1,159,894 $1,159,437 $1,109,432 $1,106,394 $1,064,622 $1,064,471 $1,052,044 $1,022,096 $1,019,312 $1,010,331 $1,003,532

SERVPRO of The Carolinas Millionaires

Forgotten MoneyEver wonder if your state is holding money that belongs to you and your family? If so, you may well be right. States receive about $3 billion a year in unclaimed propertyprimarily uncashed paychecks and dividend checks, unclaimed state tax refunds, uncollected insurance benefits and utility deposits. You can locate your states unclaimed property database through the National Association for Unclaimed Property Administrators website (www.naupa.orge). You can also check databases of 38 states through www.missingmoney.com to see if property with your name on it has gone missing.

2008 Large Loss Response Team

Chuck Nunan and Dave Hughes presented Jackets to the 2008 Large Loss Response team to show their appreciation for all their hard work last year. Thanks again to all of you!

Warehouse Space Optimization By: Mike Gosnell Servpro of Western South Carolina How many of us have ever stepped into our warehouse and seemed to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of cluttered pack-outs, scattered equipment and misplaced items? How about remembering the emotional pain of writing reimbursement checks because of employees dropping your customers furniture or breaking Aunt Mables antique box of China as they move it around the warehouse? Well I believe I have found a solution! These easy to build, easy to maneuver pallets shown to the right are a simple solution to keeping a well organized and efficient warehouse. Each pallet consist of various platform sizes from 32x96 to 48x96 joined by 2x4 framing with 2x4 support boards underneath with casters attached. Utilizing these pallets with your move out procedures will benefit you in several different ways. (1) They will the save time and energy of your staff by not having to lift every single item but rather placing multiple items on the pallet and rolling from one place to another. (2) The pallets are also built large enough so that you can place an entire sofa on one and roll it from the back of the moving truck to any space in the warehouse you so choose. Wonder how many trips to the chiropractor that will save!? (3) With each pallet filled with furniture, it can be easily rolled into and out of an ozone room for deodorization. (4) Each pallet can be wrapped in plastic and more easily kept safe once cleaned and deodorized. (5) Estimating storage costs becomes more uniform and consistent in ScanER XL and Xactimate. Also, since furniture is not sitting on the floor there will be a reduced chance of damage caused by pests and the cleaning and maintenance of your facility will be easier due to the ease of maneuvering items around. Shown to the left is just one before and after example of how the pallets can free up space in the warehouse. These pallets are easy to make and each one takes a technician about an hour to build. My suggestion would be to start by building a few of these and make a reoccurring monthly task to build 2-3 per month until you have enough to cover the floor space each of your individual warehouses provide.

Western PA Advertising MeetingBy: Brad Catalano It looks like its going to be a very busy and exciting summer for the SERVPRO Franchises in Western Pennsylvania. There are a number of events that we will be hosting that should prove to be a lot of fun while also giving us the opportunity to make some important business contacts. Im really looking forward to these events and helping out in any way that I can. The schedule of events was voted on at the advertising meeting that was held on March 20, 2009 while we were at the Hershey Lodge for the Awards Banquet. The Franchises that were in attendance at the advertising meeting were: Metro Pittsburgh, South Hills, Monroeville, Greensburg, North Washington, South Park, West Hills, Somerset Co., Southern Butler Co., West Erie Co., Fayette Co., State College, and Clarion Co. The events that were agreed upon at the meeting are as follows:

Sponsorship of the Insurance Day that will be held on April 23rd. We have secured two side-byside booths and this event should provide us with a great opportunity to make new contacts with people in the insurance industry and also touch base with some familiar faces. Harold Katofsky from South Hills is in charge of this event. The decision was made to be a sponsor at the Builders Association Golf Outing. This event will be held on June 1st and will take place at the Sewickley Heights Golf Club. Tom Minnock from Southern Butler Co. is heading up the plans for this outing. We will participate in the BOMA Golf Outing. Plans are incomplete at this time but as they become finalized Im sure we will all be kept informed. We will be involved in the Builders Association Conference. This event will be held April 28 th at the Alcoma Golf Course. We will attend and participate in the Claims Association Conference which will be held on June 25th. Eric Seeley from North Washington Co. is in charge of organizing this event. A very interesting event that we will be participating in will be the Fire Expo which will take place on July 10 12. This event draws thousands of fire fighters from all over and should provide us with a chance to make some very valuable contacts. D-rings will be purchased to pass out at our booth. It was decided that we will sponsor the Erie Insurance Day Golf Outing and Conference. This event will be coordinated by Kevin and Sue Patterson of West Erie Co. Another even