Game Design - Gold Digger

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Transcript of Game Design - Gold Digger

  • Gold Digger

  • Craft Design - Floor Plan

  • Craft Design - Floor Plan

  • Craft Design - Floor Plan

  • GoalsDefeat the final boss by gathering

    powers and weapons.Enter the Golden Door to complete

    the game at point B

  • How to play this game? Avoid Obstacles Complete the run before Avoid traps Default of 3 life Basic movement WASD Absorb, Avoid or kill monsters Shop system to get weapons or power up

    Achievement e.g how many traps avoided

  • Craft Design - Character Single Player Starts out with a special ability Default of 3 life Basic movement

  • Power Up Suck Enemies and absorb its power Buy from stores Enemies power is random

  • Rewards Gain gold for every level cleared / successful boss fights Random chance of dropping extra life for boss fights Upgrades of special ability and basic movement speed

  • Punishment Deduction of every life if killed by enemies / traps / unable to complete the

    level before big trap ends Upgrades are lost if all lifelines are gone