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Microsoft Word - .docmachine can be used, it should be done as follow:
Remember the operation manual and the use criterion Read &understand the content of the user manual about the
safety operation Understand & know the safety sign of the machine Let the person leave the workplace who not the operator It should have a safety operation training before you operates
the machine
You have the duty to observance the ordinance & laws, follow the
relevant direction about machine operation & maintain from
Hydraulic Digger
Product Information When you want to know the informations of the machine, please view the picture as follow:
Overall Information(The nameplate is on the nearside of the
Engine Information(The nameplate is in the top of the cylinder
Running Information(The timer of the engine is in the digital
combination instrument which in the cab)
Machine File
Please fill the machine and engine’s series No. in the table.When you need to buy the spare parts or the relational informations,you can tell us the No..
Direction of The Machine
Frontbackleftrighttopunderside in the manual same as the direction as follow:
Hydraulic Digger
Machine Form (The Moving–arm Un-deflecting Type)
1. Bulldozer 2.Bucket 3. Bucket oil cylinder 4. Lever 5.Lever oil cylinder 6.Moving-arm 7. Moving-arm oil cylinder 8. Rotating platform 9. Rotating platform oil cylinder 10.Driving wheel 11.Pedrail 12. guide deflection sheave 13.Bulldozer oil cylinder
Note:The lookum is optional equipment.It only used in the better condition.
Technical Parameters
Hydraulic Digger
Name of engine Kubota D1803 Cummins A1700
Power of engine Kw/rpm 22.8/2200 24/2200
A Length Mm 4508
B Height Mm 2400
D Width of pedrail Mm 300(steel/rubber)
E Rotating radii of platform Mm 1351
F Length of pedrail Mm 1935
G Distance of roller Mm 1455
H Height from floor Mm 320
I Height of Boom end Mm 1409
J Width of the platform Mm 1420
K Height of engine cover Mm 1384
L Height from floor of platform Mm 563
Width of bucket Mm 517
Driving speed(low/hight) Km/h 2.4/4.2
Hydraulic Digger
B Max.height of load&unload Mm 2840
C Max. digging depth Mm 2610
D Max. digging radii Mm 4610
D1 Max.digging distance of level floor Mm 4487
E Digging radii of Max.digging height Mm 2957
F Min. rotating radii Mm 1856
G Max. bucket depth of Bulldozer Mm 372
H Max. uplift height of Bulldozer Mm 262
Max.dig power KN 17.4
Hydraulic Digger
Hydraulic Digger
4.Driving machine It adopts the hydraulic motor thought the multilevel epicycle reducer to become independent drive.The reducer inside of the padrail.
Driving speed(km/h) Max.pull(kN) Power of make the grade
High speed 4.3 12.36
5.Hydraulic system First enter to the throttle hydraulic system Main valve:Intake multiple valve Variable plunger pump:Flux of 2 plunger pump(L/min) 52.8
Pressure(Mpa) 21 Flux of 1 gear pump(L/min) 15.4 Pressure(Mpa) 21 Flux of lead gear pump(L/min) 7.7
Pressure(Mpa) 3.9 Return oil filter:paper material with 10micron Oil absorbent filter: gridding filter 7.Electric system Voltage: 12V Accumulator:60 x 2AH
Hydraulic Digger
Safety Prompt 1. Warning sign
In the user manual, the sign shows the import information about the safety. When you see the sing, you need to read the information behind the sign careful
2. Safety prompting word The machine includes ”Danger””Warning””Notice” etc. The safety prompting word. Explain them as follow: Danger: If not elude, the result may be lead die or hurt. It only use in the condition which have the most dangerous. Warning: If not elude, the potential danger may be lead die or hurt. Notice: If not elude, the potential danger may be lead hurt. Or it can prompt the operation which can hurt the body.
Hydraulic Digger
Safety Equipment
1.The safeguard for the operator 1) The operator need put on the interrelated safeguard: sheathy
work clothesmotorcycle safety helmetwork shoe and so on(safety glasssafety earplugglovesafe belt)
2) IF the operator has long hair, please tie it and wear the motorcycle safety helmet. It can protect your hair not into the machine.
3) The user need put some first-aid medicines in the machine, and routine check them.
4) Before operating or examining, please check the function of the safeguards are ok.
2.Flee hammer & fire extinguisher Flee hammer & fire extinguisher installing on the wall of the cab. When you couldn’t out or into the cab, need escape the cab, you can use the flee hammer break the glass. But when you break the glass, please protect you eye and face. When the machine burning, please use the fire extinguisher. Please read the user manual of the fire extinguisher carefully. Routine check and maintenance the fire extinguisher.
Hydraulic Digger
Safety Sign
Warning: if you don’t know the safety sign or the safety sign loses, it may be make some casualty. Please replace the lose or broken sign timely, and make the safety sign cleanness and easy to see.
Please read the user manual and the safety sign carefully before operationmaintenance maintain the machine. Check the sign before running the machine every day. If they not see clear, please clean them. When cleaning the sign, it only use the calicowatersoap. Don’t use the organic solventgas, etc. They many are make the sign lose. 1.Sort of safety sign In the user manual, the safety sign adopts “Glossary safety sign” and ”Graphic safety sign”. A. Graphic safety sign It use the picture to show the Safety warning information. Simple and easy to understand.
B. Glossary safety sign
show the safety warning
the infofrmtion,and need the
2. The place of the safety sign
The sign is the picture only show the “Safety sign” part of the sign,
other will show in next section
Hydraulic Digger
3. Graphic& instruction of the safety sign 1) Care and remoteness the operating device
2Tail Trade Mark 3) Hoisting Mark
Hydraulic Digger
4 No treading 5) Pay attention to the safety when up & down the machine
Up& down the machine, please slow, and fist the handrail, face to the machine, use the ladder and the pedrail. 5) Reading the manual
Hydraulic Digger
7) Binding Mark 8)Hoisting and Binding mark 9)Locked mark Left control box locked
Hydraulic Digger
10) Long arm warming mark 11Left locked mark 12) Warning marks
Hydraulic Digger
13) When maintain electric please read the manual Electric system can easy to shock hazard. It should read the manual when it maintain. 14) Warning mark on Left control box 15) Do not start the engine through short circuit of the starting motor
16) Excavator electric shock mark
Hydraulic Digger
17) System warning mark
18) Hydraulic oil filling mark 19) Sign of transfuse the fuel oil 20) Sign of Lubrication
Hydraulic Digger
21) Sign of sling 22) Accelerograph mark
23) Pay attention to lock it after open the window of the cab.
If it doesn’t lock the window,it will close because of the outside force or the libration,may be hurt the body. 24)Sign of noise
Hydraulic Digger
27)The sign of center of rotating
28) Dozer blade and Chassis adjusting sign 30) Don’t allow to splitdrillcut and hit the accumulatorthe high-pressure of the air spring,and need keep way from the fire or the high temperature.
Hydraulic Digger
The parts have the high-pressure air.The wrong way to dispose it can lead some hurts.Please let the person who has more experiences to dispose it.
30) Binding sign
32) Use notice of the flee hammer
Hydraulic Digger
33) Sign of oil draining port on the fuel tank 34) Sign of traveling direction 35) Servicing warning sign 36) Glisten sign 37) Shift sign
Hydraulic Digger
Safety of The Workplace As far as possible to know the workplace, please check as follow: 1. The place of slope 2. The open drain 3. The suspender 4. The agrotype (soft or hard) 5. The plash or the fenland 6. The rock or stub 7. The groundsill which buried, the limit of the stub or wall. 8. The garbage which buried or the limit of the filling 9. The holethe roadblockthe mudthe water 10. The traffic 11. The dustthe smotherthe fog 12. The place of the electricgasphonewatersewage or the
other public conduit which hang or buried
Warning: Before digging, please contact the public
establishment service system or sector
13. When operating the machine in the building, you need to know the space of the door, aisle, the bearing capability of the floor.
14. Know the distance of the wirethe line &the machinethe machine & the floor. If possible, it’s better to cut off the power.
Warning: Touch or close the power or close the
machine which connect the power will
shock. No let any part of the machine close
the power line except have the preventive
15. Keep the min.legal distance of the gas-mainthe cablethe line
Hydraulic Digger
water pipe.
Warning: If you see the end of the broken cable, the
cutting cable will hurt your eye.
Safety Operation
1.Start the machine A. Safety detailed rules of start engine 1) Before to start the engine, it need to ring the trumpet. 2) Except the operator, it doesn’t allow somebody to hitching 3) It only allow the operator sit on the seat to operate the machine 4) It’s not allow to start the engine by short start motor. 5) In the cold day, the machine need to warm-up 6) Make sure have enough engine oil, fuel and hydraulic oil
Warning: If the operation handle hangs the sign: no start the
engine, it doesn’t allow to start the engine
B.After start the engine
After start the engine, it needs to check the things as follow:
1) Whether tie the safety belt
2) Whether the part running well, like the operation devicethe
bulldozerthe driving devicethe rotating devicethe operation
device deflecting
Hydraulic Digger
3) Whether the soundthe liberationthe smellthe instrument are
5) Check engine oil pressure and water temperature
6) Warm-up 2-3 minute
2. Travelling and rotating
1) Before the machine driving, please turn the top of the platform to the right way, make the operating device and the bulldozer to the same direction. If they don’t the same direction, the operation will opposite
2) Before the machine driving &rotating, please ring the trumpet to warn the people
3) The digger operated on the hand ground which the width must more than 1.5 times.
4) Before driving, please lock the cab’s door. The cab’s window allows to open, but it needs to lock.
5) Before back off or rotating, if it can not see the back, it need arrange the signal compere
Safety rules of driving 1) when the machine drives on
the flat road, it need to reduce the moving-arm, retract the lever, keep the best way for the barycenter, keep 40-50mm distance for the bucket with the ground.
2) When the machine drives on
Hydraulic Digger
the uneven road,it adopts the low speed driving,and not allow to turn the machine.If do it,may be lead the machine overturn.
3) The machine doesn’t drive on the roadblock which lopsided,it will lead the machine overturn.
4) When the machine drives or operates, it must keep a distance with the peoplethe building and other machines
5) When the machine drives on the area which have the underpassthe bridgethe cable, it need have the sign command, keep a distance
6) Upgrade or downgrade, it need lock the platform
7) When the machine overpass the bridgethe buildingthe bearing, it should confirm whether they can bear the weight of the digger.
8) If the machine needs to drive on the calzada, it need to ask the local traffic section.
Hydraulic Digger
3. Driving or operating on the slope It is dangerous to drivingoperating on the slope. Be care! 1) It suggests not upgrade or
downgrade on the slope which the gradient more than 200
2) When the machine works, it need to tie the safety belt especially on the upgrade or downgrade and the danger area
3) When the digger upgrades, the drive wheel need towards the direction which under the slope. It should let the moving-armlever with the slope parallel, the gear of the bucket have 20-30cm distance from the ground. And lock the platform then upgrade low speed.
4) When the digger downgrade, it locks the platform. The drive wheel need towards the direction which up the slope. Elongate the moving-armlever , and the gear of bucket have 20-30cm distance from the ground, then downgrade low
speed. 5) No allow to swerve on the
slope or pass the slope, it must replace the machine’s place on the next flat place, then upgrade.
Hydraulic Digger
6) When the machine operates on the slope, it must start the high first ,then towards the direction of the downgrade. The Bulldozer backs it, and press the ground, the place for remove the soil on the direction of the upgrade.
7) It need drives low speed on the leathe shatter the wet armor plate
8) No allow to swerve when the machine upgrade or downgrade. Otherwise, the machine maybe overturn.
9) When the machine stops on the slope, it must make the bulldozer into the ground, and make the bucket into the ground, too. After it stop placidly, and then stop the engine, and the operator out.
10) No driving or operating on
the slope which the portrait gradient more than 250
11) Don't driving or operating on 10) the slope which the
landscape orientation gradient more than 250
9) As far as possible to keep the machine balanceable, no
Danger It is very dangerous to stop the machine on the slope, please do as follows if have to be: Please put the dozer blade and the bucket on ground immediately if the engine is stop running on the slope, and pull the control handle to middle position before restarting. Even the machine is stop on the slop temporary, please also lower the bucket and dozer blade on the ground, pull the control handle to middle position and put the block to fix the machine at lower end of the tracks.
Hydraulic Digger
driving on the rock or over the roadblock.
10) Don't driving or operating on the slope which the lengthways orientation gradient is more than 250
11) Don’t driving or operating on the slope which the landscape orientation gradient is more than 150
12) Keep machine balance, do not travel on the rock or want over roadblock
13) Don't swerve on the slope. 14) On the slope, the engine
and the hydraulic oil must warn-up.
15) When the pedrail and the slope is 900,the machine is very dangerous if it rotating. If the machine must rotating, it should make the bucket close the ground, near the machine body, the pedrail towards the top of the slope, and rotating low speed.
16) When the machine operates on the slope, operating the rotating or
17) operation device, the machine maybe overturn
Hydraulic Digger
Warning: the operation must remember the operation
handles to avoid the wrong operation.
Warning: the wrong operation will make the machine
overture. Remember the information can make a
right guide to protect the body.
1) Before operating, it should remove all the things and the people.
2) To confirm the workplace can bear the machine, then let the machine enter.
3) As far as possible the two pedrail in the same plane, then it can operate.
4) To confirm the workplace no cableno windpipeno water pipe, the machine starts
5) When the machine back off, it should observe whether the moving line regular, whether it has the roadblock
6) When the bucket has the special resistance, it doesn’t allow to driving or rotating. Otherwise, the machine broken.
Hydraulic Digger
7) When the machine operated, if the hydraulic oil tank reach the end-point of the driving, the power will act on the limit ring of the oil tank. It will reduce the use life of the machine. To avoid the case, when the hydraulic oil tank operated, it should have a little value.
8) When the machine digs deep, It need to avoid the bottom of the moving-arm or the oil tank’s soft pipe of the bucket touch the ground.
9) When the machine operated, it need to avoid the moving-armthe leverthe buckethe cab(lookum) touch the nonego.
10) When the machine rotated, it needs to avoid it touch the cover of the engine.
11) When the moving-arm reduced, it doesn’t stop unexpected
Hydraulic Digger
12) Not dig to the machine body. 13) When the pedrail leave the ground, it doesn’t dig. Otherwise,
the machine and the frame will break. 14) Not use the deadweight of the machine to increase the
digging power 15) Not use the falling power of the bucket regard the handlethe
knapperthe monkey. It will make the back of the machine bear over weight.
16) Not use the bucket to dig the road surface more. Otherwise, the parts will over load and break.
Hydraulic Digger
17) Not use the falling power of the machine. Otherwise,the
machine broken.
18) Not use the power of rotating to press the soil or destroy the rideau and the wall.When the machine rotates,it doesn’t make the gear of the bucket into the soil.
19) Not make the bucket into the soil,and not use the driving power to dig.It makes the back of the machine beat over weight.
20) Not dig the working plane which under the hanging part.It maybe have the danger of the rockfall or the hanging part collapse.
Hydraulic Digger
21) Not dig the working
plane which under the hanging part.It maybe have the danger of the rockfall or the hanging part collapse.
22) Please install the
dangerous for rockfall
other device or object
5. Prevent dumpageAntiskid and the resolvent
Warning:1)If it need to swerve on the slope, it only use the
big radian swerve. When the machine turn right, turn the lever of the
moving-arm to left. The distance to the ground about 30cm, lock the
2) When the machine slips, it need press the bulldozer and the bucket to the ground. 3) When the machine dumpage, the operator mustn’t jump off .It must to fist the handrail or the pillar of the lookum.
Following, the machine is easy to overturn: 1) The machine moves on the uneven road, the two pedrail one
side high one side low or half of the pedrail hangs. 2) One of the pedrail touches the soft soil, another touch the hard
soil. 3) One side of the machine is Limestone cave or the slime 4) The machine operates on the slope which the portrait gradients
more than 250, the thing towards the downgrade. 5) The machine operates on the slope which the landscape
orientation Gradient more than 150, the thing towards the downgrade
Hydraulic Digger
6) On the slope, it is 900 for the two pedrail and the gradient, the rotating platform more than 900 7) The machine operates on the slope, it swerves, the platform
rotates fast or no power 8) When the machine turn adown about 1800 9) It is the uneven road for the back operation 10) The machine dig the underside of the body when it depth
digging 11) The machine moves on the frost road 12) The two pedrail have the machine oil or the lube. 6. Stop the machine See it at the chapter 4
Hydraulic Digger
Transport &Load and Unload Transport (unload) the digger must strict obey the safety rules When the digger transported, it must obey the safety transport
rules of the country (local) trade or the good habit When the digger transported, the cab doesn’t allow to hitching
anybody and anything. When the digger loaded & unloaded, it mustn’t have…