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2. Rome, Italy Roman ForumsTrevi Fountain 3. Rome, ItalyRome is a great place to start a trip, since its not toooverwhelming and is at the center of everything.There are museums and ruins everywhere- theRoman Forum, while crowded, is alwaysinteresting. The front of this card shows the TreviFountain, which is a huge Baroque fountain in themiddle of Rome. While often crowded with tourists,it really is an amazing sight to see, with a lot ofhistory. I personally would love to go to Rome forthe music, and the food, as there is an intenseclassical music scene there and lots of great breadeverywhere. 4. Venice, ItalySan Marcos SquareVenetian Canals 5. Venice, ItalyDid you know that Venice was one of the only places in theworld that retained its culture and trade throughout the DarkAges? Its proximity to the Middle East and the water meantthat people kept trading despite the conditions everywhereelse. It also contains the islands of Murano and Burano-Murano makes glass, Burano makes lace. Both haveworkshop tours open to tourists. Now it is a huge center ofculture and trade- and also sinking under the feet of theflood of tourists that visit it each summer as well as underthe actual water of the Adriatic Sea. Many of the oldbuildings in Venices first floors are under water, and seeingstairs that lead into the water instead of to a pathway is acommon occurrence. The image on the front of this postcard is from San Marcos square, while it is partially floodedas it does almost always during high tide. 6. London, EnglandCarnaby Street Cabinet War Rooms 7. London, EnglandOn the front of this postcard is an image ofCarnaby Street, a shopping street open topedestrians. Carnaby Street isnt the of theinteresting places in London to go- there areplaces such as the Cabinet War Rooms, whereChurchill and his advisors made decisions duringWW2. 8. EnglandTour of British AirfieldsCardiff 9. Cardiff and a Tour Of British AirfieldsCardiff is where the British TV show, Doctor Who,is filmed, and for that reason I think it would be areally interesting place to see. It is home to theDoctor Who Experience, which will open again inJuly 2012, a huge multimedia museum dedicated allto the show with a lot of the props, including someof the old costumes and monsters. On a more boringnote, another stop on this postcard is a tour ofBritish WW2 airfields, to see how the planes thatwere used in WW2 worked. 10. JapanKyoto 11. Kyoto, JapanOn the front of this card a row of Torii gates leading into a shrine inKyoto are shown: Torii gates separate the human world from the spiritworld, and are the simplest way to identify Shinto shrines. Kyoto is aJapanese city known for its rich history as the old capital of Japan, andfor its geisha culture and beautiful scenery, as well as being home tomany shrines and imperial castles. One important thing in Kyoto is theNightingale floor, which prevented assassins from killing the shogun orother high ranking officials while they slept. Kyoto is also home tomany festivals and interesting traditions, like the tea ceremony, whichis regularly performed for tourists and others interested. Id like to visitfor its historical significance as well as the fact that I have beenfascinated by Japanese culture for years: Kyoto is the epitome oftraditional Japanese culture, and it would be a lot of fun to immersemyself in it. 12. JapanHiroshima 13. Hiroshima, JapanHiroshima was one of the cities that the US bombedduring World War Two, as well as Nagasaki, and is whereSadako Sasaki attempted to fold a thousand paper cranesafter she was diagnosed with leukemia. The city was leftdevastated by the atomic bomb dropped on it during 1945.It is proof of the damage an atomic bomb can create, andis an interesting city even without that- it contains a lot ofparks and gardens, as well as a castle and an art museum.Two important places to visit are the Hiroshima PeaceMuseum and the Hiroshima Peace Park, as well asmonuments like the Gates of Peace and the Atomic BombDome. 14. IndiaVaranasi 15. Varanasi, IndiaVaranasi or Benares is an Indian city on the banks of theRiver Ganges, and is the oldest city in India. Its a holy city forHindus, Buddhists, and Jains, and is also called the "City oflights" or the "City of learning" and has been a center ofliterature, art and music for thousands of years- Mark Twainonce remarked that "Benares is older than history, older thantradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as allof them put together.". Varanasi also contains many ghats(steps in Hindi) leading down to the River Ganges, whererituals of life and death are carried out, and produces many silksaris. Id like to see it for its rich history and for all that ishappening at once there, as well as the diversity of the city.Many ethnic and religious communities are present inVaranasi, and it would be extremely interesting. 16. IndiaJodhpur 17. Jodhpur, IndiaJodhpur is a city in India also called the Blue Cityfor its blue-painted houses or the Sun City for thesunny weather all year round. Jodhpur is anotherhistoric city, and it contains the Mehrangarh Fort,which is a huge fort that Jodhpur was built around.It occupies a whole 150 meter hill with threekilometers of ramparts around the edges. It containsmany chambers and many extravagant rooms. Idlike to see Jodhpur and the Mehrangarh Fortbecause it seems like an interesting city. 18. ChinaKashgar 19. Kashgar, ChinaKashgar is a city in the middle of the desert near the Western border ofChina, and is part of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region ofChina. Kashgar was an important city along the Silk Road, and is still ahuge center of trade today. It has tons of history through the manydynasties of China, and contains two bazaars to visit. It is a primeexample of cultural diffusion- as it is near the Western border of China,it contains many different and often varying cultures: it is possible tofind Indian bread within a Pakistani restaurant next to an Islamicmosque. Id like to see it because it would put me very far out of mycomfort zone- cities like Kashgar are often confusing and create a lot ofsensory overload to foreigners. The sad thing about Kashgar, however,is that its old town has been mostly knocked out as it does not conformto earthquake safety codes, despite the urging of the Europeanparliament that it be updated while retaining its historical significance. 20. ChinaGreat Wall 21. The Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall of China, as we know it, was built duringfour dynasties, each dynasty making repairs to the walland adding to it. It has managed to repel Mongols andother invaders many times, and even though the less well-known parts of it are in disrepair, it stretches over 3000miles and through many regions of China. During theCultural Revolution, people were encouraged to tear downthe wall and use the stones to build things, and away frompopular tourist destinations, it is often difficult to hike andvery isolated. Id like to go because the Great Wall ofChina is so big, and especially the portions of it that mostpeople dont see.