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  • 1.My Dream Trip

2. China 3. I went to The Palace Museum in Beijing and the famous Great Wall of China. Iwas learning about how Chinese art differs from dynasty to dynasty and asthey start to adopt more Western painting techniques. In this Museum I wasable to view the different paintings and their differences, experience firsthand what I had been taught. The Great Wall of China is an extremely famousChinese Icon, and demonstrates the extreme importance the Chinese cultureputs on hard work and attention to detail. 4. I went to the Forbidden City in China, mainly because I wanted to see all thesights. Even though its not so forbidden anymore, the Forbidden City was onceoff-limits to commoners in China. I also went to Kaifeng, a historical site.Kaifeng was once, in medieval times, the capital of China and its spot ofinternational trade. I also stopped by a silk shop, because one of Chinas maintrade items was silk. Legend has it that the Empress found a silk worm andthought it would be wonderful if clothes could be made out of silk. 5. England 6. When I visited England, I stopped by Stratford upon Avon, orShakespeares hometown. He went on to become the most famousplaywright that ever lived. I also went to the site of the GreatExhibition, once a thriving museum in England before its tragicdemise. It was never re-built, and the site still stands empty. 7. I went to the London Eye in London. A famous tourist attraction, this giantFerris Wheel stands at 443 feet tall. At night, it can be seen from all overLondon as the Eye lights up. The line is huge and its strictly terrifying to be443 feet up in the air, almost double some of the tallest roller coasters in theworld. 8. France 9. When I went to France, my first stop was to the Palace ofVersailles. Along with being the home of past Kings andQueens of France, it was also the site of the signing of theTreaty of Versailles. The Treaty ended WW1, and the heavypenalties it put on Germany was one of the causes of WorldWar 2. 10. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous tourist attractions inthe world. It stands at 1,063 feet tall. You can either choose totake the stairs or ride the elevator to the top. Its a beautifulsight, and like the London Eye, the Eiffel Tower also lights up atnight. 11. Russia 12. My first stop in Russia was the Red Square. I have no idea whatthe historical importance of this place is. The building wascolorful in the picture and a website told me to go here. So I did.Its very nice. 13. My second stop was a bit more purposeful as far as historicalimportance goes. I went to the Yusupov Palace. This place washistoric for many reasons, maybe one of the most striking beingthat its also a crime scene. Rasputin, a mischievous politicalfigure and the Charlie Sheen of 20 th century Russia was shot andkilled in the courtyard by Price Yusupov. 14. Italy 15. Ive always wanted to go to Italy for the beautiful landscapes and famous food-for Italian food has always been my favorite. My first stop was the famousLeaning Tower of Pisa. The Tower has the unmistakable look of something aboutto fall over, though its very sturdy and isnt about to do any such thing. As youwalk around it, you cant miss tourists taking clich photos leaning againstit, looking like theyre the ones making it tilt. Im proud to say I did no suchthing. 16. I next went to Venice, mostly for the famous rides across the river, and I cantell you firsthand its pretty awkward riding alone with the person steeringthe gondola. He didnt sing they do in the movies, and Im glad because itwould have made the situation even more awkward. My last stop was to theSistine Chapel. While being not religious at all, I could still enjoy the beautyof the place, especially the very famous ceiling. 17. Epilogue: The Plane Ride BackWhen I got on my first flight back home, I found thatmy seat was next to an unfortunately heavy man who honestly should have bought two seats. I spent seven hours squished between him and a plane wall. I alsofound myself regretting leaving Italy. He even fellasleep eating a hotdog. At least I knew I was going to America. 18. CreditsChinese painting- Wall- City- making- upon Avon- Exhibition Site- Eye- of Versailles- Tower- Dame- Square- Palace- Tower of Pisa-