Trip program for Saab Dream Trip 2014 with Saab 9-3 Aero MY14!

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On Feb 2, 2014 we brought our friend and Saab fan secretly to Trollhättan less than 1 week before his wedding. New Saab 9-3 Aero is a part of the story. - here you can read about the trip and see photos. Also extended photo gallery is available on The video can be seen here:

Transcript of Trip program for Saab Dream Trip 2014 with Saab 9-3 Aero MY14!

  • 1. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 I was not paid a penny for all the brand names in the program, with logos it looks more beautiful though Friday 31.01 Time 7:40 Action Arrival to Oslo, Gardermoen, flight DY1187 from Helsinki with Norwegian Costs Depends on your luck ;) Train to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) with NSB Having plser Scandinavian hot dog at the Oslo S with a cup of nice coffee (have you ever wondered that Norway has a particularly strong affinity for coffee and is the second highest consumer of coffee in the world (from Wikipedia). 8:00 10:00 Buying Oslo Pass 24h at Ruter's Service Point near the station which lets you enter the museums and using the public transportation for free (see more on Taking the city map from a very friendly girl at the counter. NSB ticket one-way: 90 NOK Oslo Pass: 290 NOK Plser: 35 NOK Coffee: 30 NOK Around 75 USD / 55 EUR altogether
  • 2. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 10:00 10:20 Taking a bus #30 to Bygdy, a peninsula on the western side of Oslo Free with Oslo Pass Visiting Kon-Tiki Museum and paying tribute to Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer (in 2014 is his 100th anniversary) Free with Oslo Pass 80 NOK/13 USD/10 EUR without (28% of the price of Oslo Pass already covered) 10:20 11:10 Opening hours: 10:00 16:00 Visiting Fram Museum and paying tribute to Fridtjof Nansen, a Norwegian polar explorer Free with Oslo Pass 80 NOK/13 USD/10 EUR without (56% of the price of Oslo Pass already covered) 11:10 12:00 Opening hours: 10:00 16:00
  • 3. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 Watching waters of the Frognerkilen bay with 5 Norwegian polar explorers immortalized in bronze in the South Pole monument which King Harald opened in November 2011 12:00 12:05 12:05 12:20 Free with and without Oslo Pass Opening hours: 24/7 Walking through the luxurious surroundings of Bygdy to the Viking Ship Museum Visiting the Viking Ship Museum where there are three Viking ships, Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune. We spent less time there although it is a nice museum as well. Free with Oslo Pass 60 NOK/10 USD/7 EUR without (76% of the price of Oslo Pass already covered) 12:20 12:40 Opening hours: 10:00 16:00 12:40 13:50 13:50-14:20 14:20-14:40 Going by bus #30 to Solli, eating Chicago Pizza at the Peppes Pizza Drammensveien and going to National Theatret metro station Metro trip through Oslo from National Theatret to Holmenkollen Climbing the hill to Holmenkollbakken, a large and famous ski jumping hill. Whew, good workout. Oslo Pass gives some discount for Chicago Pizza but it doesnt help you wallet since the pizza itself being good for 3 people is 240 NOK with the discount + 80 NOK for local beer Free with Oslo Pass
  • 4. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 Visiting Holmenkollbakken going to the very top and enjoying the panorama, visiting the Ski museum one can find Ole Einar Bjrndalens ski and rifle in Sochi Olympics 2014 he again proved his greatness in biathlon winning gold Free with Oslo Pass 110 NOK/18 USD/13 EUR without (114% of the price of Oslo Pass already covered) 14:40-16:10 16:10 rest of evening Going to Oslo Hotel Apartments (Kjlberggaten 29, Gamle Oslo) at Tyen metro station and checking in. At this moment we dont want Oslo anymore only some beer tasting. But we still need the beer. I selected several manufacturers: gir Brewery (from Flmsbrygga), NGNE and Haandbryggeriet. In the closest Vinmonopolet at Grnland metro station we were able to get NGNE (#100 and Half a World Away) and gir Brewery (Skumring Dubbel). All those ales gave us lots of enjoyment with their vivid distinctive tastes. Good beer (such as Ngne # 100) is 80 NOK/13 USD/10 EUR per bottle (the beer has alcohol content 7-12%, so the price is fair since 5% beer is priced around 40 NOK)
  • 5. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 Saturday 01.02 Time 08:00 08:00 10:00 11:40 12:00 12:00 12:20 Action Getting a D-type car of Scandinavian origin at Hertz at the Gardermoen Airport the car proved to be brand new and very comfortable Costs Get car Sat, Feb 01, 2014 at 08:00 Return car Mon, Feb 02, 2014 at 21:00 Im trying to navigate Oslo city without a map. That is the best city to train navigation based on intuition since there are so many streets with one-way traffic and many unexpected dead ends. Skyen? No way! I need Tyen. At least one hour I was moving back and forward looking for the hotel in Tyen. My trip companions are in the hotel having taken shower and already eating in the restaurant. Going to Grnerlkka, the lively district along the Akerselva river Drinking, perhaps, the best coffee in Oslo at the micro roaster and espresso bar of Tim Wendelboe (Grners gate 1 Tim himself is a professional Norwegian barista who won several barista championships and he is able to select the best beans from place around the world. We chose two Kenyan blends and one Ethiopian. Road tolls are around 30 NOK from the airport to Oslo 40 NOK or around that it is definitely worth paying the price
  • 6. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 Walking around crossing the Akerselva river which is very small, going up the hill through street Telthusbakken with the old houses and looking at the Gamle Aker church (Akersbakken, 26). 12:20 13:10 13:10-13:30 13:30 14:00 Free Going to the Det kongelige slot or Royal Palace. Looking at the changing of the guards which happens every day at 1.30 pm whatever weather conditions are. Free
  • 7. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 The next place National Gallery. The collection of the museum is nice and the atmosphere is great you can come close to any painting and see every detail of some complex landscape painted by Norwegian painter. Being to close, though, turns on the alarm, we tested. The world famous Scream painting is also here. 14:00 15:15 80 NOK/13 USD/10 EUR Visiting Hard Rock Oslo which is near the National Gallery. One of the trip companions wanted a T-Shirt from that place. 15:15 15:30 Around 250 NOK/41 USD/30 EUR for the T-shirt
  • 8. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 Visiting Oslo City Hall there is a huge decoration made by Henrik Srensen. 15:30 15:50 Free Opening hours (Saturday): 10:00 16:00 Going back to the hotel, passing by Oslo Opera House. It a nice modern building but in the summer, in my opinion, it should look much better because of the better contrast of its white color with surrounding areas. In winter it is too much of white snow around. We had no energy anymore to walk around so only did photos from the distance. 15:50 16:20 Free Some more beer tasting and relaxing. We didnt go anywhere since there is 3 hour time difference between St. Petersburg and Oslo. However, before the trip I selected several places where we could spend our evenings. Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri (TripAdvisor: Ranked #48 of 846), Stortingsgata 20 I would try local Amundsen Pale Ale 16:20 - rest of evening Beerpalace (TripAdvisor: Ranked #135 of 846), Holmens gate 3 Aker Brygge. There is Peppes Pizza nearby, so it is possible to eat pizza. Smelteverket (TripAdvisor: Ranked #180 of 846) at Mathallen Food Hall, Maridalsveien 17 A. It was selected because it has the longest bar counter in Norway 25 meters There is also Akvavit to try Scandinavian flavoured spirit with caraway or dill spices
  • 9. Saab Dream Trip Oslo-Trollhttan Jan 31 Feb 03 We didnt visit some of the places: - Norsk Folkemuseum on Bygdy, an open-air museum with many old wooden Norwegian houses including Gol Stave Church build in 13th century (price is 110 NOK) in my opinion, it may well substitute or complement some of the ship museums in summer. - Mathallen Food Hall (Maridalsveien 17 A), a market where traditional Norwegian food is sold - Sunday market at Bl (opened 12:00 17:00 every Sunday), a handicraft and second-hand market at Grnerlkka - Damstredet street the other street with old houses (we walked along Telthusbakken) - Oslo Cathedral and Kvadraturen district, the historical center of Oslo - Akershus Fortress, a medieval castle; - The Vigeland Park, where there are more than 200 weird sculptures of Gustav Vigeland; - For winter Spikersuppa, an ice skating rink between the National Theatre and Parliament, open every day in winter and free for everyone. - For summer - Hovedya island with the ruins of a Cistercian monastery from 1147 and nice beaches - For summer - Frognerbadet Open-Air Public Bath, an outdoor swimming pool next to Vigeland Sculpture Park with two 50-metre pools Oslo Pass allows you not only using the public transportation for free but also parking a car on public parking lots (blue sign P with parking time) for free. The parking rules and the maximum parking time allowed must be followed. Meaning: if the parking sign says maximum 3 hours, you will have to move your car after 3 hours even if you have a 24-hour Oslo Pass. If you have an electric car (and there are so many Tesla cars in Norway amazing!), there are some parking lots allowing you to stay for 8 hours