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this is Griffin's slideshow about my dream trip

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  • 1.Dream trip

2. .We are in kilkenny, Ireland. this is a museum about the Tudors. The Tudordynasty or House of Tudor was a European royal house of Welsh origin that ruledthe Kingdom of England and its realms, including the Lordship of Ireland, laterthe Kingdom of Ireland, from 1485 until 1603. 3. We are in doonbeg, ireland. You are seeing the doonbeg golf club . Iwant to see this golf club because it s really scenic. its short 14 on thegolf course is rated one of the most dazzling par 3s in the world. Thisclub is really fun because you can go horseback riding on the pebblebeaches, go fishing, or even scout for dolphins. Everywhere you go yousee luxury and excitement. 4. We are in Versailles, France. You are viewing a picture of the beautiful palace atVersailles. The infamous Louis iv and Marie Antoinette once lived at thisbeautiful abode and ruled until1791. 5. You are viewing the London eye at London, England. This 445 foot Ferris wheel is no eyesore (no pun intended). This structure was build in 1998. Im so excited to see this building because it seems like its going to be such a fun ride!Hey, from the London Eye 6. This street is where WinstonChurchill (one of the unitekingdoms most famous primeministers was hit by a car). Hewas preparing to cross a roadand being from the unitedkingdom, he looked at thewrong side of the road and gotrun over by Edward f.Contasano ( an unemployedmechanic.High five, from 5th Avenue 7. This is one of my favoritestores at the big apple!This 9 floored departmentstore in like the heaven offashion merchandiserseverywhere! Besidesclothing this store has acouple cafes as well.Wish you were here atBloomingdales.