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  • 1.MY DREAM TRIPBy: Liam Carriker

2. PLACES I WILL GOHere are the places I will go- Britain France Egypt Istanbul Japan 3. Britain 4. THE CABINET WAR ROOMS The Cabinet War Roomswere originally used asshelters for the governmentmembers during thebombing of Britain. Afterthat, they became secretmeeting places for theBritish during World War 2.Here, they planned attacksagainst the Nazis. It wasbasically control roomwhere the army plannedtheir movements there. 5. STONEHENGE Stonehenge, is an ancientsite located in Wiltshire,Britain. It is a prehistoricmonument that dates backto the first stones beingerected in 24002200 BCaccording to archeologists.It is composed of a circle ofstanding stones. In thecenter, there are dense,complex monuments datingback to the Neolithic Periodand the Bronze Age. 6. France 7. THE BASTILLE The Bastille was a fortress, anda prison. Located in ParisFrance, it played importantroles in Frances history. Itwas stormed during the FrenchRevolution, and became animportant symbol for the FrenchRepublican Movement. 8. PALACE OF VERSAILLESIt is a chateau found in the area ofVersailles hence the name ThePalace of Versailles. It was built20 kilometers southwest of thecapital of France and served asthe center of political power inFrance until the royal family hadto move to the capital after thestart of the French Revolution. 9. Egypt 10. THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZAThe Great Pyramid of Giza is one ofthe oldest pyramids found in Egypt. Itwas built by one of the ancientpharaohs Khufu, and is one of theseven wonders of the world. Onespecial thing about this specificpyramid is that it is the only pyramid inEgypt known to contain bothpassages that go both up, anddownwards. 11. THE GREAT SPHINX OF GIZAThe great Sphinx of Giza is agreat sculpture made of limestoneof a Sphinx, which is a mythicalcreature that has a lion body anda human head. It was built onthe Giza Plateau on the westbank of the Nile at the believedtime of the reign of the pharaohKhafra who ruled at the time of2558-2532 B.C.E. It is one of thelargest monolith statues in theworld. 12. Istanbul, Turkey 13. HAGIA SOPHIAHagia Sophia, located in IstanbulTurkey, had a very long history. Itwas first an Orthodox Basilica,then it became a mosque, and itis now a museum. It wasoriginally a church that was builtback in the time ofConstantinople, but was thenconverted into a mosque in 1453when the Ottomans invadedConstantinople. 14. SULEYMANIYE MOSQUEThe Suleymaniye Mosque is anOttoman Imperial Mosque locatedon the Third hill of Istanbul,Turkey. It is thought of to be thesecond largest mosque in the cityand is one of the best sites. Itwas built from 1550-1558 AD forthe Sultan Suleyman. It is amosque that is said to rival HagiaSophia in size, but is still smaller. 15. Japan 16. HIROSHIMAHiroshima is the capital of theHiroshima Prefecture, and islocated in the Chugoku region ofwestern Honshu which is thelargest island in Japan. It ishistorically famous for being thefirst city being under attack, fromsome of the first, war usednuclear bombs. It also hashistorical importance, dating backto the Sengoku and TokugawaPeriod of Ancient Japan. 17. NAGASAKINagasaki is the capital of theNagasaki Prefecture, and islocated on the island of Kyushu.It is historically famous for beingthe second city being underattack, from some of the first, warused nuclear bombs. It also hashistorical importance, from whenthe Portuguese found it in thesecond half of the 16th centurywhich put it under Europeaninfluence between the 16thcentury and the 19th century. 18. CITATIONSStonehenge-,r:0,s:0,i:147CWR-,r:3,s:19,i:11 19. CITATIONSGreat Pyramids,r:3,s:0,i:153Sphinx,r:0,s:0,i:147 20. CITATIONSHagia Sophia,r:10,s:0,i:168Suleymaniye Mosque,r:1,s:0,i:97 21. CITATIONSBastille,r:4,s:0,i:155Palace of Versaille,r:1,s:0,i:149 22. CITATIONS HiroshimaGoogle Earth NagasakiGoogle Earth