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Transcript of Cebit-2008: Content Aggregation

  • 1. Standardize your Content Repositories 06-mar-2008 Technology Presentation 1
  • 2. David Nuescheler JSR-170 Spec Lead David Nuescheler Chief Technology Officer David Nuescheler Jackrabbit Committer / Member Technology Presentation 2
  • 3. Customers Automotive Industry Transport / Travel / Logistics Chemical / Healthcare Financial Services Media / Telco Consumer / Services Public Services Technology Presentation 3
  • 4. t^okfkd R m==~==~==`= o=mK=b=~~== ~=klq=~~=~K Technology Presentation 4
  • 5. EIP vs. CMS What is a Portal? Best Denition: Website with rectangles. Technology Presentation 5
  • 6. EIP vs. CMS What is a Portal? Industry Standard SSO Portlet Container Portlets iviews, channels, ... Framework Personalization Application Integration on the glass Technology Presentation 6
  • 7. JSR-168 / JSR-286: Presentation Layer Standard JSR-168 / JSR-286 Standardized Portlets for any Portal The Portlet Architecture: One to One Relationship of Portlet to Data Source or Application. Technology Presentation 7
  • 8. EIP vs. CMS What is a CMS? Personalization Editing Documents Collaboration Digital Assets Workflow Publishing BPM Content Repository Industry Standard Technology Presentation 8
  • 9. JCR aka. JSR-170/283: Content (Data) Layer Standard JSR-170 / JSR-283 Standardized Interface to Content (Data) Sources Technology Presentation 9
  • 10. Example Usecase The Secret News header nav Top News Portlet container content repository can also decide what content to display News #1 Portal News #2 (Management only) only decides which portlets to display Search Portlet Presentation TOPNEWS Search Layer content repository can also decide what content to display News #1 Information News #2 (Management only) Layer Content-Centric Infrastructure 10
  • 11. Vision 1 Everything is Content. Data Content is forever! Technology Presentation 11
  • 12. Industry Standards 170 283 Technology Presentation 12
  • 13. JCR Adoption Tracking success Technology Presentation 13
  • 14. Known Compliant Repositories (* using 3rd party connectors) Exo Microsoft * * Apache Jackrabbit Oracle XML DB ECMS Platform Sharepoint OpenText Livelink Day CRX IBM FileNet P8 Xythos Repository Alfresco ECM Vignette V7 * any ors ow mvendd? H S e * +hund DBMou ne R do y Interwoven Repository * IBM CM EMC Documentum r s regiede of TCKs st red Technology Presentation 14
  • 15. Some known JCR Applications Fast BEA Portal Sun Oracle Portal Enterprise Search JBoss Portal Interface 21 OpenPortal Day Communique Spring Framework magnolia WCMS DAM Apache Sling Day Communique Alfresco ECMS Mindquarry Collab Collaboration Apache Tapestry QSLabs Apache Compliance Day Communiqu Cocoon WCMS IBM FileNet Artifacto