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  • 1. The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography06.03.2013 Hannover

2. Project foundation Geoportal 2 in pieces Cooperation Benefits Project in numbers2 3. Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 March 2007establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community INSPIRE Goal:facilitation of access to spatial information and reduction of costsof data acquisition Idea:interoperability possibility to combine spatial datasets andnetwork services Recipient: public administration Target users : public administration, business and citizens3 4. Project value: 25 million 85% European found 15% State budged 4 5. source: INSPIRE Network Services Architecture v3.0 5 6. 6 7. 7 8. 8 9. 9 10. 10 11. Data Databeneficiaries Users applicationAnalysts application Dispatchersapplication Users applicationof mobiledevices11 12. UKEPLI CBDUMM 112 emergency callPublic telephone network centers (all country)Stationary and mobile Telecom. operator 112 Location of events12 13. MAC IMiGW MZ ePUAP European CPIPRMCommision LocalgovernmentsGUSSDITERYT DANEUKE PZGIK MSWKGP,KGSP MTBiGMHead Office of Geodesy andUniversalMapCartographyModule GEOPORTALMKiDNInstytutMG cznoci MPiPS MSZINSPIRE MMRRPZGIKMENMRiRW UMM13 14. Public registers open for common useBuilding the society based on knowledgeSupporting a competitive economyIncreased activity in business and investmentsCreating opportunities to develop services and new productsIncreased security of citizens and protection of their property14 15. IncreasingHarmonisation CooperationIncrease of qualitythe efficiency of standards Services orientedTransparency Efficient useControl of processesat citizens in decision making of state resourcesand businessesMonitoring of the Support for implementationThe tool for research,Supportthe creation of publicspatial analysis andfor environmental of national, regionaladministration policymodellingprotection and local policy Supports development of knowledge based society andknowledge based economy15 16. IncreasedSavings for the incomes to State Budgetthe State Budget16 17. 17 18. 18 19. Production environment: 52 application servers more over 400 GB RAM more over 200 CPU more over 15 TB of dataTest & training environment : 26 application servers more over 200 GB RAM more over 100 CPU19 20. Citizens Benefits EntrepreneursRecipient Public administration Improving theGeodetic and Cartographic Servicequality ofspatial dataNeeds Providing access to current and reliable geospatialdata (reference data)Facilitate access tospatial data Support for the analysis of spatial reference dataand custom geospatial data Support for the implementation of the tasksrelated to disaster managementIIP development Support in managing data with a geospatialProducts Increasing theGeoportal use of spatial PZGiK Spatial data sharingdataSDI module IIP development Create your own SDI nodes capable of storing, managing and sharing of spatial data at thedisposal of an entityUniversal Map ModuleImplementatio Analytical tools to enable the implementation of data-based analysis of a geospatial n of INSPIREHarmonizations tools20 Create, validate metadata management for those who are obliged to harmonize data 21. 21