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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made his frst trip to CeBIT in six years bearing promises of new products and advice a move designed to re-cast the software giant as a friend of both Europe and the environ-ment. Talking to a crowded CeBIT press conference yesterday afternoon, Ballmer made little of Microsofts recent battles with European regulators, which resulted in the company being fned a total of some EUR1.7 billion. He high-lighted the potential benefts to customers of Microsofts recent decision to open up its protocols and APIs and downplayed Microsofts need to meet the requirements of the European regime. We are permitting more interoperability, and thats potentially going to let third parties take away some of our business, he told journalists. Turning to the environment, Ballmer said energy is work for the software community as well as hardware. Reducing power consump-tion, he insisted, is a big aim for both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Vista is a good example of Microsofts green commitment, he said: Vistas idle mode consumes 30 times less power than XPs, while Windows Server 2008 is up to 40% less power-hungry than Windows Server 2003.Microsoft, which is current-ly building new data centres Microsofts Steve Ballmer Goes Green to Woo EuropeBy Bryan BettsHALL 4, STAND D12RZ: A. Leidecker Anzeige CeBIT upper ad boxes englischFormat: 48 x 24 mm 4c, SSP SAP=EC/08/10/10131588_SAP_48x24_Cebitupperadbox1 1 20.02.2008 11:10:01 UhrShiny New CeBIT LaunchedBy Philip GallagherCeBIT 2008 sees far-reaching improvements to meet the fast-changing needs of visitors and exhibitors.Youll already know that the show is now contained with a six-day week, not broken by a weekend. This enables exhibitors to better focus their resources and gives business decision-makers more fexibility when scheduling their visit.CeBITs traditional 3 pillar structure has also evolved. Dr. Sven Michael Prueser, Senior Vice-President of CeBIT, says the display categories of Breaking News ......................................1 In Brief...............................................4 World Wire .......................................6 Today @ CeBIT .................................9 The Buzz..........................................12 Face to Face ...................................16Business Solutions.....................18 & 56 Home & Mobile Solutions .........32 & 46 Public Sector Solutions......................42Reseller & Channel Solutions ...........76Index ......................................................82Continued on page 84Continued on page 85See page 84ISSUE1The Official Newspaper Of ceBiT siNce 1986 The Official Newspaper Of ceBiT siNce 1986Tuesday, 4 March 2008CeBIT 2008s opening ceremony last night welcomed four world leaders to the Hannover Congress Centrum. From left to right, French President Sarkozy, German Chancellor Merkel, European Commission President Barroso, BITKOM President Scheer and Microsoft CEO Ballmer.RZ: A. Leidecker 1-1 Anzeige CeBIT ENGLISCH, HEADLINE 2 Format: 225 x 301 mm Titel: CeBIT News 4c, AS SAP=EC/08/10/10CEBIT 2008: MUCH NEWS FROM SAP FOR COMPANIES OF ANY SIZE.Discover a software that fits your organization like a glove. Not just today, but any time. No matter how your company grows or how your business evolves. Get some hands-on experience of SAP solutions live at the CeBIT. To learn more, go to SMART MOVE FORSMALL, MEDIUM AND ANYOTHER SIZE BUSINESSES.HALLSTAND2008 SAP AG. SAP and the SAP logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries. O&M SAP EC 10/08131588_SAP_225x301_CebitAnzeige_1 1 20.02.2008 11:03:20 UhrCeBIT NEWS 4 March 2008 BreakiNg NewsDo They Dream of Electric Sheep?By Keith WallerVisitors to Joker AGs Stand D40 in Hall 25 are in for a surprise.A one-week old Camarasau-rus sauropod, or long neck dinosaur, going by the name of Pleo, has taken up residence on the stand.The company that makes Pleo, UGOBE, says that thanks to some nifty technology the organic robot can move in a lifelike way and behaves completely autonomously. Equipped with nearly 40 sen-sors, including infrared and ste-reophonic sound, Pleo requires no remote control and is free to interact with his owner and environment.Pleo is engineered to mimic life and relate to its owner on a personal level. Pleo will let its user know how it feels at any moment. He is capable of mul-tiple expressions, including joy, aggression, sorrow, and fear. Every Pleo eventually exhibits a unique personality. Pleo can sigh, sniff, sniffe, snore, cough, hiccup and sneeze. When Pleo is tired, he gets drowsy and goes to sleep. Sometimes he may even dream. We think hes cute. Oth-ers see him as big business. Market researchers ABI say the market for personal robots offering the sweetness of a pet with none of the feeding or walking duties will be worth US$15billion by 2015.Massive Software (Hall 14, Stand G38) is also showing a robot. This one is called Zeno. Massive says Zeno has the ability to navigate, make facial expressions and move his body based on what he sees in his physical environment, learn and become smarter over time. Zeno is highly articulated with more than 28 built-in servos in his legs, torso, arms and face. He is described as an intelligent character robot that can show emotions with his fexible expressive face and perform stunts with his agile and self-balancing body.Cute or what? Pleo features 14 servo joints and 38-touch, sound, light and tilt sensors.U-Blox GPS Powers NAVIGON/Porsche PNDBy Philip GallagherGPS technology from Switzer-lands u-blox (Hall 15, Stand D27) is driving a gorgeous new PND from NAVIGON (Hall 15, Stand E13). NAVI-GON has developed the device in partnership with Porsche Design.NAVIGONs P9611 mea-suring 125mm x 82 mm x 19mm weighs just 250 grams. The little beauty boasts a wide range of hardware and software features, including a pre-installed SD memory card, USB cable, car cradle and charging cable and high quality audio player. The device comes with Bluetooth, enabling hands-free communication support for Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. Other software features include digital maps of 37 European countries and an integrated TMC (Traffc Mes-sage Channel). The TMC alerts users about traffc jams and automatically calculates alterna-tive routes. The clever feature is preloaded with international information that updates au-tomatically when users cross a border, displaying country-spe-cifc information such as speed limits or permitted alcohol limits. The P9611 combines u-blox high sensitivity, high accuracy SuperSense GPS technology with NAVIGONs cutting edge navigation know-how and Porsche Designs slick looks, says Thomas Seiler, u-blox CEO. This combination, added to the devices myriad of features, makes the P9611 the ideal PND for discerning users who want a reliable, long-last-ing navigation device.NAVIGONs Porsche Design P9611 GPS unit also boasts two powerful proces-sors, a 4.3-inch 480272 pixels (WQVGA) high-resolu-tion TFT touch screen and a 1400mAh Li-Ion battery. The P9611 is available from NAVIGONs online shop ( and from electronics retailers. Weather ForecastCold; sunny spells in the morning, followed by rain during the day and pos-sibly snow after 18:06 sunset.High: 6 Celcius/43 FahrenheitWind: 18 kph/11 mph; Chance of precipitation: 70%weaTher & curreNcyCurrency Exchange Rates(As of 3 March at 15:30)Currencies USD $ EUR GBP JPY CNY Yuan IDR RupeeUSD $ 1.0000 0.6555 0.5028 102.846 7.1040 40.3900EUR 1.5256 1.0000 0.7671 156.897 10.838 61.6650GBP 1.9888 1.3037 1.0000 204.539 14.1284 80.4950JPY 0.0097 0.0064 0.0049 1.0000 0.0690 0.391CNY Yuan 0.1408 0.0923 0.0708 14.4926 1.0000 5.6855IDR Rupee 0.0248 0.0162 0.0124 2.5562 0.1759 1.0000This compact, highly desirable PND has been created by NAVIGON, Porsche Design and advanced chip supplier, u-blox.4 CeBIT NEWS 4 March 2008 BreakiNg NewsBuilding Strange and Marvellous MiceBy Keith WallerA new interface technology that allows consumers to enjoy the full power of a desktop mouse and keyboard within mobile environments is on the menu at Simtrix (Hall 14, Stand G38).Simtrix is demonstrating its Swiftpoint TriPed designed primarily for Tablet PCs and multi-touch tabletop sur-faces. The company says the strange-looking device pro-vides seamless transitioning between mouse, pen, and text entry without introducing any of the compromises typically associated with pen or touch interfaces.The company is also show-ing the Swiftpoint Slider. This gadget holds broader market appeal as it solves the problem of laptop or living room PCs lacking space for a mouse. The Slider, as the name sug-gests, resolves this dilemma by an ingenious design concept whereby it slides over keyboard keys - effectively enabling the keypad to become a large mouse pad.Saitek (Hall 21, Stand A40) is showing a more traditional looking mouse. However, this one has a transparent top that fips up to allow you to insert your favourite photo. When the mouse is plugged into a USB port the picture is backlit by a white LED.WorldConnect (Hall 25, Stand E48), better known for its Swiss Travel product line, is showing the latest designs of its Swiss MoGo Bluetooth Mice, which are specially de-signed for notebook users.Its a mouse - but not as we know it, Jim.Siemens Launches OpenScape Unifed Communications ServerBy Gerhard KafkaSiemens Enterprise Commu-nications (Hall 13, Stand D37) has announced a signifcant step in its transformation into a software-oriented company: it has launched OpenScape Unifed Communications (UC) Server, an innovative unifed communications software platform.OpenScape is designed to remove legacy barriers be-tween todays traditionally separate voice, v