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Canstream Internet RadioPast, Present & FutureBill BestOperations

PastJoined CMA in November 2000Commedia Yorkshire (2000-2002) Basic skills provision Training for the creative and multimedia industries Access to information and communication technologies

Outcomes 12 community media centres assisted to upgrade facilities 12 new community media start ups supported 480 media and ICT learning opps. provided to target groups 192 qualifications in basic ICT skills achieved at Levels 1 or 2 96 qualifications in media and ICT skills achieved at level 3 or higher 96 unemployed learners gaining employment 48 existing jobs safeguarded in the creative and media industries 48 new jobs created

Internet Media Service free to CMA members

PastShowcase Community Media Archive (2002-2005)New Opportunities Fund (Big Lottery subsidiary)

The Showcase - the world's first streaming media archive of radio, video and websites from the community media sector (pre-dated YouTube)

Developed SOMA (Shared Online Multimedia Archive) a metadata standard based on the DCMI, devised in collaboration with One World Media, AMARC and other NGOs to create a metadata schema for multimedia content.

Developed expertise in on-demand media

Continued Internet Media Service members benefit

PastTurn Up The Volume (2005-2007)ERDF funded

Remit Technical and enterprise support for 45 neighbourhood communication projects,

Combat social and economic exclusion in South Yorkshire by supporting community-based media, information and communication initiatives.

Encourage creative and innovative use of ICTs to build community capacity - assist local empowerment, social enterprise and development of a knowledge-driven economy.

Continued Internet Media Service

PastSheffield Community Network (2010 2013)Worked with and developed existing media facilities within community centres, with the aim of promoting digital inclusion and economic engagement in deprived areas of Sheffield.

The network developed and supported the establishment of several neighbourhood based Digital Media Centres, which in turn, support new and established Social Enterprises.

2014 - 2015DMExDigital Media Exchange

Supporting the development of community media / citizen journalism in Sheffield: SheffieldLive! & Sheffield Local TV

Developing a Technical Toolbox: wiki-based, updateable, one-stop repository for tech, online, social media

Past 1st July 2007 Established Canstream paid for service Converted all servers to open source base Upgraded servers and bandwidth Avensys very supportive local service provider Telehouse presence Developed systems/procedures for CRM & billing Expertise gained from previous project work

PresentClient list includes hundreds of community radio projects and a growing list of commercial clients: Orange Prize for Fiction Diesel Clothing Make Poverty History Reuters Berkman Center for Internet & Society Selfridges Festival of Imagination Radio Gaydio Adventure Radio Sabras RadioGrowing number of commercial Internet stations11Future

Strengths CMA/Canstream brand & profile longevity CMA membership, community media sector

Weaknesses Resources: staff capacity, marketing budget, back office Costs: high cost of equipment, bandwidth

Threats Competitive market Economic situation

Opportunities Growth of community media sector Growth of Internet radio & streaming technologies

Canstream Internet RadioPast, Present & FutureBill BestOperations