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2. GROUP ROLESJAKE CLARK: TEAM LEADERSOPHIE CHARLES: BLOGGER/RESERCHERJAMES CHARTERS: RESERCHER COMPLIERPAUL CHANTLER: RESERCHERKARL CHEVALIER: RESERCHER 3. WHICH ARTICLE We have chosen totranscribe Francesca Pasquali article on The participatory turn in the publishing industry. As a group we havedecided to focus on one of Pasqualis main debateson the death of books 4. KEY CONCEPTSTHE DEATH OF BOOKS Publishing market has undergone major changes. If we compare what Is taking place withwhat happened in the early 1990s - the first time the press began claiming the death ofbooks following the diffusion of word processors and multimedia hypertext we mustacknowledge that some fundamental changes are taking place. In todays society the lifecycle of books are changing due to online retailersstrategies, readers online conversations and social reading practices and their connectionto Facebook, twitter and personal blogs. Not only this but the status of books is changing: what we used to think of as the essentialfeatures of books (symbolically representing in their paper and ink within the wholepublishing field) are now under question. E-books reveal that a book should notnecessarily be a piece of linear printed writing but can in fact be downloaded withinseconds from the internet and read on a digital device such as a kindle or Ipad. 5. TRANSCRIBE We have decided as a group to transcribe our argument into a news article. This will take the form ofa main news night presenter who will then pass overto other members of the group who will act as theorists and present there side of the argument. The video willinclude comedy however get the argument and correct points across at all times. 6. FILMING PICTURES 7. FILMING PICTURES 8. FILMING PICTURES 9. CALENDAR 10. CALENDAR 11. CALENDAR EVENTSThe calendar shows the day in which we will be filming for our transmedia essay and all of the meetings areoutlined to show when we have met as a group andworked on our oral presentation and 1500 abstract.