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  • 1. Portfolio and Outcomes2010/11
    Cynthia Akers
    Associate Professor
    ESU Libraries and Archives
    May 17, 2010

2. Teaching Philosophy
Key words in my teaching philosophy:flexible and developmental.

  • A ready capacity to adapt in my position of coordinating information literacy, outreach, and assessment.

3. A teacher in every interaction I have with faculty, with students in library instruction, with our ESULA members, with promotion of our services and resources, and with the continuous reflection via assessment of all the above. 4. Still learning!Next steps:More involvement with social networking; discovering more about user experiences and the libraryDevelopmental:

  • Teaching Perspectives Inventory highest score is Developmental, in which effective teaching must be planned and conducted from the learners point of view (

5. Assessment for continuous cycle of improvement (example:LibQUAL+)