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TRAINING is web-based software that allows residential real estate professionals to create marketing proposals with CMA s listing and buyer presentations, property flyers, property tours, and more. This guide covers: Setups How to create a Listing Presentation Presentation Output Print/Email/Adobe PDF Saving Presentations Flyers If you need assistance using ToolkitCMA, please contact the technical support group at 800-828-0970 or support@realtytools.combetween the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Time.


You can access ToolkitCMA by logging onto with your PFR or PPW username and password. On the drop down under Listing Management you will find the Toolkit CMA access tab. Click on Toolkit CMA and you will be taken to the program.


After signing in, ToolkitCMA performs a check to make sure you have all of the latest program components. If ToolkitCMA finds available updates, a page will be displayed with information about the files that need to be downloaded. The information includes component type, download size and estimated download times. Click the Continue button to download the files.


Make changes to your agent information here. You can add, replace, or delete your photo, enter a resume, enter buying and selling references, change your Sign-in Email and change your password.

EDIT AGENT PROFILEClick on Edit Agent Profile from the main menu to setup or change your agent information. You cannot change your name. The description on the last 4 fields (Home Office, Fax, Web Site, Email) can be edited by you. For example, if you want Home Office to show your Cell Phone, type in Cell Phone as the description. Be sure to click SAVE when finished.

ADD/CHANGE YOUR AGENT PHOTOTo add or change your photo, click Browse. This will open another window allowing you to find the directory on your PC where your photo is stored. Click UPLOAD when finished. NOTE:Your photo must be less than 3 megabytes in size. If your photo is greater than 3 megabytes, you will see a warning. If this occurs, please use photo editing software to reduce the size of the photo.


Select the presentation you want to create. Click Begin to start.

SELECT DOCUMENTS FOR YOUR PRESENTATION WITH CMAWhen you begin your presentation with CMA, you are given a list of available documents. Whatever documents are checked will be the pages created in ToolkitCMA. The list automatically includes pages set as default, however, you can select whatever pages you prefer by clicking on the check box to the left of each page selection. For example, If you want to print only the Summary CMA, you can Click on the Clear All button and then click just the Summary CMA. Click NEXT after making your selections. NOTE: If you want to print only the Recommended Price Range, you must also select the Summary CMA page. Information printed on the Summary CMA is used to calculate the recommended selling price. SELECT DOCUMENTS NOTE: You can also set your own defaults for this page. Simply select the pages you want and click MAKE DEFAULT. The next time you access ToolkitCMA, these pages will automatically be selected for you.

SELECTING A COVER PAGEYou have the option of selecting your cover page from three (3) different styles: 1.The cover page on the checklist contains text only, no photos.. 2.The second cover page displays your agent photo. This cover should only be selected if you have your photo added to the program in the Edit Agent Profile function. 3.The third cover page displays a photo of the subject property. Only select this cover if you have a digital photo of the subject property.




PROSPECT INFORMATIONEnter the name and address for your prospect. NOTE: On the field titled Salutation, enter only the name of your client, do not enter the salutation. You will be able to enter the salutation when typing in the actual cover letter. NOTE: Only MLS systems with mapping enabled will see Subject Zip Code field and Label Address on Individual Comparable Maps.

COVER LETTERCOMPOSE YOUR COVER LETTER You can Clear everything in the letter, start from scratch and save as default. Or you can edit the letter and save as default. If you want the salutation to be different (for example without the Dear or colon) you can change this as well. You can change everything except for your name. You are allowed approximately 1200 characters and spaces. When finished be sure to click on Save as Default & Next if you want this letter to be used on your next presentation.


There are pages specific to your PFR & PPW. Not all of them are shown here, but be aware you can include these pages when printing your presentation.


Determining the Value of Your Home These pages discuss what a CMA is and why it is an important and effective tool when pricing the home for sale.

SUBJECT PROPERTY PROFILE PAGEThere are two subject property profile pages offered in ToolkitCMA. One does not include a picture and the other does include a picture of the property that you provide. You would not select either of these pages unless you have detailed information on the subject property.

The fields shown here are determined by which MLS interface is selected.

LOAD LISTINGSImporting properties from your MLS1. To import properties, Select your MLS Interface from the drop-down list. 2. If you are unfamiliar with the procedures for downloading comparable properties, Print the MLS Download Instructions. Select your printer and click on Print Instructions. Follow the step-by-step procedures in order to access your MLS, log in and search to find comparable properties. 3. Under Get the Property Data, click on Import Property Data. In most cases, a new window will open allowing you to login to your local MLS.NOTE: If you use more than one MLS the procedures may vary. We suggest you print a hard copy of the download instructions for each MLS interface until you are familiar with the procedures.

You can also manually enter comparable properties by selecting Manual Entry.

USE EXISTING PROPERTIESIf you are working with a saved presentation, or go back to a previous screen after downloading properties from your MLS, ToolkitCMA will ask if you want to Use Existing Properties. Select this option if the properties you want have already been downloaded. NOTE: If you want to add additional properties to ones previously downloaded, check Add Listings to Existing Properties, then Import Property Data. Follow the MLS access guide to download the comparable properties you want to add to your presentation.

SELECT PROPERTIESCamera Icon Indicates the downloaded property information includes a photo.

NOTE: You can manually add a property that is not in your MLS.

Once the MLS property data has been downloaded, this page will appear showing each property. Click the box to the left of the listing to include it in your CMA presentation or click MARK ALL if you want to include all listings. To view the details or edit the listing before selecting it to be included in the presentation, click Details/Edit button to the right of each listing. A more complete description of the property will display with a picture, if available.

MLS PROPERTY DATADETAILS/EDITNOTE: The fields shown here are determined by which MLS interface is selected.

Click on Edit to change property details or correct misspellings.

Detailed property information downloaded from your MLS is shown in the DETAILS/EDIT window. You can MARK this property to include it on your CMA presentation. Use PREV or NEXT to scroll through all properties.


You can modify any of the information downloaded from your MLS. You can change text, correct misspellings or add a photo to a property that does not have one. Once your edits are complete, click SAVE.

COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS SUMMARY PAGEThis information is a summary of all properties included in the CMA. It gives a breakdown for each property with subtotals for each status (sold, active, under contract, etc.). Median is the middle amount when the prices are arranged from lowest to highest price.



You can select any field downloaded from your MLS to print on your customizable summary CMA report. Select the field and click the right arrow to move from Available Fields to Selected Fields. To change the sequence of how the fields print, use the up or down arrow. Depending on how many fields you select, the customizable summary CMA report may print in landscape or portrait. Once selected, you can save Selected Fields as a default for future presentations. If you add more fields than will fit on the page, you will receive a warning from ToolkitCMA and be required to remove a field in order to add the new one.


Include a report showing the subject property and all comparable properties on a map.

NOTE: Only available if mapping is activated with your MLS.


The three picture CMA page shows the picture and details for three comparable properties and arranges/groups properties by status.

COLUMNAR CMA REPORTSYou can print a columnar report showing 5 comparable properties and pictures of each property. The subject property is not included. There are also other variations of the report.

Columnar CMA5 Properties per page with picture


The Comparable Property Flyer prints one page for each property downloaded from the MLS. (Property deta