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B2B Mobile Live Video, PenDrive and Web Platform.

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  • 1.Extended Investor Pitch.Darren Ong, CEO BulletpagesBulletAcademy: Advertising Sales Professionals

2. First Page Format it well. Make itThis presentation intends look beautiful and weedto be a guideline to pitch out all spelling mistakes.to Investors. Focus on your strengths,The order followed by the USP.slides is logical. Yourpresentation should havea similar structure.Do not have too manyslides. Ideally fifteen isgood. 3. Introduction(1 slide)The most important slide. What does your company do?Small Businesses. Search. Advertise. Platform. Unleashed. Current status:Seed financed RM150k [inc. Cash Investments]. PenzPages incorporated.PenDrive and later Toshiba. Testimonial - Jeanson Tan [Hot Print]Looking for Additional Funding for Regional then Global expansion andadding Kiosk Ads and Live Mobile Video Stream-to-Web Technology. 4. StarsList the most important points about your company.Strong management team. Niumal / Chee Haur / Hezry / Sri /Darren / Nicole / Zahir / Raja / Brandon / Jason / IkiMobile Live Video Stream-to-Web patentUSP Portable. Mobile. Search. Advertise. Small Businesses.Very attractive venture opportunity for investment.Digital Search Trends up 300%, Market Ad Growth up 500%.1 million Small Businesses in Malaysia alone. 10% is 100,000. 5. Problem or the pain(1 slide)Describe the problem your venture aims to solve.Small Businesses. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)and Industrial players pay too much currently for Ads. How big is the problem? An average Small Businessspends RM10,000 per yr to advertise with 12% guaranteeof Ad Success in terms of Sales and Brand Awareness. Why hasnt it been solved before? There is no MajorBrand for Next Gen Directory Search. Youth demandportability. Search platforms and the Big AdvertisingAgencies for SME market have no Low Cost alternative. 6. Solution(1-2 slides)How does your venture solve the problem? Portability.Automation. Mobile. Video Streaming. Search. Solutions.Why is it more effective than the current solutions, if any?Imagine millions of Small Business listings at your fingertips.Portable. User friendly. Personalized. Multi-Language.Describe Bulletpages product or service in detail.Simple. Advertise. Portable. Small Business Services. Unleashed.Bulletpages Crew. Next Generation. Advertising Sales Professionals.Distribution Any-to-Any. Capture Users. Viral. Eg. Premium Gifts forBuyers who get a LCD at SenQ, Buyers who get a Book in MPH.Simple Video and Pictures. Low Cost. Advertising. Platform.Small Business One-Stop Value For Money Services. 7. Testimonials (1 slide)Every investor needs proof about solution efficacy. Why did your customer love you?Response of existing clients. Use logos. Or response to prototype by prospectiveclients/customers. 8. Market analysis (1-2 slides) Which market need are you meeting? Describe the market.How big is it?Growth rate?Maturity. Product positioning. Market Capture projections. Marketing strategies. How will you reach the market?Tip: always brilliant to describe a typical customer/client. 9. Business model (1-2 slides)What is the business model? Use flowcharts anddiagrams. How will you make money? Revenue strategy and model. Economies of scale. Describe distributor or franchise commission/rates, if applicable.Operations model. Use flowcharts and diagrams 10. Competition analysis(1 slide)Who else is tackling the same problem? (directcompetitors)Why are you better? Compare features on a table/matrix. Feature AFeature BFeature CProduct A YesYesYes NoYes No Product BYesYes No Product C 11. Management Team(1 slide)Who will run the show? Relevance of experience/skills to role allotted. Track record. Who is missing? Solution. 12. Co-stars (1 slide)Technology development team. Partners. Board of advisors. Board of directors. Legal advisors. 13. Rollout plan (1 slide)Current status. Rollout model. Strategy behind it. Timeline of the rollout. 14. Risks (1 slide)What reasons could lead to failure? Regulatory risks. (Medical and financial ventures, beware.) 15. Exit strategy (1 slide)Acquisition? IPO? Diversification? 16. Financial summary(1-2 slides) Mention key assumptions.Give key figures of revenue growth, profits, ROI.Projections for next few years.Mention breakeven period.Tip: Do not show excel sheets, since youll never read them neither will the investor. Only gives a crammed look. 17. Funding summary (1 slide)Requirements and details.Highlight ROI. Breakup of spending. 18. Conclusion The points you want your investors toremember. Re-highlight the attractiveness/strengths. Funding requirements and ROI. 19. Thank You! 20. Final comments While bullets are effective. Nothing can beat diagramsand pictures. Use them generously. Do not cram your slides. Speak more than your slide.big text.UsePractice and time your presentation.