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Plasticity Investor Deck Feb 2014 Raising $1.5M at $6M Cap Convertible Debt with 8%, 36 months terms

Transcript of Plasticity Investor Pitch

  • 1. Manage The Mood of Performance And Prove the ROI of Investing in People
  • 2. The Age Old Battle Over ROI CEO vs CFO We Need To Invest in People Show Me The Money Larry
  • 3. Investment in People. Training Culture Recognition $126 Billion $156 Billion $19.7 Billion
  • 4. Benefit From Your Investment Training Knowledge Creativity Skills Innovation Performance Problem Solving Organization Flows into your When your people are in the best mood Positive Mood
  • 5. Manage The Mood of Performance To improve organizational performance, employee retention, and talent attraction, Plasticity collects and mobilizes employee data, creates and delivers automated mood and skill training and tracks and communicates financial ROI.
  • 6. Our Secret Sauce B ehavioral Change Neuroplasticit y P erformance
  • 7. What We Do Plasticity connects with and learns about your people, and how they are connected and correlates with performance data to identify the mood of performance. Plasticity generates and Based on the stock automatically delivers chart, Plasticity suggests programming that improves where, when, and why to invest employees soft skills while in people and culture. The it tracks changes to platform delivers the performance over time programming and then tracks creating a stock chart style your investment to measure measure. and provide actual ROI.
  • 8. Identify and Leverage The Mood and Performance Measure and Learn Mood Performance J F Track and Report ROI Deliver Programming M A M J J A S O N D
  • 9. What SaaS Mobile / Web Platform How Much $3 - $5 Per Employee / Month For Who Small, Med, Lrg Enterprise Up to 25,000 Employees
  • 10. Why Were Different? Based on Academic Research Integrate 5 tools into 1 Platform Automate Delivery of Action Items
  • 11. Financial Forecast 100 80 F12 REVENUE Cash Flow Positive in Q4 2015 2 1.5 60 Millions 120 Thousands MRR vs BURN Exceed $2M in Q4 2015 Hit $1M in Q3 2015 1 40 0.5 20 0 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
  • 12. Customers Success Stories
  • 13. Current Status: Raised $500K in 6 months Unitron Doubled the Program 2013 Over $130K in Revenue
  • 14. X Factor Founders Story Leveraged Mood to Relearn How to Walk
  • 15. Leadership Team Jennifer CMO 15 years PR 6 years in the valley worlds largest HR firm Jim CEO 15 years in sales and marketing with product management. Owns research IP Lance CTO 25 years developing 3 previous startups and exits teams as large as 200
  • 16. Managing All Stages of Culture and Performance And Proving the ROI