Automating Capture with KTM Ryan Bazler Director, Product Marketing, Kofax

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Transcript of Automating Capture with KTM Ryan Bazler Director, Product Marketing, Kofax

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  • Automating Capture with KTM Ryan Bazler Director, Product Marketing, Kofax
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  • The First Mile Video: 7 Ways to Make the First Mile Smarter7 Ways to Make the First Mile Smarter Web: Seven Ways to Make Your First Mile SmarterSeven Ways to Make Your First Mile Smarter
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  • Paper Fax Email SMS XML Office PDF Multi-Channel Capture Feeds Business Processes Mobile applications Electronic formats Paper documents Social collaboration Social
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  • Without Kofax DecideUnderstand What do I do with it?What is it? ECM/RMDatabase SharePoint PortalERP/LOB/CRM Paper Fax Email SMS XML Office PDF Social
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  • Kofax Provides an Essential Link ECM/RMDatabase SharePoint PortalERP/LOB/CRM Decide Understand DecideUnderstand Paper Fax Email SMS XML Office PDF Social Process Management
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  • Collaboration Kofax Value Proposition ECM/RMDatabase SharePoint PortalERP/LOB/CRM Decide Understand DecideUnderstand Paper Fax Email SMS XML Office PDF Social Extract Validate Communicate Separate Classify Capture Point of Origination Process Management Enterprise Ready Touchless Processing Analytics BI/Analytics Mobile Dynamic Case Management Analytics for Capture
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  • Market Evolution and Growth Market Size 1M 100M 1B+ 1985199019952000200520102015 $0 $1B $2B $3B $4B $5B 100K 500K Smartphones & Tablets Used by Employees & Customers Desktop Scanners & MFPs in Highly Distributed Front Offices Mid Range Scanners in Distributed Regional Offices Production Level Scanners in Centralized, Back Offices Monolithic Page Scanners in Centralized Back Offices Everyone has a scanner in their pocket today. Geoffrey Moore, Best-selling business author
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  • Importance of Mobile in the First Mile 67% consider mobile devices to be important to improving business processes 45% believe mobile devices would improve their speed of response by > 3X Yet >75% have made no progress toward these goals Financial Services Customer onboarding Mortgage & loan apps Appraisals Trailing documents Healthcare New patient onboarding Clinical documentation Medical claims submission Revenue cycle management Government Citizen benefit enrollments Claim submissions Licenses, permits & renewals Trailing documents Source: AIIM April 2012 Insurance New policy quotes Customer onboarding Claim submissions Trailing documents
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  • Mobile An Emerging Channel Survey reveals preconceptions about mobile apps, including frequency of usage, buying behavior and likelihood to use for customer service purpose. Almost half use apps on their mobile device 10+ times per day, more frequently than general grooming and eating. 48% use mobile apps more than 10 times a day. Brush teeth up to 3 times a day. Eat up to 5 time a day. Shower up 2 times a day.
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  • Mobile An Emerging Channel Smart Mobile Apps Mortgage Automation customer Onboarding Claims Processing Underwriting (New Business) Patient Onboarding Mobile Quote Mobile Pre- registration Mobile Onboarding Mobile Mortgage AP Automation Mailroom Automation Mobile Capture
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  • Kofax Stairway to Value Improve Information Visibility Digitize paper for better access & compliance Achieve Operational Excellence Streamline processes to greatly reduce costs Increase Customer Intimacy Establish new levels of engagement & collaboration Deliver Total Enterprise Agility Radically transform & simplify the First Mile of customer interactions Value Proposition Reduce Operating Costs Optimize Customer Experience Market Evolution
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  • Collect TransformDeliver ScanRecognitionValidationRelease Kofax Capture Capture Basic Transformation 100+ Connectors Kofax Transformation Modules Intelligent Document Recognition Kofax Transformation Modules Intelligent Document Recognition ECM BPM ERP Business Systems Reporting Systems Management CA, IBM,HP, MSFT Enterprise Framework for Capture Kofax Analytics and Kofax Monitor Platform Shared Services Extend capture to the earliest point in the processAutomate, accelerate and reduce operating costsEnable standardized corporate systemsEnd to end process monitoring and reportingStandard resources utilized by the entire platform
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  • KTM Product Overview Manual document separation and data entry is slow, expensive and error prone. To solve these challenges, KTM: Provides Touchless Processing TM solutions that reduce the time to understand and decide what to do with information Automates document classification and separation, and information extraction and validation. Increases productivity, speeds processes, improves data quality and lowers costs Use cases: Invoice processing Records processing Digital mailroom Mortgage processing Insurance claims processing New account opening
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  • KTM Product Overview What business benefits are delivered by KTM? Speed Productivity Capacity Cost Exceptions Risk Executive Sponsor: I want all our processes to be streamlined we need be more efficient and differentiate by providing better service. Process Manager: I want a secure, reliable, and easy-to- manage process where my people focus on serving our customers, not handling documents.
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  • Kofax Extensible Capture Platform Captur e & Cleans e IdentifyReviewExtract Validat e Manage Content is captured and image is cleaned and perfected Automated document identification and separation is performed Document classification is examined for accuracy Automated metadata extraction is performed on the documents Extracted metadata is examined for accuracy and rules adherence Documents and metadata are able to connect to multiple data sources with flexible maps and schemas Process Any Document Type: Structured, Semi-structured, unstructured Capture, Validate and Match Data Bar Codes, OCR, ICR, OMR Database Matching Leverage Your Data Sources Form, Field and Character Level Confidence Scores Optimize user experience and automation through your control
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  • Document Learning, Not Templates, Rules, and Coding The Problem Templates, rules and programming are not viable When you have hundreds of document types When you have hundreds of variations of each doc type When you have frequently changing layouts or fields for each document type A learning approach is needed For initial project configuration in design time Learn By Example For ongoing project maintenance in production Online Learning
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  • KTM Learn by Example Learn-by-example done pre-production Simple training process: provide samples and KTM starts learning! No rules or programming Business challenge Tight deployment schedules and budget Business benefits Less costly deployment lower initial development costs Quicker deployment shorter application development times
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  • KTM Online Learning Online Learning done in production Learn documents quickly, without stopping (on the fly) Increase system knowledge and improve automation over time Business challenge Maintain and improve performance once in production Business benefits Achieve same-day efficiency improvements Be responsive to new or changing documents
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  • Kofax Transformation Modules Key Competitive Advantages KTM supports all documents and information types so customers benefit from a single solution that extends the benefits of capture across the organization, increasing ROI. Many competitive solutions are departmental and focus on specific document types. Capture and process any document KTM uses advanced recognition technologies that provide industry leading extraction rates on all types of text, including machine print, hand print and cursive handwriting in over 140 languages. Higher extraction rates mean greater reductions in manual labor and headcount and more touchless processing. Maximize touchless processing KTM uses learn-by-example technologies for classification, separation and extraction that can be trained rapidly and work on all document types. Many competitive solutions use complex document templates and rules that take weeks or months to develop, or use auto-templating that doesnt work on letters, reports and other unstructured documents. Minimize upfront configuration costs KTM continues to learn as documents are processed in production, improving classification and extraction rates on the fly to increase ROI, and removing the need for manual reconfiguration when documents change or new documents are introduced. Minimize ongoing maintenance costs KTM provides modern, intuitive and customizable user interfaces that allow exceptions to be handled quickly and efficiently. Streamlined exception handling
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  • Overview Medical Claims Add-on Pack Benefits Near-complete medical claims capture implementation Automated processing of CMS-1500 and UB-04 forms More medical claims processed with existing staff Faster case resolution, greater customer satisfaction Reduced processing costs Improve HIPAA transparency, control & compliance Integration with existing claims management systems Ability to process all document types, not just medical claims A majority of KTM configuration work is done remaining portion is a PS engagement Up to 21 person months of work saved!
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  • Overview Invoice Add-on Pack 1.1 Value Proposition Out of the box invoice processing demos Improve speed and performance of invo