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  • 1. By: Russvictoria Monocillo

2. There is a balance within the primary image, it acts like a border which encases the body text in-between 3. The primary image shows the winners of the 2013 production competition. 4. The white font of the headline stands out from the picture it is laid upon The heading is in Times New Roman Bold 5. The standfirst is placed under the heading It is written in Calibri 6. The font is Calibri body and is laid out in columns. 7. Written in bold Located at the corner edges Font uses agent ab in bold Black and red Displays the magazine, the issue and the company 8. The main colours are White Green Red Yellow The green is used as a background so that its makes the headline stand out from the photograph Standfirst in red are titles covering different subjects in relation to the article 9. Placed in a small grey square Credits for the writer and the photographer 10. Font: Ariel black in capitals Placed at the top Colour: white 11. Two shot 12. Transition between orange to green 13. The Probowl DRAFT Placed in the middle of the page 14. Written in Ariel bold Information is centered 15. Black font Bold writing 16. The logos The fading of the image which is covered by the background colour