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  • 1. ASSIGNMENT 30: ANCILLARY TEXT CHOICE Chelsea Fashole-Luke Rosalin Zein Russ Monocillo Marisha Inoke

2. CHELSEA 3 Magazines 3. Chelsea Timeout magazine page specifications 4. ROSALIN 4 Magazines 5. Exposed Magazine Listings magazine in Sheffield Margin Graphics Headline Standfirst Primary & Secondary image Folio By Line Body text 6. The Brighton Source Headline Primary Image Bleed Standfirst Body text Quote Graphic Listings magazine in Brighton 7. Total Film Magazine Standfirst Headline Graphic & Bleed Effect Drop Cap 8. SFX Magazine Primary Image Secondary Image Drop Cap Effect Bleed 9. RUSS 3 Magazines 10. Magazine spread Graphic s Primar y image the main back ground colour is black making the main image easier to merge with the back ground 11. MARISHA 3 Magazines 12. Headlines Big and bold The word lips has a feminine touch to it as it looks like it has been drawn with red lipstick Also lips s in a cursive font which is stereotyped to be a females 13. Standfirst Visual hierarchy is present as it goes fom primary image to headlines and then to standfirst 14. Body text Body text is in smaller font than the headline and standifrst 15. Primary image Image is big enos over one page onto the first page with all the body text, headline and standfirst. 16. Bleed Picture bleeds beyond the margin 17. Headlines Bold , huge font and in the centre of the two primary images 18. Primary image There are two primary images which connotes war and weddings 19. Standfirst The standfirst is above the frst column which is the smaller font size incntrasts to the headline nbut smaller than the columne 20. Newspaper advert analysis Scheduling info Big, white and bold placed above the channel logo 21. Choice of Magazine 22. Why did we choose this magazine? Design comments: Location of magazine: Tube station Relation to target audience: niche audience would enjoy learning about Cost of double page spread: 15,960 Exact size of DPS: W 450mm x H 297mm Margin width: Bleed: W 460mm x H 307mm 23. CHELSEA 3 Newspapers 24. Chelsea Channel 4 advert for documentary Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket found in the Metro This advert blends into the article above it. Advert for the iTunes Festival found within the Metro Advert for comedy tour by Michael McIntyre found within the Metro 25. ROSALIN 3 Newspapers 26. Metro Channel Logo Scheduling Info 27. Daily Mail Channel Logo With graphic Scheduling Info Headline Graphic Hashtag Primary Image 28. Metro Channel Logo with graphic Scheduling Info Primary Image Headline 29. RUSS 3 Newspapers 30. Newspaper advertisementFrom the metro magazine Newspaper adverts of upcoming shows 31. MARISHA 3 Newspapers 32. Newspaper advertisement 33. Newspaper advert analysis Channel logo The channel logo is at the bottom It stands out as it is red and the background is dark in contrasts to its logo 34. Newspaper advert analysis Graphics The background is dull Main character in the front and the villain in the back foreshadowing interesting events in season 3 35. Newspaper advert analysis Scheduling info Big, white and bold placed above the channel logo 36. Why did we choose this newspaper? Location: London, public transport Availability: Monday Cost: free Relation to target audience: it will attract the niche audience. Exact size of advert: W 151mm x H240mm W 151mm x H 240mm Cost to place advert: 121