Assignment #15: Ancillary Inspirations

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Transcript of Assignment #15: Ancillary Inspirations

  1. 1. Assignment 15 Ancillary InspirationsBy Kaya SumblandRahel Fasil Gledis Dedaj Joanne Aroda
  2. 2. Ancillary Theme/ContentImplying the false Show the manipulation andShowing audience Implying the interpretation and brainwash from the media realisation, but little effect lack of identify representation from media on how hegemonic they areto change and beingFrightening imagefaceless in the showing media tomedia butbe demonic those of aforcing audience higher power to follow them,and manipulatingis to participate Shows a family fixed on social media emphasise how much wePresenting ouruse, showing first episode perfect way to where media is control society puppeteer ofour societyImplying the Black and lack of identify white shows from thelack of identify audience we and with theare merelyTV head showsLies come up morewhat they hegemony in dominant than the news Mocking audiences Showing audience Implying again we are create of us the media news is black and white minds for being a re- to be a creation ofwhat the media makeshowing lack of identity,produce of what the the media us of, and enforce ontolife enforcing the one sidedmedia portrayal on it
  3. 3. Ancillary Theme/ContentI like the theme of walkinginto a book could changeand link to walking into TV Enforcing the idea we areor media where youblind slaves to media, we become someone else or areparticipate and theymanipulated in that world control us Shows dominance like hegemony where mediadominate and manipulate the audienceShows lack of identifyand with the TV head This seems like web 3.0, theshows hegemony in theweb become omnipresent,media where although out participation in media isstronger, it makes it easier for the industries to enforceideologies Shows all the news,ideologies, and otherPresenting our first things on TV whichepisode where media is pressure and enforce suchpuppeteer of our society a strong impact on societywhereby it becomes toomuchI like the double meaning in what shes written,implying media is like a dominator of the whole worldEnforce the faceless industry behind media, butEnforces being manipulated also how participants onand influenced by media and media become faceless inits ideologies their identity
  4. 4. Font StyleThe Facebook font would be This font was used a lotgood to use further if wein Web 1.0 sites and onwrite our statistics onnotes on Microsoft soFacebook, we would use thisit would link to the webfont, familiar to ourrevolutionaudienceThis font from the iPadI like the broken textwe could use because iteffect it could implylinks to the the separation of thetechnologicalmedia and itsconvergence part of ouraudience or thedocumentary show broken, andfamiliarity with out influenced mind ofaudience the audience from the media I like the simplisticFor the question ontimes new roman fonthegemony in the news,because its veryusing bold big breaking common to use onnew font would be good to blogsgain audience attention The use of embedding images with mean or interpret texts as they are on socialAgain this big bold font networking is probablywould be eye catching formore eye catching to areaders it would seemaudience and willimportant and dominate onautomatically showthe double page spread what our documentary will be about
  5. 5. Photography StyleI like the grey colour scale in these three pictures, because it emphasises the I like the way it seems likelack of originality and audience influence on the media.someone has graffiti on the It takes away any life in media portrays a darker and dull side, enforcing our wall it shows apoint that info comes out, and not much really comes in.understanding from the publicof mediahegemony, andenforces thatsense that we areblinded eventhough its right infront of usI like the way theanimation with theway they used adark blue colour,creating an eerieand creepyatmospherearound this picture showing mediaand TV not ascolourful and niceas it seemsI like the way the newspapers have a I like the way it looks as though it hasgrey scale effect, with the red lies onbeen drawn then coloured in alsothe top implying danger and the waythe colours are quite dull and darkit stands out above all the text the newsenforcing something not so goodgive out make it seem obvious, yet weabout the mediaare still oblivious
  6. 6. Layout DesignRecurrent on all these spread theyhave the whole background as the The placement of the title They way the they had the image with text on top and preview to article on title name on the side, putThis type of design I would want to the top right corner is think vertically not to distract butput on my double page spread is a nice way of laying oute read before the previewthe spreadwas effective in that senseHere theyadded imageson top toshow moreangles of thecar doesnttake awayform the mainimage thiscould be anoption if wewanted to addmore thanSimilarly we could layout our title to show a meaning or connoteone imagesomething with media like Showdown and James Brown because it makes there article hint a story before reading
  7. 7. Text/Paragraph The manipulation of size to visually The title here shelters the preview Bold black drop enforce the drama of something on theparagraph which looks more creative quotes would betitle creates more of an effect when than the others- also our title is long so good to includebeginning to read article this could be something we would do on the double page spread as a preview to the subjects opinionThe use ofcolour coding inthis paragraphwould be ableto highlight theThe symbolism ofmajor key in thethe B in the text article likeapplying to the here stands outpreview below the directorswould be eye- namecatching for a title I like the way the title is a different I like the format of putting the large title directly font to the paragraph text above the preview paragraph to the article so underneathyou look at title then the article
  8. 8. Gledis DedajText Paragraph style Although the paragraphs areat the bottom which is quitesimplistic they are stilleffective as the images leadyour eyes down to thebottom of the page thusdrawing more attention towhat is written. The style consists of The old fashioned joined the paragraphs/textup writing emphasises abeing at the bottom.vintage feel.
  9. 9. Gledis Dedaj Font Style The font appears to beThe bulky text reminds people of campaignin a hand-written style.posters or army posters thus subliminally re-enforcing the importance.The font style The font is resemblessimple andsimilarities with the not very Twitter logo.eye-catching.
  10. 10. Gledis DedajImage connotations The media single-handedly Out thoughts and opinions are controls us.The media feeds us whatever it wants.shaped by a higher power.Everything we doon the internet isbeing watched.We are shackled to ourSocial networking is as media addiction. Weaddictive as a drug.are trapped and cantbreak free.It is society that fuelsWe have become so We are being fedsocial media sites.consumed with the lies that are coveredmedia, its all we think up as the truth.about.A higher unknown powerhas a hold on society.
  11. 11. Gledis Dedaj Photography StyleThe person is blurred You cannot see whos hand is caught The black and white effect emphasising their thus implying we are all victims. implies a sense of danger. Her insignificance and the identity is hidden emphasising importance of social her vulnerability. networking. The black and white The motion blur effect effects makes it more emphasises how much dramatic and serious. we can do at one time due to technological convergence. The extreme close-upTheir hiddenThe brightness and white colours resemble a very increases the intensityidentity impliescold and sterile atmosphere which reminds us ofof addiction to socialthey are subjects tohospitals and illnesses, thus our addiction to networking.a higher power. media is an illness.
  12. 12. Joanne Aroda
  13. 13. Joanne Aroda
  14. 14. Joanne Aroda
  15. 15. Text Paragraph Style Italicised heading feminine audienceQuote at the topto grab attentionThe text is very chunky and small intended for an educated and interested audience.
  16. 16. Font StyleFancy writing for Pink font displaying females andCapital letters highlighting femininity and numbers showingImportance and captures capitals showing them the amount ofthe attention of the readers voices wanted to bethings that they heardwill like
  17. 17. Image Connotations Connotes that we areConnotations thataddicted and obsessedsocial media is so with social mediahegemonic that weare prevented fromConnotes thathaving the freedomsocial media is veryof our owntime consumingopinionsand dominating
  18. 18. Photography Style Social media images bursting out of the phone is very effective as it shows that we are bombarded with this media The use of chains is interesting as it shows theDifferent words highlighted in different sizes idea that we cant escape from social media, itsassociated with hegemony of social media everywhere we go