Assignment 29 real life ancillary analysis

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  • 1. Assignment 29:Real Life Ancillary Analysis Abigail Menzies

2. Double Page Magazine Spread 3. Double Page Magazine Spread Analysis ~Primary ImageThis is the first thing that would catch the readers eye Its the largest thing on the page and takes up majority of the page Emphasizes to the reader that this page is focusing on Jessie J 4. Double Page Magazine Spread Headline Black bold font placed at top of page makes the title stand out Letter J is larger than rest of headline also eye catching to the reader Readers who are familiar with Jessie J would realise the line is similar to one of her songs 5. Double Page Magazine Spread Standfirst Few lines to briefly introduce the topic of the article Use of ellipsis (..) to keep the reader wanting to read more 6. Double Page Magazine Spread Body textBody text margin follows the shape of the letter J Well organized through use of two columns Use of black bold font to differentiate the question from the answer 7. Double Page Magazine Spread FolioPage number is placed at bottom right of the page as its the least significant aspect of the page 8. Double Page Magazine Spread ~Colour schemes Black used for headline, standfirst and body text This colour maintains the formality of the spread Using this colour also maintains the consistency as Jessie J is wearing black in the pictureThis is the main colour used in Timeout magazine 9. Double Page Magazine Spread By line & captionName of author is in bold font to emphasize her name and to highlight her role as the author 10. Newspaper advert analysis 11. Newspaper advert analysis ~Primary Image Image creates a narrative as the picture shows a young boy falling through the ground and no one is stopping to help This narrative links to the documentary title This narrative created will also raise questions from the readersImage is creative and unusual; this makes it eye catchingShallow focus is used so the image of the little boy is emphasized Shallow focus also suggests how quickly everyone in the picture is walking 12. Newspaper advert analysis ~Colour schemeThe overall colour scheme consists of dark, dull colours (grey and black) that connotes grief and creates an unsettling feelingUse of colour white so the title and channel logo is viewable on the dull background White also connotes innocence and could be used to reflect the children in the documentary 13. Newspaper advert analysis ~Name of programGraphics are used to create white backgroundBlack, bold font is used so it stands out on the white background Placement at the bottom left corner of the ad suggests the picture is more significant than the title 14. Newspaper advert analysis ~Channel logoPlacement of the logo is eye catching but not too distracting from the primary image