Alexander the Great and the Spread of Hellenistic Culture

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Alexander the Great and the Spread of Hellenistic Culture

Transcript of Alexander the Great and the Spread of Hellenistic Culture

  • 1. King of Macedon, father of Alexanderthe Great Brilliant general and ruthless politician Built up a professional army using theGreek phalanx Infighting among Greek city-states for ahalf-century after the PeloponnesianWar United Greek city-states under his rule Asked the conquered Greek city-statesto join the League of Corinth Main Goal: Conquer Persia

2. Alexanders Youth As a child, Alexander studiedunder Aristotle Under his fathers leadership,trained for battle Phillip II assassinated in 336 BC His son Alexander seized powerat the age of 20 With Greek city-states unifiedunder his rule, he set out toconquer Persia Main Goal: Conquer the knownworld 3. Stretched from the Nile to the Indus Rivers Included Persia, Egypt, Greece, and India Cultures Blended=Hellenistic Greatest lasting legacy/accomplishment 4. Reached Indus River in 327 BC His army had been fighting for seven years, more than11,00 miles His soldiers refused to go any further On way back to Greece, he became ill Died from a fever, at age 32 Never ruled his great empire 5. Divided between his leading generals: Antigonus- Controlled Macedon Ptolemy- Egypt Seleucus- Asia Minor and the Fertile Crescent 6. Center of Hellenisticculture at Alexandria,Egypt Greek architecture,statues, etc. Museum & Library Over 500,000 papyrusscrolls of literature 7. Philosopher- literally means lover of wisdom New philosophies coming out of the Hellenistic world Stoic philosophy- Established by Zeno Divine reason directs the world Every person should accept their fate Epicurean philosophy- Established by Epicurus Aim of life to seek pleasure and avoid pain 8. Euclid Important to thedevelopment of the fieldof geometry Wrote Elements Archimedes Calculated the value of pi Levers and pulleys 9. Aristarchus Concluded that theearth and otherplanets revolvedaround the sun Eratosthenes Calculated thedistance around theearth