Alexander the Great and Hellenistic Culture .Alexander the Great and Hellenistic Culture. ......

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Transcript of Alexander the Great and Hellenistic Culture .Alexander the Great and Hellenistic Culture. ......

  • What was the main cause of the

    Peloponnesian War?

    What was the significant effect of the

    Peloponnesian War.

    What are the drawbacks of wanting to be

    the greatest?


  • Alexander the Great and

    Hellenistic Culture

  • After the Peloponnesian War

    Athens and Sparta are both weak

    Macedonia is located to the north,

    and sees Greece falling apart

    Phillip II of Macedon sees a golden

    opportunity to expand his empire

    Greeks are disorganized and easily fall


  • Macedonia and Greece

  • Alexander the Great

    After Phillips death in 336 BCE, his son

    Alexander rises to power

    Alexander expands the empire to

    cover from Greece, to Egypt, and the

    outskirts of India.

    As he expands the empire, he expands

    the cultural influence of Greece

  • Alexanders Empire

    Cities all over the Empire

    were named Alexandria in

    Alexanders honor.

  • Alexanders Accomplishments

    Alexanders conquest and trade spread Greek and other cultures The mix of Greek culture with Egyptian,

    Indian, and Persian culture became known as the Hellenistic culture

    Responsible for making Alexandria, Egypt, the new home of learning and knowledge Museums, libraries, other buildings

    Meeting place for international community of culture

  • Reading Questions

    What did Alexander the Great model his newly conquered cities after?

    How did Alexander treat conquered people? Give examples of this treatment.

    What was the Hellenistic Era? What cultures made up the Hellenistic Era?

    What was the new center of Greek culture? What did it have that made it a center of learning?

    What happened to Alexanders empire after he died?

  • Alexandria, Egypt

    Advancements made it unique

    Wide streets split into blocks (Indian


    Statues of gods sculpted in public (Greek)

    Lighthouse of Alexandria made for ships

    to navigate at all hours of the day

    The Library at Alexandria held many works

    and old papyrus rolls

    Promoted learning and writing

  • Hellenistic Achievements

    Astronomy improves

    Observatory built, people observe the size

    of planets, the sun, etc

    Accurately measured the size of Earth

    Ptolemy develops geocentric model of

    the universe

  • Philosophic Advancements Stoicismbelieved the world was run by

    divine power People should live by natural law and harmony

    Epicureanismbelieved the world is made of atoms and ruled by the gods Gods dont care about humans

    Art changes from idealistic to realistic Emotional faces and new subjects

    Hellenistic culture spread until around 150 BCE when Rome became the new place to be