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My name: this is me

Transcript of Acrostic Poems

Ania Always smile Never give up! I like my way in life And I will never cry! Only true Zest all time I don`t know why My life is colourful and Extraordinary Keep smiling!

Aleksandra A L Embitious

ive in Tuszyma

asy to learn something new





da, Ania and Sylwia are my best friends


ever fly a plane


ance is very important in my

arely go to the cinema

lways help my mum with her housework

AdriannaAlways on time. Dance is my hobby. Rabbit is my favourite animal. I like to listen to music.

Angel is me. Never to be slow.

Net is my friend. Apple is my favourite fruit.

AGNIESZKAApples and bananas

Goodies and chips Now I am eating I go to cities

Exercise, I do

Sometimes I play football Zero I am writing

Key I have

Alas, today I am going to church

BARTOSZ Beautiful, sunny day

Always makes me feel good

Really good

Together with my friends

Only we and a ball

Score is Zero - zero

Brajan Boy. Rarely go to thecinema.

Always on time. Just like to playfootball.

Ambitious. Never late.


Day is brilliant, I often play football. Always go to bed late. My favourite sport is baseball. Ilike to meet my friends.

At 6.20 am I get up. Never fight with my brothers.

July is my favourite month.

Upstairs is my room.

Sing in a choir.

Tired after activity.

Yummy are: apples and bananas.

Never ski.

Always on time, I have an appointment.

KamilKamil is my name.

Always on time.

My friends are strange but they are ok. I like computer games.

LiL Wayne and 50 cent are my favourite rappers

LiL Wayne

50 cent


M - My best friend is Bartek.

I - I am a sleepyhead.

C - Clothes are fashionable.

H - Hockey is my favorite sport.

A - Always on time.

L Lions and tigera are faster than me.

NATALIA November is my favourite month. Angry when hungry. Teenager. Anna is my mother. Long hair. I like fruit. Always with good humour.

Robert Robert is my name On Saturday I play football Buy chips Every day Ride a bike This is my life


sometimes I listen to music You like me? Look ! I fly

Wow ! love my dog.

I love dance!

Always play volleyball