Some Examples of Student Writings: Acrostic Poems

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Transcript of Some Examples of Student Writings: Acrostic Poems

  • 1. Generations School
    Literature in English
    Grade XI
    Writing Poetry:
    Acrostic Poems
  • 2. ChampionAhmed Affan
    Craving for victory, adrenaline rushing
    Hopes, beliefs, faith and goals invigorating.
    Ambitions, zealous efforts at their peak
    Motivations, inspirations make me seek
    Power, with fearless tears.
    I am a champion echoes in my youthful ears.
    On approaching celebrations do I deeply cherish
    Never descending like a waving flag, a shining star!
  • 3. PreciousFarzanSaleem
    Priceless memories and
    Rewarding journeys, forever
    Engraved in your mind,
    Closely linked with
    Irreplaceable friends and
    Obstinate oppressors, along with the
    Utter ebb and flow of life, all
    So close to you.

  • 4. MemoriesAmna Ahmed
    Moments of Time, that strike back,
    Embarrassing you like a tide that still is high
    Making you nostalgic .Oh, how real they feel!
    Or simply lost in a wave of emotions, making you
    Revisit what you once felt.
    In that frame of Time, which matters to you so much that
    Even Time has not destroyed it .
    Surrender you , to that rush of things back,to get lost!

  • 5. Endurance IM.Faaris Khan
    Endurance is a virtue,
    Needed for life as you are
    Depressed. And when
    Unity is found to be
    A person is left
    Neighborless, for this truly is a
    Cold-hearted world, one in which one must
    Endure the pain and hardships alone.

  • 6. Endurance IIFaaris Khan
    Needs to
    Unguarded in
    Rage and tribulations
    Never ending hardships but few
    Can bear or
    Endure the pain.
  • 7. CelebrationAfshanAfroz
    Colors all around us-:
    Even in the darkest place,
    Lighting up our whole
    Bringing with them memories
    Reminiscent of the wonderful times,
    Appreciating victories,
    Triumph over losses,
    Intensifying emotions.
    No one knows what dreams might be weaved.

  • 8. Strong MemoriesSidra Maniar
    Setting sun, doth not destroy
    The very presence of reality. It is strange that
    On awakening, the time
    Now is not as before.
    Gone, leaving pain.

    Mighty oceans stand witness.
    Every eye that sees,
    Mirroring a reflection, brings
    On more memories.
    Roaring shores will wash away
    Intensity of pointless thoughts.
    Estrangement is better, sickening thoughts could contaminate.

  • 9. GoodbyeAyesha Siraj
    Going through these lanes, I see you there waiting-,
    Overshadowed by our memories, the words wander wistfully.
    One by one the memories scatter, spraying hurt.
    Did I not try at all to thwart this? Did I not speak at all?
    But I did hold on to tight, clasping your heart in my palm.
    You still seeped through the gaps between my fingers.
    Every moment I see there, waiting for the unsaid goodbye.
  • 10. Life
    Lies, falsehood and temporal space,
    In it the humans indulged.
    For, it is all that they have,
    Encouraging death to be sweet.
  • 11. DeceptionOmairQurni
    Devilish plots, setup and laid,
    Evil of the highest order,
    Catches its prey swiftly.
    Eclipsing the hope within,
    Pierces the soul with no regret.
    Taking away every inch of life,
    Intrudes the unaware soul.
    Overpowering all that is left of the hope,
    Never ending evil reigns! This is my deception.

  • 12. FlowersQurratulainFarooqui
    Festival of Flowers,
    Liable to excessive Emotions,
    Overawed with Joy,
    Warmth of Love,
    Empowering Life
    Relishing the Memories.
    Spring is in the Air.
  • 13. SleepPurniaFarrukh
    Simple solitude
    Lost in this chaotic world.
    Every second spent a longing for my
    Evening; to get a dosage of
    Peace; at last.
  • 14. StormQurratulainShahood
    Souls on fire. Deadly,
    Tumultuous, destructive, strewing wreckage,
    Over our homes that once were retreats,
    Ruining them, burying, alive a thousand
    Million memories
  • 15. SUCCESSBy KashifJawaid
    Some people only, who have the attitude
    Undoubtedly, sans fear, do they proceed.
    Care not they for the criticism they might face,
    Challenges that they might across.
    Epitome of a successful person do they adopt:
    Surrender they never! Admit defeat, they never!
    Success is all theirs, as they return from the battlefield

  • 16. ForeverAyesha Nasir
    For every laughter in my life,
    Over the roar of sixteen years,
    Remember I , each eternal sound;
    Escaping like sand through the web of time.
    Violently, gently, rudely these thoughts
    Enter into here and now.
    Really, its temporary.

  • 17. MysteryAyesha Jamal
    Masters strip cadging on his back
    Yesterdays tragedy, for all the days to come.
    Slaves life, a life youd call?
    Toddling with erratic steps for the sovereign beat him up.
    Eternal will this agony be.
    Rampant in his life will gloom- be till-
    Yoke of the Tyrant perishes.
  • 18. MemoriesAamnaNaim
    Of happiness and sorrow
    Remembrance , for those who matter.
    Engraved in our minds
    Surviving the change, the loss.
  • 19. MortalityHassan bin Obaid
    Meaningful is nothing in presence of this
    Obsession of death, which fills
    Remorse in every step you take.
    Totally unbiased, everyone should taste
    Affection to nothing, is what it brings,
    Liability it seems when your goal aint achieved.
    Implacably hostile,
    Terrifying and rude,
    Yet exists still and lets none behold.
  • 20. ChoiceAsmaImran
    Calling to crossroads along,
    Highways we tread.
    Overnight deliberations,
    In our prison of thoughts
    Confuse deep temptation and need.
    Even after we see the light of
    Sacred , chosen dawns.