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download Acrostic poems - doku.cac.  poems The idea of this ... volleyball Nice person A good friend Using the phone is one of my favourite things I don’t like spiders Crazy, but

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Transcript of Acrostic poems - doku.cac. poems The idea of this ... volleyball Nice person A good friend Using...

  • Acrostic poems The idea of this task was for the students to introduce themselves to the colleagues in the different countries and schools. In order to get an even better idea, Interkulturelles Zentrum had encouraged the young people to include photos. For reasons of data protection and alike, we only received very few pictures and in order to be consistent, we decided not to include them either. Below you can find all acrostic poems we received. The countries are listed in alphabetical order. Austria BRG Krems Chewing gum is what Im hooked on Loyalty is important to me A good friend always assist you whatever you do Under nerviness I cant think clearly Dancing is my passion I love being with my family A smile on the lips dulcify you the day Being independent is important to me Equality is what Im searching for Relaxing in the sun is wonderful Good music is what I love to listen Eating ice cream in summer refreshing Rather be covert clever than uncovered silly Reject eating meat Ocean has to be crossed Meeting new people is my aim in life Addicted to chocolate Northpol is too cold for me, I like the hot areas Australia, country where i want to go once! Knees get hurt while playing soccer Usually I love watching movies, except the sad ones Regarding forward is very important to me Zodiac lion is the best!

    Cheering up somebody is what I am able to do Lonely is what I hate be [so please just stay.] All my memories keep a good friend [alive] in my heart. Really much energy inside me [thats why I go postal sometimes] Able to struggle and fight [so rather not to be mean to me] Good tempered almost all the time Master of disaster [but I really dont care about it.] Everyday could be the last [so just enjoy it.] Independent is what I want to be [so stop commending me] Never let somebody bring me down [so dont even try.] Every problem is small [if you compare it with the earth.] Right to be different Sometimes Im a little bit crazy, but Often I am friendly and nice. Perhaps people think that Im lazy or I work slowly. Happiness is one of the most important things in life. In my own little world I feel confident. Eating and sleeping is what I do in my spare time. By the way I want to thank all my friends for supporting me. Energy drinks are the only drugs I take, and Im addicted to them. Right Round from Flo Rida remembers me of funny party times with my friends. Gretel is the nickname of my horse called Get Away. Much of chocolate is eaten by me every day. Austria, where the Schnitzel comes from! Not small, but space-saving, is the description of myself. Now we are at the end.

    Meeting new people & getting to know them in a better way, are things that are making my day (: Asking totally absurd questions is what I am good at :D Daydreaming is my passion! Encouraging people is what I like to do! Loving my family & my friends as much as I can! Enjoying life despite its ups and downs! Independence is what I would like to achieve! Nodding my head in comprehension, without knowing what the person in front of me is really trying to say :D Extremely fond of good talks about the entire world and his brothers! Honesty is what I appreciate! Open-minded is what I hope to be! Equality is one of the most important things in society for me! Living my dream & not dreaming my life is one of my mottos! Destroying undeliberately others stuff, especially in summer, is what I often do :/ Keep together A good friend is hard to find To be open-minded to new situations Hoping the best every time I love photography Enjoying time with special people Nothing really matters Irony

    Girls just wanna have fun! Live everyday like it would be your last.

  • Energetic is what I am. Laughing nearly all the time. It is very difficult for me to be disciplined. Simply having fun. Always look on the bright side of life! Being Polish is something I really like. Enjoying all the pleasures of life. Taking time for things I love to do. Honesty is what I appreciate.

    Come on, let's do it, is my motto. Zucchini tastes good. Experiencing not only the good sides of life. Responsibility is what I like. New cultures, new experiences; I love both! I have got a target in my life. Ambitious? Yes, I am. Keep on smiling.

  • BG Leoben Trying to be lazy Often I am under pressure Maybe a bit confused sometimes Always humorous, happy and amused Spending most of my time on playing the saxophone Knowing much about physics And finding geography disgusting Money is a thing I would like to have endlessly Enhancing my abilities whenever I can Never giving up hope Cannot watching TV without falling asleep after half an hour Effort beyond all measure, if it is essential Keen on activities that include water The best thing on world is time. How many people know this crime? Oh! I have started to write about a wrong thing. My opponent thinks, that he is a king. A good friendship is important to me. So and only so I can feel free! Kan is written with c. U is often used instead of you. My favorite music style is rap. And I havent stopped riding the BMX yet. Read more about me, if you want! Dave is my nickname. All things I like most are far too expensive. Very amiable. Im a very athletic person. Dancing is my new hobby. Every time helpful. Riding my bike is my favorite sport. Dont like boring days. Know all about table tennis. Our village is very popular. (Kalwang) Every time happy. Never alone. Im very happy to have so many friends. Good food is something I really like.

    Learn Italian Unable to do bar exercises Keep my friends An important thing for me is to have fun Soccer is my favorite sport Koks is my nickname On my body are birthmarks Knowing as much as possible All you need is a family and friends I cant lose Love is an important thing Tenacious D is awesome Reading good books can be amusing too Im playing the piano Should sleep more Trading card games are my hobby Also doing Mathematic Olympiad Never want to stand up Weekends are the best part of the week Easy to entertain Never want to learn Im doing parkour Going to play CS:S after school Early standing up Rise Against is awesome Rough weather A hopeless race against a car I know its impossible to win Man, why am I doing that Under this condition Nothing happens Down on the street Beginning of time Eternal fire Rough weather Gone without a track Eternal fire... burns always Rough days... but this fire burns always My nickname is Michi It is time to relax. Cherry is a good fruit. Have fun in my free time. An important thing is to be helpful. Everything is possible. Love is hard to find.

    Keep friends. A peaceful live. Riding fast vehicle is very funny. Austria is my favorite country. The last will be the first. Have a good time. A test is very rotten. New beginning. Around me are nice people. See after new friends. Sweets tastes better than vegetable. Immigrants should be friends. Some things must happen. Just enjoying my life Use the day Each of my friends is nice Rain in summer is something i dont like Gain new experiences Everything has a reason N ever will quit doing sport To sleep long at weekends is great Always be happy Family and friends are very important Everything is possible Ready to rumble Never go to bed before 11 Es are annoying if there are so much Rarely punctual Love the life. I am a happy person. Sky diving is something I would like to try once. A family is the most important thing in the world. Playing Volleyball is my favorite leisure activity. Riding my bike is liberating. Experiences are very important for your growing old. To find out who your real friends are can be painful. Zombie is a song from one of my favorite bands. Life can surprise you every day. Every time helpful. Running is absolutely not fun.

  • Kathi is my best friend Every time happy Reading a lot Swimming is my hobby Time is very important for me Never moody Snakes are terrible for me. Climbing is the most important sport in my life. Helpful I like to be Never alone All things I like most are far too expensive Born in Rottenmann Living in Mautern Killing other people in a war is the most terrible thing ever Animals are very beautiful creatures Truth and trust are very important to me Happy when I have my friends and family around me Always waiting for summer Rules are everywhere I am what I am Nobody is perfect Always hungry Shit happens quite often to me Cooking is very funny Hate boring lessons Meeting friends in my free time I love music and holidays Dreaming about lots of things

    Always have time for stupid things Rarely arrive in time Maybe the laziest person on the world In anything wants to be the best Never want to be alone Serious if needed, but also easy to make me laugh Honest in any situation, lying is not my behavior A good listener anyway No pocket money left for the other half of the week My friends and family are the most important people for me Everybody in my class is friendly Love is such a wonderful thing As my best friend, I like football very much Nearly everyone says Meli to me I have a lovely boyfriend named Marc Easter is one of my favorite celebrations

    Playing tennis is fun Rude and violent people, I dont like Everyday I think of my dead cousin In summer holidays I will go to Italy Never ever I would try sheep eyes I like Motocross very much Need my brother in my life Germany is our neighboring-country Every time I meet my father we nearly cant stop talking Reading books isnt boring, only when I have a boring book.

    Most oft he time Im happy Always funny Riding a bike in summer I really enjoy Things I like are meeting friends, swimming and relaxing In my free time I like playing volleyball Nice person A good friend Using the phone is one of my favourite things I dont like spiders