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5th Grade students wrote Acrostic Poems for Language Arts class

Transcript of Acrostic Poems With A Twist!Web

  • 1. Acrostic Poemswith aTwist! Miss Lacys LA Class April 2008

2. SPRING Suddenlypring is here. Flowersush up through the cold ground. Streamsun cold with melted snow.Birds singn chorus. Nothing beats aice spring day. After a lonhard winter! By: Tammy Worcester 3. SNAKE His Forked togue Scry eep away! Slithr By: Tammy Worcester 4. TURBAN HEDDRESS EXPLOSIOS ARRICADE E-COVER THE SUNNDER TYLER 5. STORM The treedance in the wind, afraid Lighning splits the sky The boming thunder roars The ground is denched in rain The storm is uncomonly beautiful Amanda 6. AUTUM Colors of theutum leaves are falling from treesRaking leaves fromnder the tree Playing inons of colorful leaves Out of the ble you see lots of leaves Adriana 7. DOG My dog luckyigs He isutstandingHerowls alot By: Austin 8. FISH lying in the sea. Incredble swimmers. Hafins, gills, and tails Can cange an ecosystem By: Brady 9. BRANDON rother Bight Superfst Teasig Frien Lvesme Ubelievable Brooke 10. BIRDS Uneliveable Amazing anmals Coloful CarolineSongingers Theyreelightful 11. SUMMER Theun is beaming down on me Playingnder the shady tree Drinking cold leonade Casey Waiting fofall 12. EAGLE Itlaysggs The bird iswesome It isood for the environmentIt doesntack in feathers The eagle is anxpert flyer CODY 13. WINTER Whirlinginds ntense Snowig Sldding CanWait Till Spring! Outagous By: Emily H 14. WINTER Snowhite Snowball fghts New sow Throwinghe snowballs Drinking hot chocolat Emily D Waiting for summe 15. FRIENDS Foreverriends There foyou Theyre mracles Nver gone o troubles Emily O 16. HAPPY People areappy The opposite of sd Its simle Its a sign of friendshi Cand EMMA L. 17. PLAY Perfect andhenomenalLiked by al Enhnces life Makes you yell with jo Frank C. 18. NATURE DAGEROUS CATION ANIMALS SUVIVALBy, Galen WILD CREAURES NEVR DIE!!! 19. CRUSHED Beingrushed Theres noush Yomust die From being cruhed Bubye You ar GonnaieGabriella 20. band Rockands C/DC GUS N ROSES DEF LEPPAR BY: GRANT 21. MS LACY Shesaazing Likeuperwoman Siencerules! Curlhair Techesus A loveylady Helen 22. SOCCER SUPERTARS Rnaldinho Roberto arlos David Bekham Ple Feddy Adu Jesse 23. dog Lyal igood Jonathan 24. Family Loves youorever Sweets possibleAlwaysakes you smile Wll always be there Pays games with you Julia Joful time with Family 25. Peace Sign of friendshiGood omn Wewnted it with England Linnea The way they delt withivil rights Fills people with happinss 26. SUMMER Hotummer heat Big redsn Aazing Itakes people happy Alwaysxciting Neveends Lyndsi 27. osprey Awesme This bird isuperb Bird ofrey Very gasfull Excellent fishr Nick 28. SMILE FEELGOOD ENVOLVES YOUROUTH WHEN YOUAUGH DO IT A LOT THEY AREXCELLENT SAM 29. PARTY PARTY Unbelievablylayfull TotallyBlast AoringTime WayooAwesome HopfullIm Invited Sarah M 30. GUITAR Used byuns and Roses Soundnbelievable I have fve I have one called Guionamoramagius I love guitrs I have one calledThe Walock Trevor 31. ball Basketalllcross ballFootbal Voly ball BY: TREY 32. Great Job, kids!!