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Christmas acrostic poems are composed for fun. They are interesting as well effective in communicating messages and enjoying the festival

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  • 1. Acrostic poem is fun and an interesting way of celebrating the spirit of Christmas. It is also a good way of helping kids to show their creativity. Here are three poems and their appreciations

2. C ircle band of lights indicating halo H also of hope to continue the whole year round R ound in shape flows youthful spirit to ingest I ngesting strong hold to never separate S eparation comes when leaves fall and lights taken T aken from ancestors to mundify M undify a sagging spirit in a genial abask A bask we get skylight kindling satisfaction S atisfaction to be Gods creation in this world W orld as a whole is the people in raceme R aceme with flowers on stalks that entwine E ntwine fresh wounds to heal and feel amorous A morous display in every lifes threshold T hreshold for welcoming visitors every hour H ours countdown soon will be Christmas and New Year to share to everyone 3. Appreciation- This is one of the best Christmas acrostic poems you would come across. It is about being happy as a creation of God like a bunch of flowers attached to each other with the help of stalks like in a wreath. The best thing is about the poem besides the theme and flow is that the last word in a line continues in the next line as the first world 4. Christ is born He's in the manger Reigning from His humble stall Immanuel, come to reedeem us Salvation, here for one and all Tenderly his mother holds him Men will seek the newborn King Angels praise the God of glory Shepherds, wise men, gifts to bring Love from Heaven shines now on us Over hill and valley bright Victory's song rings through the ages Ever since that blessed night Appreciation- This poem is a simple composition that recreates Nativity Scene. Jesus is born and a lot of people, angels, shepherds and others come to see the newborn King. The first alphabet in each line when arranged from top to bottom reads as CHRISTMAS LOVE. 5. Cherish the new born king Hark the herald and Ring the toll bells It's Christmas time again and Santa is on his way as the Tinsel is strewn and mistletoes are hung Mama got caught once again Alone kissing a guy dressed in red So I dashed to my window and through open the shutters Looking upon the roof Over and over again I somehow now Vow to remain true in Even believing in this little Christmas tale of a hymn Appreciation- By arranging the first alphabet, one will get CHRISTMAS LOVE in this poem as well but the theme of both the poems are different. This is about welcoming Christmas season and enjoying the time. 6. The poems are taken from http://www.poetrysoup.com/