Mrs. Bennett's Acrostic Name Poems

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Students used Microsoft Word to create acrostic poems about themselves. They added formatting and clip art to add interest.

Transcript of Mrs. Bennett's Acrostic Name Poems

  • Chi$8[dd[jji7Yheij_YDWc[Fe[ci


  • Kynzi Kept doing gymnastics in the summer Yessss I love dancing Never eat dry bacon Zips to basketball on Tuesday I love to play with my friends


  • Jake van rees

    Juice is good to drink Apples are good to eat Keep my computer neat Eats pizza on friday


  • corbin'Caches fish O most wins in chess Rocks at football Buys toys Iowa hawks No cyclone fans


  • Grace Great at riding bike Reading is so fun A great friend Color blue is cool Estatic for dolphins

  • Nia Tanui

    Never liked the color pink I like to read chapter books Also likes all kinds of dogs Takes gymnastics classes Another thing about me is Im good with babies Never ever will I eat Brussels sprouts Usually likes to eat cereal for breakfast I like to go to school

  • !!James!!Jade!is!my!cousin!Apples!are!good!for!me!My!favorite!show!is!Adventure!time!Edwin!is!my!brother!Soccer!is!my!dads!favorite!sport!

  • Brittany(Statler(Ball games are important to me Runs really fast I like to ride my scooter Took a trip to Adventerland Took my sister to her game Apples are my favorite Natalie is my bff Yes I like to eat(

  • Natalie Schenck Naever going to eat vegtables Thinks about making cookies Any thing I think about is reading Ice cream is my favorite food Everybody likes everybody

  • Olivia Sampson Olives make me cry Love family I love to dance Vacation I love friends Am awesome

  • !Sophie!Rosebeck!!Sophie!likes!to!read!books!Only!like!princess!movies!Play!with!toy!Hat!I!like!hats!!I!like!chocolate!ice!cream!!Every!day!I!take!a!nap!!

  • Creighton Creative in art Rabbis are my 2 favorite

    animals Elephants are 1 favorite

    animal Insects are cool Geography Huge imagination T.V watcher. Oceans are BIG Now I watch T.V

  • John MCLERAN Jelly beans are my favorite Ocean water taste bad Hot salsa is good Nuts are good Rats are my favorite Oak trees are good Bees are scary Elm street I have been on Road trips are fun Team is Gannon !!!

  • Jakob holcomb Just went to Kansas city Always is active Keeps football cards Olives stink Bananas are gross

  • Juliet Gratias !!Just leaned how to do 3 fouette then a double Unicorns are cool animals to me Loves monkeys Ice cream is yummy Eats spaghetti Terrific at soccer

  • Lucas Gardner !Loves sports Usually likes fruit Cheese pizza is my favorite kind Always active Spaghetti is good

  • Callista'Frueh''Candy craver

    Animals are amazing

    Loves lambs

    Loves laughs

    Interesting interests

    Sings silly songs

    Totally tan

    Acts amazing ''

  • Ryan

    Runs fast .

    Yes l ike the cyc lones

    A lways p lays sports

    Not good at soccer

    Catcher for the!aces!

  • Tommy

    Try to be the best at football

    Outside a lot

    My favorite sport is baseball

    My favorite color is red

    Yes I like the Hawkeye fan

  • Adam%Krois%Anacondas%rule%Dinosaurs%are%cool%Allosaurus%is%cool%Mice%eat%cheese%Jay%is%the%best%ninja%from%ninjago%Oak%trees%are%giant%Houses%are%big%sometimes%Ninjago%is%a%cartoon%on%cartoon%network%Kai%is%the%red%ninja%Races%can%be%scary%Octoepuses%have%lots%of%arms.%Im%cool.%Snakes%slether.%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

  • Brooklyn(Bri(is(the(oldest(Running(is(my(favorite(sport((Okoboji(is(where(my(aunt(got(married(Oh!(I(like(bananas(too(Kind(like(candy(Lavenders(too(Yawning(all(day(Not(harsh(like(a(blade((

  • Logan Lives&in&a&big&house&Olives&are&awful&Good&at&being&&friends&Always&talkative&Nice&to&people&

  • Soleil&Boswell&Strawberry&is&my&favorite&&&&&&&&&&&fruit&Or&favorite&thing&to&do&is&&&&&&&&&&going&swimming&Lillys&are&my&favorite&&&&&&&&&flower&&Evenings&are&my&favorite&&&&&&&&part&of&the&day&I&like&to&go&outside&to&play&Love&my&mom&!! !

  • !Michelle!I!like!dogs!Can!cook!Have!a!dog!!Eats!watermelon!!Likes!to!play!Likes!to!eat!!Elaphents!are!cool!