Spring Acrostic Poems 2 nd Class

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Spring Acrostic Poems 2 nd Class. Spring S pring has sprung, the fun has begun . P retty flowers start to bloom. R abbits hopping everywhere . I n the sky rainbows shine . N ature is all around us. G reen grass in the garden. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Spring Acrostic Poems 2 nd Class

Spring Acrostic Poems 1st & 2nd Class

Spring Acrostic Poems

2nd Class

Spring Spring has sprung, the fun has begun. Pretty flowers start to bloom. Rabbits hopping everywhere. In the sky rainbows shine. Nature is all around us. Green grass in the garden.Cristina Fay2nd Class

SPRING Spring sings. People are happy. Rooks build their nests In tall green trees. Now some animals are waking up from hibernation. Gentle breezes blow. Eimear Murray2nd Class


Spring sunshine Peeking between the clouds. Raindrops gently fall. In the morning it is bright. Now flowers start to bloom. Green leaves are everywhere. Jake Donnellan2nd Class


Spring sunshine Puppies are playing in the garden.Rainbows are shining.I am happy that the sun is sparkling.New flowers are sprouting.Green grass is great. We are all having fun today. Siofra Wilson - Pierce2nd Class

SPRINGSpring showers Passing by.Rabbits and lambs jumping about.I am happy spring is here.Nests being built by lots of birds.Green leaves everywhere. Ava St John2nd Class

SPRINGSpring is here, lets spread the cheer.Pretty, pretty primroses. Rainbow, raindrops fill the sky.I love springtime.Now new animals are being born.Great green grass all around. Lets go play in the sun.

Cormac O Loughlin2nd Class

SPRING Spring is here. Put on your coat. Run and play In the sun. Now it is fine. Great funDarragh Foran2nd Class

SPRING Spring, spring all around us. Pouring rain has stopped. Rainbows beam across the sky. Indigo, blue and violet. New born lambs jump and play. Green grass growing.Ebha O Malley2nd Class

SPRINGSnowdrops, daffodils.Popping up their heads.Red robins sweetly chirp. Icy wind no longer blows.Nests being built on the tree tops.Green grass growing in the garden.Joseph ODwyer2nd Class

SPRING Spring means seeds. Peeping from the frosty ground. Reaching to the sky. Its time to cheer. New life new growth. God created all.Maeve King 2nd Class

SPRING Spring has sprung. Puppies playing in the garden. Rabbits hopping to and fro. Interesting insects buzzing from flower to flower. New animals are born and nature is all around us. Giving us peace and joy.Nadine Clancy2nd Class