Words You Should Avoid at Work, by Adam Kidan

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Transcript of Words You Should Avoid at Work, by Adam Kidan

  • Just Trying to downplay

    the importance of something does nothing but sell yourself short!

    Never try to minimize your contributions, since it gives you less credit than you deserve!

    Develop more confidence in what you talk about

  • Over-apologizing is a major turnoff, and

    simply makes you appear anxious and fearful! You dont need to say sorry every time you

    make a small mistake or express an opinion! When you do need to say sorry for a big

    issue, instead say I apologize, which makes it sound like youre expressing genuine regret

  • Um Verbal stumbling

    diminishes your credibility!

    Verbal stumbling is bound to show up every once in a while, but youll make yourself appear unprepared and unsure if it gets repetitive

  • Profanity Profanity isnt meant for

    conversational use at the office!

    You might experience some intense emotions in the workplace or in an interview, but avoid profanity!

    Remain calm, and articulate the information you hope to convey without dropping f-bombs

  • Literally Its an overused and

    improperly used filler word!

    It doesnt improve the power of any point!

    Literally is supposed to emphasize something surprising, but often does not!

    Only use this word if youre clarifying something that actually happened exactly as youre describing it