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Transcript of Marketing on a Budget, by Adam Kidan

  • Marketing on a Budget

    By !Adam Kidan

  • Uniqueness > spending

    Successful marketing is about having a better and more unique product

    If you dont have a product thats worth buying, then all the marketing in the world isnt worth anything

  • Think specifically about your target audience

    Your product wont be for everybody!

    Having a specific target lets you make more sales by spending the least possible amount on marketing!

    When youre developing your product, do so with a specific group of people in mind, and target your marketing towards them

  • Leverage the Internet All online

    information about your business is vital to your growth!

    Positive feedback generates more business

    Find influential online personalities with large followings and court them to write a review about your product

    Negative feedback helps tell you where you need to focus your attention

  • Leverage social media

    We spend a large part of our lives online

    Identify the social media platforms that will reach your target audience

    Online interaction with both your current and potential customers is a great way to reach a large audience