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Transcript of Myths About Content Marketing, by Adam Kidan

  • Myths About Content Marketing

    By Adam Kidan

  • Your audience wont fall for it Consumers arent

    interested in reading a sales pitch, they want to form long-lasting relationships by interacting with brands!

    A third of millennials have said that theyre willing to buy a product if the content feels authentic and isnt sales-y

  • Content marketing wont work for your business

    Not every brand is as exciting as Red Bull or Coca-Cola, but this doesnt mean that they cant succeed in content marketing

  • Its free

    You want your content grow organically, but you do sometimes need a little push to make that happen

  • Its too !expensive

    Content marketing is a lot more affordable than traditional advertising!

    You do need to hire writers and pay for ads online, but leading marketers are very good at repurposing content without much cost

  • People dont read anymore People will

    read content if its valuable, informative, solves a problem and isnt promotional

  • You dont have the

    resources To create enough

    content, try repurposing it, using social media scheduling and monitoring tools and hiring freelancers

  • You cant prove ROI

    You can track increased traffic by seeing how many visitors originated from Facebook or Twitter

  • Results are fast Content marketing takes a lot

    of time, trial and error! The time from research to

    results could take months, even years

  • Your business

    cant compete

    People will always want to see content that serves a purpose!

    If your content is valuable and can make the lives of your audience better, then theres plenty of room to compete

  • Traffic and

    shares != !


    Just because your video has 20,000 views doesnt mean it was a success!

    A popular video wont necessarily drive traffic to your website, obtain leads or catch the eye of industry leaders

  • Your content cant be published anywhere else

    If you want to tap into a large audience, republish your content wherever you can