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  • 1. Animal are livingthings because they areborn, they grow, theyreproduce and they die.

2. Animals live in a variety ofdifferent kinds of homes fromholes in the ground, to caves, tonests ,trees, in water & some livein both places i.e. Land & Water. Come and explore where some animals live 3. Tigers and bears like to live in mountainareas where caves provide a good shelter 4. Rabbits , ants & snake live in networks ofburrows and tunnels under the groundcalled warrens. 5. Monkeys and chimpanzees are well adapted forliving in trees, running and swinging frombranch to branch. They build their nests frombranches and sticks in trees. 6. Birds build nests as a home for themselvesand especially for their eggs. They are madeof twigs, leaves, and grass held together withmud. 7. SOME ANIMALS LIVE IN WATER 8. SOME ANIMALS LIVES IN BOTHLAND & WATER