Where do animals live? (ScienceandEnglish.com)

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Transcript of Where do animals live? (ScienceandEnglish.com)

  • Animals

  • These are domestic animalscowpigdogcatsheepduckhen

  • These are wild animalselephantmonkeysnakelionhippozebrabeargiraffe

  • Some animals live on land

  • Some animals live in the water

  • Some animals live in trees

  • These animals live on land

  • These animals live in the water

  • These animals live in trees

  • Where do they live? Match and say

    on landin waterin trees

  • Some animals eat plants: grass, leaves, flowers, fruit and vegetables. They are herbivores.

  • These animals are herbivores.

  • Some animals eat meat, fish and insects. They are carnivores.

  • These animals are carnivores.

  • Some animals eat meat, fish and plants. They are omnivores.

  • These animals are omnivores.

  • Some animals lay eggs

  • baby chickbaby turtle

  • baby snake

  • baby penguin

  • baby fish

  • Some animals dont lay eggs.Theyre MAMMALS.cowBaby mammals drink their mothers milk.

  • Cats are mammals.

  • Sheep are mammals.

  • Giraffes are mammals.

  • Elephants are mammals.

  • Monkeys are mammals.

  • Lions are mammals.

  • Dogs are mammals.

  • Horses are mammals.

  • Tigers are mammals.

  • Pigs are mammals.

  • Humans are mammals.

  • Baby mammals are born live.

  • Mammals have hair.

  • Most mammals have 4 legs.

  • Mammals breathe with their lungs.

  • Mammals have bones inside their bodies. They are vertebrates.

  • Birds have two legs, two wings and a beak.

  • Birds have feathers.

  • Most birds can fly.

  • Birds are vertebrates.

  • Birds lay eggs.