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Transcript of Tigtag Junior Film List Updated-Nov2016cdn-media. · PDF fileWHERE DO ANIMALS LIVE? Animals...

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    Twig World LtdThis document is proprietary to Twig World Ltd. Its contents are confidential and legally privileged under English Law. This presentation is provided on the understanding the recipient may not at any time or for any reason disclose, copy, reproduce, distribute or pass all or part of this format, content or document without the prior written consent of Twig World Ltd.

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    Living things Animal kingdom 3My incredible body 3 Amazing plants 4Our senses 5

    The world around us Light and sound 6Exploring materials 6Inventions 7Investigating forces 8

    Our universe Planet Earth 9Space adventure 9Story of life 10 Sharing our Earth 11

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    My skeleton

    SKELETON Your skeleton is made up of hundreds of bones and gives you your shape.

    MUSCLES Muscles allow the bones in your skeleton to move.

    My heart

    THE HEARTIntroduction to the heart. Your heart is inside your chest and beats around100 times a minute.


    Your heart is like a pump that pushes blood all around your body.

    Living things: My incredible body

    Living things: Animal kingdom

    What do animals eat?

    WHAT DO ANIMALS EAT? Finding out what animals eat. Which animals are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores?

    PEREGRINE FALCON The peregrine falcon is a carnivore. It uses its amazing speed to catch its food.

    Where do animals live?

    WHERE DO ANIMALS LIVE?Animals use their homes to raise their young, keep safe from enemies and stay protected from the weather.

    RED CRAB SPIDERThe red crab spider lives on a pitcher plant. It uses the pitcher plant tocatch its food.

    How do animals move?

    HOW DO ANIMALS MOVE?Exploring how animals move in different ways. They can walk, hop, swim and fly and thats just the start!

    SUGAR GLIDER The sugar glider gets around by gliding from tree to tree.

    Grouping animals

    ANIMAL GROUPS By looking for things that are the same, we can put animals into groups.


    There are millions of animals in the world. They are all either vertebrates with a backbone, or invertebrates without a backbone.

    OCTOPUS An octopus can behave in extraordinary ways to avoid being eaten.

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    WHAT IS DIGESTION?Digestion happens every time you eat. Your food is broken down into tiny pieces so your body can turn it into energy.

    EATING FOODFood goes on an amazing journey through your body which starts in your mouth and continues to your stomach.

    INTESTINES The intestines soak up food so it can be turned into energy for your body to use.

    My skin

    AMAZING SKINYour skin protects your body it holds you together, keeps disease out and is waterproof.

    WHAT IS A SCAB? Scabs help your skin to heal when you cut yourself.

    Living things: Amazing plants


    AMAZING PLANTSThere are lots of different types of plants on Earth. Lets discover the amazingworld of plants.

    PARTS OF A PLANTPlants can look very different, but they have the same parts roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

    What do plants need?

    WHAT DO PLANTS NEED? What do plants need to grow? They need sunlight, water, air and soil.

    WHAT DO PLANTS EAT?Find out how plants make their own food using sunlight, water and air. This is called photosynthesis.

    Plant life cycle

    SEED DISPERSAL Find out how the amazing Brunsvigia plant uses the wind to spread its seeds.

    PLANT LIFE CYCLEHow does a tiny seed turn into a full grown plant? Take a closer look at the life cycle of a plant.

    Plant uses

    CHOCOLATE Find out how cocoa beans from the cocoa tree are turned into chocolate.


    Did you know that cotton T-shirts, rubber boots and comics all come from plants?

    Living things: My incredible body cont...

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    Incredible brain

    OUR SENSES We have five main senses, and their job is to tell us whats happening around us.

    INCREDIBLE BRAIN See how your incredible brain makes sense of your senses!

    DO JELLYFISH HAVE BRAINS? Find out how jellyfish survive without brains.

    How do we see?

    HOW DO WE SEE? Find out how our eyes and brains work together to enable us to see.

    MICROSCOPES A microscope is a special piece of equipment that makes small things look bigger.

    Taste and smell

    TASTE BUDS The tongue is covered in taste buds that allow us to taste lots of different flavours.

    SUPER SNIFFERS See the animal kingdoms super sniffers in action.


    TOUCH Our skin contains receptors that give us the sense of touch.

    SEALS Seals, and other animals, use whiskers to sense the world around them.

    Living things: Our senses

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    LIGHT Investigating different light sources.

    REFLECTORS Did you know that the Moon reflects light from the Sun? The Moon is a reflector.


    WHAT IS A SHADOW? Find out what makes a shadow.

    RAINFOREST SHADOWS Trees in the rainforest create shadows, and animals use the shadows to hide!


    WHATS THAT SOUND? Investigating different sounds you can hear in the city.

    HOW DOES SOUND TRAVEL? Sounds travel in waves.


    VIBRATIONS Sounds are made by movements called vibrations.

    WHALE SOUNDS Exploring the loud sound made by the humpback whale.

    What is everything made of?


    Everything is made of the same thing atoms, which are tiny building blocks.

    SOLIDS AND LIQUIDS Take a trip to the supermarket to see the differences between solids and liquids.

    Freezing and melting

    ICE FESTIVAL Water can exist as solid ice and liquid water.

    MELTING Melting is when a solid turns into a liquid.

    The world around us: Light and sound

    The world around us: Exploring materials

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    Building a home

    BUILDING A HOMEFind out why builders have to think very carefully about which materials to use when building a home.

    BEAVER LODGE Beavers use wood and sticky mud to build their homes.

    How do we get materials?


    Find out how fluffy sheep provide us with warm, woolly clothes.

    MAKING STEEL Find out how steel is made.

    The world around us: Exploring materials cont...

    The world around us: Inventions


    ELECTRICITY Electricity is a type of energy that makes things work.

    WIND TURBINES Wind turbines generate electricity.

    Travel and transport

    TRAVELLING ON HOLIDAY Planes, trains and cars are just a few of the many types of transport we can useto travel from one place to another!

    PLANES Since their invention over 100 years ago, aeroplanes have become a lot faster.

    Clever technology

    COMPUTERSToday, computers are small enough to hold in our hands, but computers havent always been this small.

    ROBOTS Meet Asimo, a robot from Japan.

    Changing lives

    VACCINES Vaccines can stop us from getting lots of nasty viruses.

    INCREDIBLE CLIMBER See how a special camera helps a blind man climb using his tongue!

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    What makes things move?

    WHAT MAKES THINGS MOVE? Did you know that forces make everything move?

    EXPLORING FORCES There are two kinds of force pushing and pulling forces.

    What makes things stop?

    HOW DO BRAKES WORK? Brakes use a force called friction to make things slow down and stop.

    ICE SKATING Smooth surfaces, like ice rinks, have less friction than rough surfaces.

    Speed and strength

    SPEED Speed is how fast something moves.

    DUNG BEETLE Did you know that the dung beetle is stronger than an elephant?


    GRAVITY Have you ever wondered why things fall? Its because of gravity.

    ASTRONAUTS See how astronauts live in zero gravity.

    The world around us: Investigating forces

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    The Sun and Moon

    THE SUN Exploring the surface of the Sun.

    THE MOON Discover the size and scale of the Moon.

    Our solar system

    OUR SOLAR SYSTEM The Earth is one of the eight planets in our solar system.

    STARS Exploring the stars in our night sky. What are stars?

    Day and night

    DAY AND NIGHT Exploring why Earth has day and night.

    NOCTURNAL ANIMALS Step inside the night-time world of the nocturnal mouse lemur.


    THUNDERSTORM What is a thunderstorm?


    Exploring where the rain in a puddle comes from.

    Earth's surface

    PLANET EARTH There are lots of different places on Earth lets find out more.

    LIVING BY THE RIVER Find out what its like living beside one of the worlds biggest rivers the Rio Negro.

    Whats inside the Earth?

    VOLCANOES Volcanoes erupt from beneath the Earths surface.

    WHATS INSIDE THE EARTH?Lets take a journey inside the Earth and explore the different layers crust, mantle, outer core and inner core.

    Our universe: Planet Earth

    Our universe: Space adventure

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    What is the Universe?

    WHAT IS THE UNIVERSE? Everything that you see, hear, smell and feel is part of the Universe.

    THE BIG BANG The Big Bang is the moment when the Universe was made.

    Life on Earth

    LIFE ON EARTH Life on Earth has been changing for billions of years.


    Meet our oldest relative.


    DINOSAURS Dinosaurs liv