Biomes Where people and animals live.. Where do you live?

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Where do Animals live?

Transcript of Biomes Where people and animals live.. Where do you live?

Biomes Where people and animals live. Where do you live? Where do Animals live? Where do People and Animals live? What are biomes? This is a geographic region that has a distinct climate. Map of Biomes Biomes found in America The Desert Biome Desert Biome found in America. The Desert Biome The Desert A Desert is an area that receives less than 25cm of rainfall in one year Two types of Deserts Hot, Sahara, Africa Cold, Atacama, Chile Hot Desert Cold Desert Climate Hot Deserts 50C in the day time. (122F) 20C at night. (60F) Cold Deserts 20C in the day time (60F) 0C at night (30F) Animals Animals need certain resources to survive, so how do animals survive in the Desert? Animal Adaptations Soil Because deserts are so dry the soil does not contain much organic material. Plants have a difficult time growing without organic material. Now What was That? What kind of climate does the desert have? What animals live there? How can animals live there? What is the soil like? Beyond the Desert, Tropical Savannahs Beyond the Desert Tropical Savannahs have a similar climate to deserts: Dry season with shorty rainy season, warm, soils are nutrient poor. Plants and Animals have adapted to living here under this climate. Pride Rock Animals include Giraffes, lions, crocodiles, elephants, hippopotamus The movie The Lion King is set in a tropical savannah. Shrubby shrubs Plants include: Tall grasses, scattered trees, and thorny shrubs. Some trees, like the Baobab Tree, can live for thousands of years. Baobab Tree Can Dry Grass Catch on Fire? Tropical Savannahs have an abundance of dry grasses. Fires happen quite often and usually burn very large areas. Is this a good or a bad thing? Can Dry Grass Catch on Fire? Plants have adapted to catching fire. Some plants, like wiregrass, are dependent on fire in order to reproduce. Seeds need to be burned in order to germinate, or start growing. Lets Hop on a Boat, and Head to the Tropical Rainforest. Tropical Rainforest Climate: Hot and Wet, rainfall occurs very often. It will usually rain 200cm(7 or more) Located very close to the equator. Too much water a good thing? Soil Very poor in nutrients Thin soil Climate Around 25C to 30C ( 77F-82F)