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Transcript of TX History Ch 8.1

  • Chapter 8: Americans Settle in TexasSection 1: Moses Austin and Texas

  • BellworkIdentify some important events taking place around 1820

  • Moses Austin's Texas DreamJune 1798: Moses Austin moves to Missouri (a part of Spanish Louisiana)

    Moses Austin

  • Moses Austin's Texas DreamMines lead

    Becomes a Spanish citizen

    Becomes wealthy and part owner of the Bank of St. Louis

  • Moses Austin's Texas Dream1819: US experiences a financial panic

    Financial Panican economic crisis

  • Moses Austin's Texas DreamPanic of 1819 leads to a depression

    Depressionperiod of low economic activity

  • Moses Austin's Texas DreamMany banks fail, including the Bank of St. Louis

    Austin is financially ruined

  • Moses Austin's Texas DreamAustin had profited in Spanish lands before

    Came up with plan to establish a colony of U.S. families in Texas; hoped to regain wealth

    Sets out for Texas

  • Moses Austin Goes to TexasMoses visits his son, Stephen, in Arkansas

    Son doubts his father, but gives him $50 and a horse

    Stephen F. Austin

  • Moses Austin Goes to TexasDecember 23, 1820: Moses arrives at San Antonio

    Recent filibuster activity made the Spanish suspicious of Americans

  • Moses Austin Goes to TexasGovernor Antonio Mara Martnez orders Austin out of San Antonio

    Encounters Baron de Bastropan old friend

  • Moses Austin Goes to TexasBastrop convinces Governor Martnez to allow Austin to stay in San Antonio

    Bastrop agrees to help Austin with his efforts

  • Moses Austin Goes to TexasIn the 1820s, Mexico needed a larger population if it was to maintain control of its territory

  • Moses Austin Goes to TexasAustin had been a loyal Spanish citizen

    Colony would improve the economy and help protect the region from Indian attacks and U.S. invasion

  • Moses Austin Goes to TexasGovernor Martnez agrees to urge his superiors to approve Austins plan

    Austin returns home

    Difficult journey

  • Moses Austin Goes to TexasHealth problems

    Spring 1821: Receives word that colony was approvedgranted the right to settle 300 Catholic families from Louisiana

    Became extremely ill and asks wife to write Stephen

  • Why Moses Austin Wanted to Start a ColonyWhy Spanish Officials Approved Austins Colony