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April 2012 - October 2012 issue

Transcript of Tradewinds :: Vol. 12, #1

  • Apr. 2012 - Oct. 2012 // VOl. 12, NO. 1



    4 2012 Municipal Elections

    5 City Receives High Marks From Residents Survey Shows City Makes Great Strides to Improve City Services

    6 Prim Rate Business Loan Need Money for Your Business? Weve Got a Loan for That

    8 Retroactive Landscaping

    9 First Time Home Buyer? You Could Get $$$ For a Down Payment

    14 City Awards and Accomplishments

    16 Golf Course Construction Underway Greg Normans Redesign and Renovation

    17 CRA Makes Progress in Northwest

    24 Sun N Fun Featuring Classes and Events at Pompano Beachs Many Parks and Facilities // Apr i l 2012 3

    About the Cover Our Back Yard The City of Pompano Beach offers so many interesting sites and amenities and they are right in our back yard!

    Writer/Editor: Sandra King, Public Communications DirectorDesigner/Photographer: Jacqueline Barrett, Public Communications SpecialistTrade Winds of Pompano Beach is published two times a year by the Public

    Communications Office of the City of Pompano Beach for the benefit of residents. This publication is made possible by the Pompano Beach City Commis-sion. If you have questions or comments concerning this publication, please call 954-786-5552, write us at P.O. Box 1300, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 or e-mail All advertisements are paid for by the advertisers and are in no way an endorsement of the advertiser or their products by the City of Pompano Beach or its employees.







  • City Commission

    2012 MunICIPALElEctions

    4 Apr i l 2012 //

    At the Induction Ceremony held on March

    20th, three City Commissioners were sworn

    into office. All three City Commissioners

    that were up for election in 2012 ran

    unopposed. Barry Dockswell (District

    1), Rex Hardin (District 3) and George

    Brummer (District 5) were all sworn into

    office by City Clerk Mary Chambers to

    serve a two-year term.

    Also at the Induction Ceremony, an

    election among the City Commission was

    held to appoint a vice mayor. George

    Brummer was unanimously elected to

    serve as vice mayor and will serve in that

    capacity for a one year term.





    1 | newly Inducted Commissioners. From left to right; George Brummer, Rex Hardin and Barry Dockswell2 | Vice Mayor George Brummer with wife Anne 3 | Commissioner Rex Hardin 4 | Commissioner Barry Dockswell

  • City News


    REcEivEsHigH MaRksFrom rEsiDEnts

    Residents have confirmed that Pompano

    Beach City Government has made great

    strides to improve City services, customer

    service and the overall perception of

    Pompano Beach City Government. A

    recent Customer Service Survey with

    positive results was the second survey

    the City has conducted.

    In April of 2010, the first Customer

    Service Survey was taken with the aim

    of benchmarking and improving City

    services. The City of Pompano Beach

    retained an outside firm to create and

    complete a survey of the Citys residents to

    determine their attitudes and percep-

    tions towards various City services. The

    survey was taken from a cross section of

    City of Pompano Beach residents. Numer-

    ous programs have been implemented

    since that survey was taken in each

    City department in order to adjust and

    improve City Government.

    The follow-up Customer Service Survey

    was taken 18 months after the first

    survey in order to implement the initia-

    tives and give residents time to utilize

    various City services and work with City

    staff. Results of this survey are very

    encouraging and speak to the modifica-

    tions and efforts of staff initiatives.

    The overall impression of the City of

    Pompano Beach was rated as very posi-

    tive with 87.2% of the respondents indi-

    cating that their impression was either

    favorable or very favorable. This rating is

    up from 60.5% in 2010. Conversely, only

    1.3% felt the impression of the City was

    unfavorable, down from 7.3%. The most

    impressive improvement was the perfor-

    mance of the City government with the

    favorable rating increasing from 35.8%

    in 2010 to 55.5% in 2012 an increase of

    almost; 20%. The very favorable rating

    doubled from 3.3% in 2010 to 6.7% in 2012.

    Another survey question that received

    very positive results was citizen satisfac-

    tion with interactions with City employ-

    ees at 94.5%. other questions and results

    about City services and departments were

    broken down more distinctively.

    This recent Customer Service Survey is

    confirmation that the City of Pompano

    Beach is gaining on the objective of

    improving City services and improving

    customer satisfaction. With this feed-

    back, we will continue our effort to

    improve our Citys customer experience.

    The entire Customer Service Survey

    results can be viewed by visiting the Citys

    website at // Apr i l 2012 5

  • The City of Pompano Beach added another tool to help Pompano businesses thrive this year. The office of Housing & Urban Improvement is offering Revolving Loan Fund loans of $25,000 to $50,000 at the Prime Rate, which has been hovering around 3.25%. Heres how the program works:


    office of Housing & Urban Improvement

    Using $500,000 of HUD Economic De-

    velopment money, oHUI created the Re-

    volving Loan Fund. The Funds purpose

    is to help businesses grow so they can

    create or retain jobs for low and mod-

    erate income persons. Although the

    loans are much like private bank loans,

    the lower interest rate reduces monthly

    need moneyfor your business?Weve got a loan for that

    loan payments. Lower monthly payments

    help cash flow, an important ingredient

    for success.

    Revolving Loan Fund loans can be used

    for a broad range of activities, including

    working capital for inventory; machinery;

    equipment and building improvements.

    6 Apr i l 2012 //

    Any business located in Pompano Beach

    can apply, but those located in the En-

    terprise Zone or the Northwest or East

    CRA may qualify for additional incentives

    that will make their loan money go even

    further. For example, a business in the

    Enterprise Zone that puts its loan to-

    wards building improvements can get a

    refund of up to $10,000 for sales taxes

    on building materials used in the project.

    The State offers similar Enterprise Zone

    refunds for equipment purchases and

    other activities.

    Stop by Room 220 in City Hall to pick up

    an application or, log onto PompanoCom- to download it.

    oHUI staff will review your completed

    application and make a recommendation

    to the Funds loan committee. Funds are

    limited, so apply now.

    Call the office of Housing and Urban

    Improvement at 954.786.4659 for

    additional information.

  • // Apr i l 2012 7


    Development Services Department

    The news is good for 10,000 Pompano Beach homes, not so much for 1,390 properties.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is preparing the first comprehensive

    review of flood zones throughout Broward County in 19 years using a new vertical da-

    tum, that enables consistent comparisons of land and water elevations across the nation.

    The preliminary maps are undergoing an extensive review process and will not become

    effective until sometime between the last quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013.

    The proposed flood zone maps show nearly 10,000 homes in the City of Pompano Beach

    are no longer located within flood zones that requires mandatory flood insurance to

    obtain mortgages. It is always advisable to have flood insurance, however, those home-

    owners who keep their flood insurance policies after they are officially removed from the

    flood zone should enjoy lower premiums and still be protected against possible flooding.

    However, approximately 1,390 properties in Pompano Beach are now mapped into a

    higher-risk flood zone and/or show a new Base Flood Elevation requiring flood insur-

    ance where it was not previously required. You can find out if your property will be in a

    flood zone when the new maps are adopted by emailing your address to floodzoneinfo@ If you will be in a flood zone when the new maps are adopted, it would be

    beneficial to talk to an insurance agent about buying flood insurance before the maps

    are adopted. Having an existing flood insurance policy may result in lower flood insur-

    ance premiums when the flood insurance requirement becomes mandatory for your

    property with the adoption of the new maps.

    More information, as well as digital access to the new maps, are available at:

    and search for Proposed New Flood Maps.

    thE nEw FEDEraL FLooD insurancE

    MaPs couLD cost orsavE you MonEy

    The Development Services Department held its thir