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Welcome to days spent at sea. Welcome to days full of exploration, and evenings of starry skies. At TradeWinds, our mission is to help you discover more about yourself, while discovering more of the world. Sailing with us, you will feel more vibrant, more invigorated that you ever thought possible. Something about the ocean, the salt air and the fresh wind in the sails. You will quite simply feel more alive. Come sail with us and see for yourself.

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  • 2Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didnt do than by the ones you did do.So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.Mark Twain

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  • 4ALIVE

    |lv| (adj.) living; existing; not dead or lifeless. Full of energy and spirit; lively.

    Welcome to our world.

    Welcome to days spent at sea. Welcome to days full of exploration, and evenings of starry skies.

    At TradeWinds, our mission is to help you discover more about yourself, while discovering more of the world. Sailing with us, you will feel more vibrant, more invigorated that you ever thought possible. Something about the ocean, the salt air and the fresh wind in the sails. You will quite simply feel more alive.

    Come sail with us and see for yourself.


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  • 7TradeWinds offers our Members a world of benefits on both land and sea. Our internal currency TradeWinds Plus Points (PP) provides total flexibility. With PP, Members can now book whenever they want, for as long as they want. Some Members may only wish to book a single cabin once in a while; others might sail with their family and friends for weeks at a time.

    As an added benefit for our Mem-bers who want to round out their vacations with pre- or post-stays, or maybe even stay on land now and again, your PP can also be used with our luxury hotel, villa and re-sort partners around the globe.


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    All we ask as you step on board your catamaran is that you remove your shoes and leave your worries behind! After that, leave everything to us. Savour gourmet meals made with healthy fresh produce purchased at local ports of call. Enjoy our carefully curated selection of fine wines. Sip on tropical cocktails while watching the sun slip over the horizon at dusk.

    With TradeWinds, your meals and drinks are included, so you can truly relax and get the most from your time at sea.

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    TRADEWINDS MEMBERS Free (in all locations where we are allowed to operate diving from the yacht led by the crew)

    Please note that you must be a certified diver in order to scuba dive.

    SCUBA DIVINGOne of the great benefits of becoming a Member is TradeWinds passion for diving. Our itineraries take you to some of the finest underwater environments on the planet. Your Captain or First Mate will act as your

    Dive Master, and all you have to do is step off the yacht to your dive site.

    Get wet, safely, with TradeWinds.


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    Always wanted to learn how to dive, but never found the right time or place to actu-ally do it? Want to improve your certifica-tion level so you can dive to new depths? TradeWinds can help you to achieve your goals while helping our planet.

    TradeWinds has partnered with ReefCI, an environmental non-profit based in the verdant tropical paradise of Belize. ReefCI offers a selection of four-day dive courses including Open Water, Open Water to Advanced, or Advanced to Rescue. Our

    Members benefit from a discounted rate of only $1,265 per person including certification, lodging, and all meals. Guests who wish to extend their stay can also stay at the spectacular Cotton Tree Lodge at a discounted TradeWinds Rate.

    TradeWinds offers cruises out of Belize that include dives in one of the worlds most interesting and diverse underwater ecosys-tems. You can complete your certification with ReefCI one week, and dive the next with us.



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    KAYAKING AND STAND UP PADDLINGOur catamarans come equipped with steady ocean kayaks, giving our guests ac-cess to secluded and hidden stretches of coastline.

    Take some drinks and relax in a secluded cove with a loved one, or go for an ener-getic paddle while exploring the coast.

    Onboard our Luxury and Flagship Class yachts, you can also enjoy stand up pad-dling, as SUP-boards are available for the enjoyment and fun of all guests.

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    SNORKELINGOne of the great joys of sailing is not what you can see above the waves, but what you can see below. Snorkeling opens up a wondrous undersea world reefs teeming

    with marine life, exotic species of fish, and brilliant fan corals swaying gently in the current.

    All TradeWinds vessels come equipped with complimentary snorkeling gear for our guests, and you do not need to be a certified diver to enjoy this exciting activity.

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    Experience the thrill of the catch while on board your catamaran. We have fishing equipment so you can try your luck at anchor or while sailing.

    FISHINGThere is nothing quite like a just-caught fish, fresh from the sea and grilled on board on our barbeque or you may even ask the chef to prepare some ultra-fresh sashimi.


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    HIKING AND BEACH COMBINGTradeWinds itineraries include a variety of opportunities to explore on land as well as at sea. Many of our destinations offer incredible hiking trails, some which lead high into the hills for breathtaking views,

    others into small villages, giving you the chance to connect with locals. Jog along a deserted beach, practice yoga by the sea, or hunt for shells and feel the sand beneath your feet.


    Just ask your Captain to steer you in the right direction, go ashore and explore.

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    French Polynesia

    A TradeWinds goal has al-ways been to off er superior cruising experiences in some of the worlds fi nest sailing areas.

    Our network is ever expand-ing, off ering our Members and guests voyages to new destinationseach one just as special as the last.



    Thailand Malaysia

  • 17


    St. Martin


    St. Vincent & the Grenadines

    Bocas del Toro


    Las Perlas

    British Virgin Islands


    San Blas

    St. Kitts & Nevis

    St. Lucia




    Escudo de Veraguas




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    Explo re18

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    Explo re |iksplr| (verb) To search into or travel to new territory, for the purpose of discovery.Throughout these next pages youll fi nd our signature core product. We have explored extensively and become local specialists so that we can be certain our catamarans take you to the most stunning locations.You may fi nd yourself exploring new destinations year after year, or returning to the same spot youve fallen in love with again and again.

    The choice is yours.


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    Our worldwide fleet of yachts includes three different classes of catamarans, offering you flexibility and choice. Our collection includes our beloved classic yachts, as well as a new line of yachts custom designed for us in La Rochelle, France by our renowned building partner, Fountaine Pajot. Our fleet includes: FLAGSHIP CLASS LUXURY CLASS CRUISING CLASS

    You decide the level of luxury and type of yacht you prefer, and then simply use your TradeWinds Plus Points to book. It is that simple.

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  • PRIVILEGE PRESTIGEwith 3 different cabin sizes:High Season 175,000 / 200,000 / 250,000 PP per cabinMid Season 125,000 / 150,000 / 200,000 PP per cabinLow Season 100,000 / 125,000 / 175,000 PP per cabin


  • Flagship ClassPrivilege Prestige

    Based on the continued success story of Flagship Classour premier level of catamaran experiences, we are now proud to introduce yet another option for your enjoyment: the Privilege Prestige.


    This exciting catamaran from the renowned yard of Alliaura Marine is the ultimate in style and class. With only 4 guest cabins onboard (including a massive Premier Suite) and a crew of three, you will certainly sail in style

    This beautifully appointed yacht will be available for your enjoyment as of January 2017, so plan your next Flagship Class cruise now, and book an unforgettable experience!


  • TRADEWINDS 70High Season 200,000 PP per cabinMid Season 150,000 PP per cabinLow Season 100,000 PP per cabin

    * additional charge of 50,000 PP per week for the Premium cabin


  • Flagship ClassTradeWinds 70

    When you want to enjoy the very best, book our Flagship Class yacht the TradeWinds 70, as it offers you the ultimate experience of luxury and decadence. With a crew of three to four to pamper you and a premium food

    and beverage offer onboard to rival the very best gourmet restaurants on shore, you will surely feel like a king or a queen here. This is truly a First Class experience on the seas.

    Two different designs of the TradeWinds 70 are available, one including an expansive Premium cabin*.


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    TRADEWINDS 60High Season 150,000 PP per cabinMid Season 125,000 PP per cabinLow Season 100,000 PP per cabin

  • Now here is some exciting news for you! With the growing success of both the Flagship Class a